Comic Book: Bob the Dog

aka: Horndog
Bob's head.

Bob the Dog (known as Horndog until 2015) is a Funny Animal Stoner comic created by Isaac M. Baranoff and published by Horndog Studios. The main character, Bob, is a "canine tomcat", a literal personification of the term "horndog", the original title of the comic.

Most of the storylines focus on his attempts to acquire marijuana, sex or both. Storylines have focused variously on topics ranging from real-life based topics, including relationships, politics and racism, to more surreal subject matter, including Zombies and Alien Abduction. Baranoff, who is of Russian, Irish, Scottish, Black African, Spanish and Native American origin, partly wrote it as a Beast Fable about individualism, free love, interracial romance and libertarianism.

Created in 2003, Bob The Dog was the first underground comic to produce a webcomic spinoff (in 2009). Bob The Dog has been criticized for what some readers perceive as Vulgar Humor, because of its high level of profanity and (initially) nudity (which has been toned down over the years). In 2015, Baranoff announced that the comic had been renamed to the title of its main character to avoid confusion with the name of the publisher, Horndog Studios.

The comic's creator identifies the series as a "Funny Aminal" comic, instead of using the terms Funny Animal or Furry. Its fans are known as "Horndogs".

Web edition can be read here.


  • Interspecies Romance: Most relationships and sexual encounters portrayed in the comic are of this sort, including Bob and Charlene (which is also a metaphor for an interracial romance).
  • Unusual Euphemism: "Neden" (vagina)
  • Updated Re-release: Issues 1 & 2 were reissued as Horndog Archives #1, with additional material not in the original published version.
  • Verbal Tic: The word "the" is printed as "th'" many times.
  • You Need to Get Laid: Typical advice given by Bob. Even when the situation doesn't call for it (like being told by a friend that they are in danger of being killed).

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