Comic Book: Monster Allergy

Monster Allergy is an Italian comic book about a boy, Ezekiel Zick, who is allergic to monsters and lives in a house that is actually a 'taming oasis' for misbehaved monsters, who are invisible to normal people. The monsters actualy live in a suspended city above the town of Bigburg, and they are sent to the taming oases for crimes such as being overly flatulent or playing the violin badly, both big crimes by monster standards. They are supposed to reform under the eye of Tamers, monsters who appear human, and Keepers, humans who can see monsters.

Zick's best friend is Elena Potato, a newcomer at the town, and she finds out about the monster world. As the series progresses, Elena gains the ability to see monsters from Zick's mom, a Keeper named Greta. The comic has an animated adaptation which Kids' WB! picked up as one of their last shows in the U.S. It was also aired on Disney Channel Asia.

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