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Circling Birdies: Web Original
  • The Pretty Stars videos had a girl saying that she is seeing pretty stars and birdies, such as this one.
  • In this video, a girl gets hit on the head, and says she is seeing stars. At the end, she says she is seeing stars and birds circling her head as she hears tweeting bird sound effects.
  • Danny Casale of Dannys Studio sees stars with bird sound effects when he finds himself in an Angry Birds parody in this video.
  • The Feet and Sleep sereies had bird sound effects, and sometimes stars or birds circling a dazed girl's head.
  • In this episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd, Bugs Bunny drops an avail on James Rolfe's head, and James sees Tweety Birds around his head and swats them away in anger.
  • Smosh has a parody called "Pokémon In Real Life" starring Anthony This part has a scene of Anthony noticing Jigglypuff hiding in a bush after being put to sleep by the song. Anthony then finds a brick and yells, "TAKE THIS!!!" Then, he throws the brick at said bush and it hits Jigglypuff in the head, and Jigglypuff staggers in a daze as it hears bird sound effects, and Anthony has the chance to engage battle with Jigglypuff.
  • Deviant ART user ~Nachturnal once created a story called "Spin", where a female Whimsicott, who played pranks on shiny Pokémon because she was jealous, tries to make a Spinda dizzy, but only made herself dizzy. Cue circling stars around Whimsicott's head. According to the story, "it took a while for Whimsicott to stop seeing stars."
  • The YouTube comedy short "The Perfect Spot" uses circling stars at the end when one of the actors crashes headfirst into a tree. Bird sounds also are used throughout the video as the two guys undergo various slapstic antics.
  • At a couple points in The Cartoon Man saga, Roy and Simon get hit in the head hard enough that stars circle their heads, accompanied by the sound of birds tweeting.
  • Happens several times to the lads in Adsapaps' "Cartoon Violence" short, each time using circling stars with the sound effect of birds. Adam falls victim twice, once after being punched and once after being hit with a Frying Pan of Doom. Ollie also gets them, along with a Cranial Eruption, after Adam bonks him with a hammer.

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