Cliffhanger / Other

Resolved Cliffhangers:

  • Greg Farshtey's method of writing when sitting down for the latest BIONICLE story chapter is to think of a cliffhanger, and hope to find a way to resolve it in the next. Not just individual chapters, the stories tend to end in cliffhangers too. On some occasions, this proved to be a reckless idea, since he couldn't resolve them thanks to his busy schedule. In these cases he assumed the villains simply turned back or just didn't find time to carry out any evil plans.
  • Flash Gordon featured one every strip. Helped drive its Random Events Plot.
  • Riders Radio Theater ends almost every single episode with a cliffhanger, even if the first sentence of the next episode shows there wasn't really a cliffhanger at all ("Is that blood on the barber's comb? Tune in next week!" Next week - "Blood? No, this is styling product, see?")