Comic Book / Mage: The Hero Discovered

"Until the next issue, always remember that magic is green."
Foreword, The Hero Discovered #2

An Urban Fantasy comic-book by Matt Wagner, taking influence from Arthurian Legend and The Monomyth.

Disaffected every-man, Kevin Matchstick is thrust into a world of superhuman abilities, mythological creatures and magic baseball-bats after being discovered by Mirth, The World Mage. The comic-book follows his character arc, as he grows to accept and understand his powers and role as a hero.

The first volume, The Hero Discovered, was released by Comico from 1984-1986. The Hero Defined was released almost a decade later by Image Comics, as Wagner needed to reclaim the rights after Comico went bankrupt. The final volume, The Hero Denied, has been announced with a release date of Summer 2017.