->''"You put the joker away. And he escaped. And you put him away. And he escaped. Round and round and round and round"''
-->-- '''Winslow Heath'''

''Batman Impostors'' is a tie in comic book to the VideoGame/GothamCityImpostors video game. The StoryArc takes place over 3 issues of Detective comics, #867 - #870, and is collected in the book Gotham Impostors.

In Batman Impostors, Impostor Jokers have been recruiting everyday people to instigate riots throughout Gotham City. As more and more "Jokerz" start to appear a Batman impostor pops up requesting more of the good people of Gotham to join his forces and "Take back the streets" now Batman has to stop a full scale civil war before it spells the end of peace in Gotham

David Hine wrote Gotham Impostors. His other work includes "The Joker's Asylum: Two-Face" and "Batman and Robin #26".

Scott Mc Daniel drew the art and Andy Owens Inked the book.
* CircusOfFear: The Batholomew Fair.
* HallOfMirrors: Batman and Winslow Heath duke it out in a Hall Of Mirrors.
* ComicBookAdaptation: This book is adapted from a Video Game.
* LaughingMad: This is a comic book about wannabe Jokers, it's a given.
* MonsterClown: Again, it's a given.
* MotiveRant: After the impostor Batman has been unmasked [[spoiler: Winslow Heath explains his plan and why he did what he did]].