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Comic Book: Dizzy Dames
Dizzy Dames (Tagline: 'Screwballs in Skirts') was an early 1950s humour anthology comic published by ACG. As the title suggests the stories were all female dominated, though the actual dizziness of the dames in question varied by character. The line up included:

  • Broadway Babes: Denise and Dotty, two ambitious but not overly talented chourus girls and their repeated attempts to break into the world of show business.
  • Moronica: The adventures of a gorgeous but empty headed young woman trying to get a steady job.
  • Man-Huntin' Minnie of Delta Pu: A college based Abhorrent Admirer out for romance.

While the humour tended towards the cheeky and many of the characters were drawn as Ms. Fanservice (especially Moronica) the stories and art themselves were no more explicit than those found in Archie. Naturally given this is a humour comic from the 50s Values Dissonance abounds for the modern reader.

The series is in the public domain and can legally be read or downloaded for free here.

This Comic Book contains examples of:

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