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Comic Book: Atavar
Atavar is a 2000 AD comic strip, created by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson about the last human alive caught in a war between alien species. Originally appearing in 2000 AD it has been reprinted by Rebellion as a graphic novel which collects together the first two installments. The first installment was published in 2000 AD in issues #1281-1288 in 2002, the second installment Atavar II in issue #1329-1335 in 2003 and the third, Atavar III in issues #1443-1449 in 2005.

Not to be confused with properties named Avatar.
Tropes associated with this work:

  • Fantastic Caste System: The Kalen in Atavar have at least a combat and science caste. The combat caste is bigger, broader, and have more square faces than those of the science caste.
  • Humanity's Wake: Atavar takes place in a future where humanity is extinct, having left behind a race of robots called UOS. UOS is bent on wiping out all life in the galaxy. Nice going, humans.
  • Speech Bubbles: The Uos' speech bubbles are square and all their dialogue is bold. In the first few panels, before Atavar gains the ability to speak their language, the Kalen's dialogue is represented by random Greek letters.
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alternative title(s): Atavar
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