[[caption-width-right:300:Ant-Woman just had a bit too much redundancy for her.]]

-> ''"I invented ''Ant'' in jail in 1996. I was convicted of robbery and sentenced to one year and probation. The event was a turning point in my life. I used to draw portraits and hot chicks on envelopes for commissary. One day around day #6 of 358, I was depressed about where my choices in life put me. I was looking out the barred window and a single ant crawled in from the outside of my window seal. I said to myself 'Man, I wish I were an ant! Then I could crawl right out of this place and start my life all over!' Well, I couldn't pull that one off, so I decided to make a homemade comic book about it. It got around and I had a little audience with my cellmates. Really built up my confidence about drawing. That's when I realized that one day I could be a comic book artist. I sent out my first submission from the county jail. I hope one day my story can be an inspiration to anybody out there who has a dream."''
-->-- '''Mario Gully'''

Ant is a current superhero comic series written and drawn by MarioGully.

The focus is on young Hannah Washington, an 8 year old African-American girl that is constantly picked on and ridiculed by many people in here life, and to escape this torment, creates an alter-ego via stories in her diary about a superheroine named Ant, who has all the physical strengths of an actual ant, but none of those pesky hive-mind like weaknesses. Later, it's discovered that grown Hannah actually is Ant, and all the childhood issues she's been dealing with are actually past memories, non-existent....or something like that. Already somewhat unstable due to being in a mental institution, she chooses to don the Ant mantle, and discover how she came to pass, as well as taking on some super-powered a-hole villains along the way.

!!The Ant comics contain examples of:
* ActionGirl: Obviously she didn't have any fighting skills at the beginning, but that changed.
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer
* AnimalMotifs: Self-explanatory
* AnimalThemedSuperbeing: She imagines herself as one at least.
* BoobsAndButtPose: Shows up plenty of times in the series.
* ClingyCostume
* ClothesMakeTheSuperman
* {{Crossover}}: She's teamed up with Comicbook/{{Savage Dragon}} and Comicbook/{{Spawn}}.
* {{Fanservice}}: Justified in that Ant is covered in a skintight exoskeleton, like an actual ant, which shows off her entire body. The exoskeleton often sheds off like an actual ant, leaving Hannah naked.
* GoodThingYouCanHeal
* HeroicBuild
* ImpossibleHourglassFigure: Adult Hannah.
* PowerSource:
** PowerUpFood: Ant can regain her suit by consuming sugar.
* MaleGaze: One of the main criticisms of ''Ant'' is that there is just too much bootylicious art.
* MindScrew: It is still unclear if Ant is just the imaginary persona by a girl in a psychiatric hospital, or she is an actual person.
* MostCommonSuperpower
* MsFanservice: Definitely.
* NighInvulnerability: Ant's suit makes her incredibly durable, but her outfit can be destroyed after taking significant damage.
* SassyBlackWoman: Mild, Example Originally. However, from Volume 2 through, she's a straight example.
* ShesGotLegs: There are plenty of comic panels showing Hannah's feet when she's in her suit.
* StatuesqueStunner
* SuperArmor: Her Exoskeleton Variation, Hannah's exoskeleton is strong, but it breaks off easy. It can be reconstructed by Hannah consuming sugar.
* SuperSenses
* SuperStrength
* WallCrawl