Comic Book: The Perhapanauts

The Perhapanauts is a comic series published by Image Comics (though first by Dark Horse Comics) and follows the exploits of a team of cryptids, supernaturals and other otherworldlies within a super-secret intergovernmental agency known as BEDLAM investigating other cryptids, supernaturals and otherworldlies. The core team consists of the following members:

  • Big, a sasquatch who was exposed to an evolutionary ray making him incredibly powerful and smart
  • Arisa, a human with strong telepathic and telekinetic abiltiies, often a team leader alongside Big
  • MG, a mysterious figure with trans-dimensional skills
  • Molly, a ghost who is somehow locked to this world and who is visible to others
  • Choopie, a super-evolved (much like Big) chupacabra with pretty much the personality of a kid

The series started off at Dark Horse Comics in 2005 with two mini-series released through to 2008 when they jumped ship to Image and published two more series.