Creator/MarvelComics response to ''ComicBook/BrightestDay'' and the aftermath of ''ComicBook/DarkReign'' and both ''ComicBook/SecondComing'' and ''ComicBook/{{Siege}}''. Its major premise is complete revision of the status quo by combining classic themes with new, fresh ideas.

After ComicBook/NormanOsborn's downfall things seem to be going a lot better for superheroes -- people love them again and old differences seem forgotten. But sinister threats are waiting just around the corner.

To celebrate the start of the Heroic Age, Marvel is closing all four of their [[ComicBook/TheAvengers Avengers]] titles (''ComicBook/DarkAvengers'', ''Mighty Avengers'', ''ComicBook/NewAvengers'' and ''ComicBook/AvengersTheInitiative''), and starting four new ones:

* ''Avengers'' vol.4 written by Creator/BrianMichaelBendis, this team is bringing back a classic feeling, one many fans have missed since '' ComicBook/AvengersDisassembled''. Confirmed team members are [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Thor]], ComicBook/IronMan, [[ComicBook/BuckyBarnes the new]] ComicBook/CaptainAmerica, ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}} and ComicBook/SpiderWoman. Maria Hill may possibly be their MissionControl.
* ''ComicBook/NewAvengers'' vol.2 a second Bendis book, aimed toward fans of the first New Avengers. Multiple superheroes team up to secretly fight much darker threats. Bendis describes this book as a balance between serious and funny stories, with an often changing roster. Members are [[ComicBook/LukeCageHeroForHire Luke Cage]], [[ComicBook/JessicaJones Jewel]], [[SpiderMan Spider-Man]], ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} and [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Thing]], ComicBook/MsMarvel. This book saw the controversial addition of Victoria Hand, plus Comicbook/DoctorStrange, ComicBook/{{Mockingbird}} and [[ComicBook/ImmortalIronFist Iron Fist]].
* ComicBook/SecretAvengers Creator/EdBrubaker's new ongoing. [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Steve Rogers]] is back and leads a secret team of superheroes. His teammates are Comicbook/{{Nova}}, ComicBook/MoonKnight, [[ComicBook/BlackWidow Black Widow]], [[ComicBook/XMen Beast]], Comicbook/WarMachine, Valkyrie, [[ComicBook/AntMan Ant-Man]] and [[ComicBook/{{Agent 13}} Sharon Carter]].
* ''ComicBook/AvengersAcademy'' a continuation of Avengers: The Initiative by Christos Gage. Henry Pym, Tigra, Quicksilver, Justice and Speedball (yes, Speedball again, no more Penance) take a young generation of superheroes under their wings, determined to teach them what it means to be a hero.
* ''ComicBook/{{Thunderbolts}}'' - Luke Cage becomes Warden to villians from the Dark Reign era. Going on assignments to work off their prison sentences. Other Wardens working with him incluse Mach V, Songbird and the Fixer.

Do not confuse with the anime ''Anime/HeroicAge'' or Age of Heroes from Myth/ClassicalMythology.