Comic Book: Mage The Hero Discovered

"Until the next issue, always remember that magic is green."
The Hero Discovered #2, Foreword

An Urban Fantasy comic-book by Matt Wagner, taking influence from Arthurian Legend and The Monomyth.

Disaffected every-man, Kevin Matchstick is thrust into a world of superhuman abilities, mythological creatures and magic baseball-bats after being discovered by Mirth, The World Mage. The comic-book follows his character arc, as he grows to accept and understand his powers and role as a hero.

The first volume, The Hero Discovered, was released by Comico from 1984-1986. The Hero Defined was released almost a decade later by Image Comics, as Wagner needed to reclaim the rights after Comico went bankrupt. The final volume, The Hero Denied, is planned but has no scheduled release.

This comic book series provides examples of: