''Lula und Yankee'' drink their beer in the morning, like sex without mechanical help and change their t-shirts three times a day, because they have a message for the world: There's a daily routine beyond RealLife. Or the other way round.

So or so, this is a lighthearted comic about a happy, funny young couple by the German artists Timo Würz, ASP and Niki Kopp.
!! Trope examples:

* BilingualBackfire:
--> Lula (in German): "I bet that when you aren't serving dishes, you like to wear women's clothing."
--> French waiter: "No, actually I study German at the Sorbonne." (also in German)
* DistractedByTheSexy: Yankee and his buddies make a tour on a tractor through the countryside. Because this trope happens, they end up a military area by accident. HilarityEnsues (well, kind of).
* DumbAndDrummer: The (female) keyboarder of Lula's band and a drummer swap jokes.
--> He: "What do keyboarders and condoms have in common? It's better without!"
--> She: "What do you call a guy who likes to hang out with musicians, but isn't one himself? A drummer!"
* {{Fanservice}}: Both of them appear naked the one or other time. No hardcore stuff.
* FlippingTheBird: Lula does that at least once.
* GermanicDepressives: So averted.
* TheGlomp: Lula does a tackle-and-glomp on Yankee when she learns he invites her for a trip to Paris.
* AGoodNameForARockBand: Yankee invents the name of his girlfriend's band, "Silence of the Amps". And proves so apt at it that he has the idea to make a business of it.
* IncendiaryExponent: Yankee puts his lighter in the mouth to scare their landlady by "spitting" fire. Lula gives him a [[DopeSlap dope nudge]], which makes him [[ISophagus swallow it]]. [[ToiletHumor Later, he recovers it though.]]
* {{Landlady}}
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Yankee "slaughtering" his piggy bank in the style of a satanic mess. "Now die, pig!"
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Yankee just rubs some lotion on a guy's back (it's against back pain), but the artist deliberately drew it to make it look like gay sex (and the other guy is even moaning. And Yankee comments "you like that, don't you?"!) A similar scene happens later: Yankee's standing there and urging a kneeling Lula to go on because people could see them, and her answer sounding as if she had something in her mouth - actually, it's just the cap of a magic marker, which she uses to draw their names on the Eiffel Tower.
* OneHourWorkWeek: Lula plays in a girls' rock band (OK, they have one guy, but everyone overlooks him). Yankee doesn't seem to have a job at all.
* PiggyBank
* StabTheSalad: See MundaneMadeAwesome
* WhatDidIDoLastNight: Apparently, paint all over your girlfriend's backside. And your buddy's face. Good thing it's not a real tattoo.