Cliffhanger: Fan Fic

Resolved Cliffhangers:

  • Most chapters of the To Love-Ru fanfic, To-Love-Death often end with Rito fainting from either blood loss, smoke inhalation or shock.
  • Every single story of The Lion King Adventures. The author, ThatPersonYouMightKnow, has been dubbed the "master of cliffhangers" as a result. All of the cliffhangers are resolved.
  • Script Fic Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has this at the end of "The Black Turning Funnel Part 1" - a huge tornado is headed towards Calvin and Hobbes, who are already being thrown about in the wind.
    Calvin: Help. Cry for help.
  • A few chapters in What About Witch Queen? end this way. Most notably:
    • Best laid plans...: Weseltonians push an attack Arendellans are completely unprepared for.
    • To the south: admiral Hauser orders sinking the ship Ferdinand and Anna are in.
    • Fugitives: Hans and Anna meet face to face again.
  • Episode 18 of Futari Wa Pretty Cure Dragon ends with Ryan Lee taking a laser to the chest and the countdown to KO during his martial rhythmic gymnastics match against Kendra Cocolova at nine.
  • A Growing Affection does this a lot. Particularly:
    • Chapter 11 ends with Sakura telling Naruto that Hinata is beyond saving and he has just enough time to say goodbye.
    • Chapter 36 ends with one of Naruto's Blood Clones revealing it is possessed by the Nine-Tails.
    • Chapter 59 ends with the Fox controlling Naruto, holding Hinata by the neck, and threatening to break her neck.
    • Chapter 89 ends with Hinata's grandfather announcing that Naruto and Hinata's relationship is over, despite them apparently passing his Engagement Challenge.
  • Pervasive in the Total Drama Season 1 reimagining, The Legend of Total Drama Island, because the fanfic's style is patterned after The Thousand And One Nights. These cliffhangers include that rare type that cuts back just to watch the hanger fall.
  • Families does this with increasing frequency as the Cerebus Syndrome kicks in and it reaches the climax. It got to the point that the fans started complaining, and when the author finally resolved the main plot, he made a point of not having one of these and then pointing it out.
  • Crisis Equestria might as well be renamed Cliffhangers: The Story, seeing how many chapters end on one. From big cliffhangers (Chapters 17 and 29 being the biggest two) to small ones (every other chapter, practically, including Chapter 1 itself), this story will not disappoint fans of the cliffhanger.
  • About half of the chapters in Halkegenia Online end like this. Since the author updates so quickly, there's usually a new Cliffhanger every week.
  • In The Captain Of The Virtual Console, chapter 5 ends with the Thoughtless descending on Blaine' mansion.
  • The Seven Hunters does this on a regular basis. Particularly:
    • Chapter 2 ends with a major disagreement between Chomper and Cera that leaves Chomper is dangerous mental state.
    • Chapter 5 ends with the Stone of Cold Fire being activated.
    • Chapter 19 ends with Detras going down the bluff in order to confront the children. His exact intentions are not known.
    • Chapter 23 ends with both Thud and an unnamed fast biter falling into a raging river.
    • Chapter 25 end with Chomper and Littlefoot approaching Ozzy and Strut with malicious intent.
    • Chapter 35 ends with Chomper's mom receiving the night flowers as medicine, but it isn't known whether they are successful or not.
  • The Vinyl And Octavia Series ends Vinyl and Octavia in 'Dial D for Detectives' with a nasty one: Vinyl has been framed for the murder of Switch Blade.
  • The second chapter of the Digimon Tamers fanfic Digital Prey ends with Renamon literally cornered on a cliff looking down the barrel of the Big Bad's BFG, and her tamer Ruki being held hostage.
  • Second Wind: Chapter 37 ends with a focus on some enigmatic figures in Mock Town, awaiting Luffy's arrival.
  • The Bridge: Almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger. The author Tarbtano comments that he enjoys how much this annoys the readers.