Comicbook / Fusion

Fusion was a comic book published from 19871989 by Eclipse Comics, whose creative team included the writer Steven Barnes, the artists Lela Dowling and Steve Gallacci, conceptual editor Lex Nakashima and many more. The world of Fusion is centuries in our future, when a series of galactic wars have led to a spiraling arms race between those who take a technological and technocratic route to improving humanity, and those who have abandoned humanity altogether through genetic engineering. The story involves the exploits of a group of space mercenaries in an era when humans who have not been enhanced either genetically or cybernetically, are becoming extremely rare. From the first issue, the book included two back up series featuring Dr. Watchstop, and the Weasel Patrol, a comic stemming from doodles "drawn" by the character Tan.
Tropes associated with this work: