Comic Book / Eon

Eon is a Norwegian comic strip written and drawn by Lars Lauvik. The strip originated in the Ernie magazine before advancing to Pondus. The plotlines revolve around Tetra the ant-eater and his friends, or Vitriolic Best Buds, or whatever. The strip mix the Funny Cartoon Animal with normal humans, and sometimes Real Life people as well. Politicians of different flavors have it coming big time. Surreal Humor is a staple here.

Tetra is usually the main character, and was the first to be introduced. He is an ant-eater, and is accompanied by Freddy, a weasel, and God, who is retired (he has left the day-to-day running of things over to Jesus). Sulle, a rabbit, was also in from the start, later Put on a Bus, to be replaced by the Cloud Cuckoolander Gonzales, another rabbit. Rosa, a girl, fills in as the Only Sane Man, while the antagonist usually is a "mrs Pepperpot", who runs the local congregation. Tetra is actually killed off at least once (being executed), but was kicked out of Heaven for playing too loud. The confusion is even more complete when you add the alien Arcatus, and his daughter, who eats babies alive. Lauvik himself also stars in a number of strips, usually to explain to the editor, and the readers, what is going on.