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Comic Book: As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy!
The Amazing Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy! (from the Portuguese As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy!) is a graphic novel of 120 pages, published by Edições Tinta-da-China. The big project mentor, creator of the original idea, is the musician, writer and director Filipe Melo. Bringing together a team of young talents — Juan Cavia (design), Santiago Villa (color) and Martin Tejada (adaptation) — Melo caused the story to take shape and become real.

A young distributor of pizza, a middle-aged P.I. of the supernatural, a demon of 6,000 years and a gargoyle head are the only ones capable of confronting the evil forces that threaten humanity. They will be responsible for a crazy trip that will cross the limits of imagination.

Dark Horse Presents has some issues that work as a Prequel to the story. Also it seems it's going to be distributed for Dark Horse.

The Character Sheet is in Construction.

This book provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): As Incriveis Aventuras De Dog Mendonca E Pizzaboy
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