Comic Book / Let's Kill All the Belgians: A Child's Guide to Genocide

If only our politicians had the guts...

Author Danny Wind has a dream. More of a nightmare, really. When he sleeps at night, he sees visions. Visions of Belgians invading Main Street, USA. Belgians eating babies. Belgians killing adults and enslaving children. The future seems inevitable.

But not if Wind has his way.

In this charming and accessible children's book, Wind lays out the details of the Belgian menace and urges America's children to fight against their future Flemish overlords. It's also illustrated!

The book, available on Lulu, generated some intense response from Belgian media outlets that didn't quite grasp the satire. In published interviews, Wind explained that the book, initially a short project designed to amuse his friends, is meant to be read as a mockery of a certain jingoistic strain of American thought. He chose Belgium as the target of his fake rage because it was the most innocent, inoffensive country he could imagine.

But he really hates those damn Swedes.

This book contains examples of: