John Arne Sæterøy (aka Jason) is a Norwegian comic book artist [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff known throughout Belgium and France]] for writing/drawing highly stylized "silent comics". His work tends to look like early silent cartoons, with definite influence from old newspaper comics (particularly series like ''ComicStrip/KrazyKat'').

[[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids Not for kids.]]

Publications include:

* Hey, Wait... (2001)
* Sshhhh! (2002)
* The Iron Wagon (2003)
* Tell Me Something (2004)
* You Can't Get There From Here (2004)
* Why Are You Doing This? (2005)
* Meow, Baby! (2006)
* The Left Bank Gang (2006)
* The Living and the Dead (2007)
* I Killed Adolf Hitler (2007)
* The Last Musketeer (2008)
* Pocket Full of Rain (2008)
* Low Moon (2009)
* Almost Silent (compilation) (2010)
* Werewolves of Montpellier (2010)
* What I did (2010)
!!Tropes featured in Jason Comics:
* AnachronismStew: The town in "Low Moon" is done in the style of the Old West, but at one point we see the villain using a 1980s-style cellular phone.
* ArcWords: "Emily Says Hello", from the story of the same name.
* SeriousBusiness: "Low Moon" features a pair of TheWildWest archetypes (the sheriff and his black-hatted nemesis) engaged in, not a shoot-out, but a tense game of chess which is treated as if it was almost a matter of life or death.
* ShowdownAtHighNoon: "Low Moon" revolves around one, but with a game of chess rather than a gunfight.
* TwoLinesNoWaiting: Several comics have twp or more story lines that converge near the end, such as "&" and "Tom Waits on the Moon".
* ShoutOut:
** "The Brain That Wouldn't Virginia Woolf" is, as the name would suggest, a parody of ''Film/TheBrainThatWouldntDie'', crossed with elements of ''Theatre/WhosAfraidOfVirginiaWoolf.''
** "Tom Waits on the Moon" ends with [[spoiler: a scientist [[Film/TheFly1958 turning into a fly-headed monstrosity after a teleporter accident]].]]