[[caption-width-right:350:The first issue of Josie's own title.]]
''Josie and the Pussycats'' is the eventual title of a long-running ArchieComics feature starring the redheaded Josie. Josie was originally created by Archie mainstay Dan [=DeCarlo=] as the star of a proposed newspaper comic strip. She instead ended up becoming an ''Archie'' spinoff character, debuting in ''Archie's Pals and Gals'' #23 (Winter 1962-1963) shortly before getting her own title, ''She's Josie''.

Originally, she was something of a DistaffCounterpart Archie {{Expy}}, a levelheaded and easy-going girl whose best friends were DumbBlonde Melody and BrainyBrunette Pepper.

Following {{Creator/Filmation}}'s success with ''WesternAnimation/TheArchieShow'' in 1968, Creator/HannaBarbera sought to develop its own Archie property. Since ''TheArchieShow'' also produced a number of hit records by The Archies, ArchieComics revamped the ''Josie'' property to support similar crossover possibilities. Josie became the headliner of a band, Valerie, a new girl at school, was introduced as that band's new bassist, and Josie's series was retitled ''Josie and the Pussycats'' in late 1969. The animated ''WesternAnimation/JosieAndThePussycats'' debuted in September of 1970.

Josie and her friends have remained regular ArchieComics fixtures. Although the ''Josie and the Pussycats'' title was canceled in 1982 (followed by a brief revival on the heels of [[Film/JosieAndThePussycats the 2001 feature film]]), the characters have regularly appeared in Archie titles. In 2010, Valerie became a love interest for Archie Andrews, a romance that was explored (as with his longtime romantic interests Betty and Veronica) in WhatIf stories that show an older Archie and Valerie [[ThirdOptionLoveInterest marrying and having a baby together]].
!!This comic provides examples of:
* AlliterativeName: Josie, sometimes, though the comics are inconsistent about whether her surname is Jones or James, or whether it's [=McCoy=] as in the 2001 film.
* AuthorAppeal[=/=]WriteWhoYouKnow: Josie was based on Dan [=DeCarlo=]'s wife, also named Josie. [[http://blakebellnews.blogspot.com/2012/03/my-interview-with-josie-decarlo-p2.html As you can see here]], the real-life Josie also filled out a pussycat costume nicely.
** Pepper was based on Dan [=DeCarlo=]'s son's girlfriend.
* {{Beatnik}}: Albert, who plays a guitar, doesn't cut his hair, and hangs out in coffee houses. When hippies replaced beatniks in pop culture, he was [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome dropped from the comic]] and replaced with the hippie Clyde Didit, who [[OnlySixFaces looked almost exactly the same]] except with CoolShades.
* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn: Melody, Valerie, and Josie, respectively. Although Valerie could be both Brains and Brawn.
* BlackBestFriend: Valerie.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Originally, Melody, Pepper, and Josie. Later, Melody, Valerie, and Josie.
* BrainyBrunette: Pepper.
* CatGirl: The theme of the Pussycats.
* CoolShades: Clyde Didit.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Josie's friends Pepper, Albert, and Sock vanished from the feature in the 1969 ReTool, though Pepper returned for a brief cameo in a 2007 story.
* DarkerAndEdgier: For a while in the early '70s, the comics featured adventure and even horror stories in addition to the typical Archie-style humor. This trend may have reached its apex with the story "Vengeance from the Crypt". In this story (no doubt inspired by ''Film/TheExorcist''), Josie is a victim of straight-up, no-kidding DemonicPossession! (Don't worry, Satan is ultimately banished by the [[HolyBurnsEvil Cabot family Bible]]!)[[note]]''Josie and the Pussycats'' #72 (1973)[[/note]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Pepper. Valerie also developed into this after her first few appearances.
* TheDitz: Melody.
* DistaffCounterpart: For Archie Andrews and friends, particularly before the ReTool.
* DumbBlonde: Melody.
* DumbIsGood: Melody may not have a very big brain, but she certainly has a very big heart, making her one the nicest Archie characters, especially in the animated series!
* DumbMuscle: Sock
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Issue #17
* {{Expy}}:
** Alexandra, of Veronica Lodge. Same attitude (though Alexandra almost ''never'' gets a PetTheDog moment), same dark hair (with a white streak in it), same role towards the NiceGirl Josie. The only difference is that Alan M, her romantic target, scarcely reciprocates her feelings at all - that, and the fact that she had magic powers for a time.
** Josie herself is a near-Expy for Archie
** Pepper has a similar role to Jughead.
* FollowTheLeader: ArchieComics knew a good setup when they had one. A story about a redheaded hero being fought over by a blonde and a brunette, while having a brunette rival and a quirky, dark-haired best friend.
