A comic book written by Mark Barnard and drawn by Terrie Smith about the owners of a small interstellar freight service, [[CampGay flamboyant]] ringtail cat Chester Magreer and his [[StraightGay level-headed]] partner/lover Christophe Deck, as they deal with cyborg ex-girlfriends, demented space pirates, ineffectual cosmic ninjas, the hopping dead, a shape-changing and extremely lethal pseudo-Chester, masked wrestlers, and life in general.

Radio Comix is posting the entire series [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/ online]].

* [[TheAllegedCar The Alleged Starship]]: [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/2011/09/12/havoc-inc-02-pg-20/ Regulo's ship]], he leased it for cheap with no "frills" added (like new wiring, a radio, weapons...).
* BiTheWay: Despite their relationship, Ches occasionally attempts to seduce women and Deck has at least one ex-girlfriend.
* CargoCult: Once some indigenous otters mistake them for gods. [[spoiler: It's just a scam, though.]]
* CasualInterstellarTravel
* DamselInDistress: That girl Ches and Deck accidentally rescued from the raiders in the first book.
* FeudalFuture: Ches and Deck have rescued the occasional princess, and they were "knights" in some past war. But the "Dread Koroboromitsu clan" who are the antagonists of "Relatively Speaking" are more like ineffectual {{Right Wing Militia Fanatic}}s.
* GiantSpider: Encountered in the jungle in issue #5, and featured on the [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/2012/03/07/havoc-inc-05-cover/ cover.]]
* [[HasTwoMommies Has Two Daddies]]: Ches and Deck's adoptive daughter Lambie, of course.
* HorseOfADifferentColor: They look like horses, but have fangs and three-toed feet.
* LethalChef: Deck's [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/comic/issue-9-pg-04/ meatloaf]] is a little heavy on the habanero. And he suggests smothering it in ice cream after Ches tastes it.
* MistakenForSpecialGuest: By a band of raiders from whose leader Chester swiped a distinctive gemstone.
* MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels: the first issue has Ches and Deck attempting to buy horses using a poorly written phrasebook.
--> [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/2011/05/09/havoc-inc-01-pg-03/ Ches]]: ''"I have a frog and much money, I only pray you will take me for all I am worth."''
* NonFatalExplosions: [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/comic/havoc-inc-07-pg-24/ Here.]]
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Councilor Taran; of course, she also has a bit of a grudge against Chester.
* PapaWolf: [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/comic/havoc-inc-07-pg-18/ Deck.]]
* PerpetualPoverty: Due largely to Chester's [[http://www.radiocomix.com/havoc-inc/2011/07/18/havoc-inc-02-pg-01/ spending habits.]]
* PoweredArmor: Worn by certain law enforcement or military groups, usually bulky enough to be mistaken for robots.
* PsychoExGirlfriend: Knife, and her last three fiancees before Chris are all dead.
* SapientShip: Though a bit flaky.
* SpacePirates: They are recruited by a rather incompetent pirate captain in the second issue. Knife and her gang are another matter.
* {{Teleportation}}: The teleportation device is possibly the only thing on "Captain" Regulo's ship that works.
* {{We Can Rebuild H|im}}er: Knife, after the one time Deck shot straight.