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Comic Book: Ant
Ant-Woman just had a bit too much redundancy for her.

Ant is a current superhero comic series written and drawn by Mario Gully.

The focus is on young Hannah Washington, an 8 year old African-American girl that is constantly picked on and ridiculed by many people in here life, and to escape this torment, creates an alter-ego via stories in her diary about a superheroine named Ant, who has all the physical strengths of an actual ant, but none of those pesky hive-mind like weaknesses. Later, it's discovered that grown Hannah actually is Ant, and all the childhood issues she's been dealing with are actually past memories, non-existent....or something like that. Already somewhat unstable due to being in a mental institution, she chooses to don the Ant mantle, and discover how she came to pass, as well as taking on some super-powered a-hole villains along the way.

The Ant comics contain examples of:

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alternative title(s): Ant
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