Comic Book / Drago Nero
Drago Nero (Black Dragon in English) is a Italian fantasy comic book published by Bonelli (of Tex and Dylan Dog fame) which originally started as a one-shot graphic novel but then it became an ongoing series with issue 0 being published in May 2013.

The story is focused on Ian Aranill, also known as Dragonero due to the dark color of the blade of his sword which it became magically after slaying a dragon. Ian is an imperial scout who is a descendent from a dynasty of dragon slayers. He usually gets hired by The Empire to do several quests in distant places. In his journeys he gathered a team of companions. Ian has also several magical powers gained after accidentally drinking the blood of a black dragon.

A Tabletop RPG based on the comic, and also published by Bonelli, has been announced to be released in November 2013.