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Comic Book: Amelia Rules!

Comic book series created in 2001 by Jimmy Gownley. Ostensibly for "tweens", but thoroughly enjoyable on every level. Consists currently of seven collected volumes: The Whole World's Crazy, What Makes You Happy, Superheroes, When the Past Is a Present, The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular, True Things (Adults Don't Want Kids to Know) and The Meaning of Life ... and Other Stuff. The 8th (and final) collected volume, Her Permanent Record is due in August 2012. One of the stories from The Whole World's Crazy has been released seperately (A Very Ninja Christmas) together with a seperate story of how Amelia met her friends.

Fourth-grader Amelia Louise McBride moves with her newly divorced mom from New York to live with her aunt in Connerton, Pennsylvania. She quickly becomes friends with Reggie Grabinsky and the enigmatic Pajamaman (who moonlight as superheroes Captain Amazing and Kid Lightning), and just as quickly becomes Vitriolic Best Buds with their other pal, loudmouthed Rhonda Bleenie. The four of them form GASP, the Gathering of Awesome Super-Pals, to defend the neighborhood from evil. Amelia's life in her new neighborhood is fraught with obstacles hilarious and serious, from regular wars with the evil Ninjas from across town to homesickness for New York City and her father.

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alternative title(s): Amelia Rules
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