Comicbook: Batman: The Cult

"There's something very scary going on out there."

The Deacon broke me, Robin. He starved, drugged, and tortured me... brainwashed me. Blackfire convinced me his twisted outlook on life was right. I just wasn't strong enough to resist him.

Batman: The Cult is a 1988 four-issue mini-series written by Jim Starlin, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, colored by Bill Wray and edited by Denny O'Neil. The series tell how a man, Deacon Blackfire, has created a secret underground cult in order to take over Gotham. He also kidnaps, drugs, and converts Batman in order to use him against the very city he swore to protect. After being missing for over a week, Robin (Jason Todd) infiltrates Blackfire's cult, rescues Batman, and escapes Gotham. After regaining their strength and upgrading their arsenal, they assault the cult-controlled Gotham to put an end to Deacon Blackfire's reign of terror. Facing Blackfire in an arena, Batman beats him into submission and turns the cult against him, resulting in Blackfire's death at their hands. With Blackfire dead, the cult quickly disbands, with Gotham returning to normal.

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Batman The Cult