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Cloud Cuckoolander: Fanfic

Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Bring Me All Your Elderly has movie!Zhao, who is In possession of knowledge from the Super Secret Spirit Library!!!... erm, slightly more unhinged than usual.

Axis Powers Hetalia

Calvin and Hobbes

  • Dungeon Keeper Ami features Cerasse- one of the fairy sisters. She has a thing for Tserk, one of Ami's minions... A tentacle monster- to the extent that she has a great deal of trouble prepareing calimari ("Oh, I can't! The poor little tentacles!"). When the sisters contemplate 'rescueing' Jadeite from Mercury, she is quick to volunteer that they ought to rescue Tserk as well, earning her some strange looks...
  • In Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi, Michelangelo is the only one not disturbed by Jiraya and Gai's poses and behaviorisms., something of which the latter was enough to make Naruto warn his team to not look.

Harry Potter
  • In All the Dementors of Azkaban Harry is depicted as nearly as much of a Cloudcuckoolander as Luna, from trying to "make friends" with Dementors by offering them chocolate to painting Azkaban pink at Luna's request to cheerfully running errands in Diagon Alley for prisoners like the Lestranges.
  • In Session Transcripts brain damage from more-abusive-than-canon treatment by the Dursleys resulted in Harry being extremely Cloudcuckoolander-ish when he showed up at Hogwarts, spouting random remarks like "I can't eat a table, but I tried to eat my door once because I was so hungry. It didn't taste very good and I chipped a tooth." and "Plants talk to me sometimes, but sometimes they're allergic to me and I make them sneeze."

The Lion King

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Harmony Theory: Blaze's speeches are enough to make some fans suspect him to be Pinkie's descendant.
  • A Brief History of Equestria mentions that most contemporary portrayals (mainly Hearth's Warming Eve pageants) of Chancellor Puddinghead are severely downgraded from the original, whose behavior bordered on The Caligula mixed with Groucho Marx. In other words, when Pinkie Pie was ranting about 'thinking inside the chimney' and wearing a map on her face, she was trying very hard to be solemn and dignified.

Star Wars

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanfic The Long Walk has Leonardo musing on the Original Character Breech Loader, thinking about what it must be like to have to try to be normal. Breech Loader is a Cloudcuckoolander with a badly warped appoach to grasping normality, and a tendency to 'lose it' at the most inappropriate of times. As a quote from the story itself:
    Trying to be normal. He wondered what that was like; to try to be normal. Most people were normal, or normality came naturally. Or behaved however they saw as normal. Even most crazy people thought they were normal. Breech was trying to mirror their behaviour to be normal, and like a mirror, it came off wrong. Identical in every way, but somehow wrong; a facade, an illusion. What must it be like, to have to try to be normal?

  • Always Having Juice has the alternate universe version of Metal Sonic, whose mental faculties appear to be malfunctioning. He believes he is "The Real Sonic", and frequently tries to prove it using stripes, the true meaning of Hanukkah, and the letter F. The viewers have caught on to his nuttiness, however, thus resulting in questions such as "what is your favorite flavor of frisbee?" (for the record, it's Satanic Death Christ).


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