** The comic itself underwent many [[ReTool retools]] in response to pop-culture trends. In 1968, due to the popularity of ''LaughIn'', the comic became a ''Laugh-In'' clone, even using catchphrases directly borrowed from the show.
* FreudianTrio: Melody the Id, Josie the Ego and Valerie the Superego.
* FurBikini: Josie and the Pussycats wear them occasionally. Melody sometimes will wear one in contrast to one-pieces worn by Josie and Valerie.
* GenderBender: In the ArchieComics story "The Great Switcheroo", Comicbook/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch's cat, Salem, casts a spell that changes the sex of everybody in Riverdale. This includes Josie and the Pussycats, who perform as "Joey and the Junkyard Dogs".[[note]]''Archie'' #636 (2012)[[/note]]
* HotWitch: Alexandra, in a number of stories, was secretly a witch, with Sebastian as her familiar, and would often use her magic or mischief or to get back at Josie for perceived wrongs -- though it would almost always backfire on her in some way. The original concept was that she was descended from a warlock named Sebastian Cabot, who had re-incarnated as her black-and-white cat -- and so, whenever she held Sebastian in her arms she could cast all kinds of spells. It would [[DependingOnTheWriter vary from story to story]] whether she needed Sebastian or not; in some stories her powers wouldn't work without him, while in others she was fine working magic even if he wasn't around. It also varied wildly whether Alexander knew about her magic or not.
* IneptMage: Alexandra, in the issues where she had magical powers. "I seem to be some sort of an ''inaccurate'' witch."
* InformedDeformity: Several early issues imply Pepper is supposed to be unattractive.
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: One comic has Melody try to undress in front of men, only to be shielded from view by "spoilsport" Josie.
* IOweYouMyLife: The plot of issue #8.
* ItsFakeFurItsFine: Alexandra switches her furs to this, but Melody thinks she just killed a bunch of orlons.
* {{Jerkass}}: Alexandra. Also, Alexander can slip between this and JerkWithAHeartOfGold.
* LargeHam: While this fell to Alexandra in the cartoon, Alexander often exemplified this trope in the comics.
* LoveTriangle: A minor one between Josie, Albert, and Alexander at first, though Alexander was clearly somewhat unwanted. With the "Pussycats" retool came Alan M., and then it became purely unrequited on Alex's part.
* {{Malaproper}}: Melody.
* MsFanservice: Melody.
* NewSeasonNewName: Twice, the comic was initially called ''She's Josie'' (see image above), then changed its name to ''Josie'' starting with issue #17, only to change its name to (the obviously most famous title) ''Josie and The Pussycats'' starting with issue #45.
* NiceMeanAndInbetween: Melody is the [[DumbIsGood ditzy but nice one]], Alexandra is the mean and sarcastic one, and Josie is really nice, if not as nice as Melody.
* RedheadedHero: Josie, of course.
* ReTool: ''She's Josie'' was a fairly simple series, featuring Josie as a red-haired everygirl who had a snarky, odd-dressing best friend, a nice blond and a nasty brunette fighting over her, a rich rival, etc. Basically a DistaffCounterpart Archie. When Creator/HannaBarbera asked the Archie company for another group to mimic the success of "The Archies," Josie suddenly shifted into being defined by her existence in a band. Best friend Pepper was dropped, BlackBestFriend Valerie was added, and the focus of the feature became "traveling band" instead of a regular teens in high school.
* RichBitch: Alexandra
* ShooOutTheNewGuy: The issue that introduced Alan M. also introduced two other new characters as potential regulars, TheUnintelligible drummer Gloomer and his girlfriend/translator Instant Replay. Neither one ever appeared again.
* SoBeautifulItsACurse: Melody is so beautiful that almost any man who sees her gets DistractedByTheSexy and suffers AmusingInjuries. In one story, the Pussycats can't get any work at a club because the female customers are so infuriated at losing all their boyfriends to Melody.
** Zig-zagged in a story where a little boy is seen stalking Melody. When Alexander uncovers him, the kid tearfully confesses that he was stalking Melody because he was in love with her. Melody is so flattered she kisses the boy right on the lips, which sends him rocketing into the sky.
* StandardizedLeader: Josie suffers from this at times. Alexandra is the main plot driver, and Valerie is the main problem solver, leaving Josie not very much to do.
* ThereAreNoAdults: Teenage musicians just wander around performing in strange places with no parents, or chaperones, or other authority figures... and everyone's okay with this.
* TheThreeFacesOfEve: Josie the child (sweet, lovable, innocent), Melody the seductress (HelloNurse, MsFanservice), and Valerie the wife figure (smartest, looks out for the others)
* TheVamp: Melody becomes this on the rare occasions when she stops being the InnocentFanserviceGirl and deliberately tries to seduce men.
* {{Tomboy}}: Valerie is frequently a WrenchWench or {{Tsundere}}. SheCleansUpNicely, though.