Circling Birdies / Advertising

  • In this commercial for Froot Loops from 1998, a teen hockey player gets knocked out during a game and hallucinates that he's playing against an entire team of Toucan Sams. When he comes to at the end, stars and Toucan Sams circle his head, as he asks "What's with all the birds?"
  • In this ad from the late 90s, circling birdies are replaced by circling sandwiches and jars of Miracle Whip after a boxer is punched by a Miracle Whip-slathered boxing glove (a "knuckle sandwich").
  • A late 2009 promo for WWE's Tables, Ladders & Chairs event featured cartoon birds circling wrestler Chris Jericho's head after he took a hard blow to the head with a metal chair. The ad was somewhat controversial, as some said it made light of the potentially serious head injuries professional wrestlers can face during a performance.
  • This Sprint ad for NFL Mobile Live in 2009 used this trope. As a frustrated fan stared at his phone, the announcer mentioned that fans were watching players' Twitter feeds without seeing a single tweet. A stray football then hits the fan in the head, and versions of the Twitter logo bird fly around his head.
  • This Moxie Girlz 3D commercial had one part where a girl was seeing objects circling her head.
  • In this iconic Sprite commercial, a boy's hard landing after a failed basketball dunk results in tiny basketballs and Sprite cans circling his head.
  • Japanese singer Tomohisa Yamashita experiences circling birdies after being on the receiving end of a cartoon character's punch in this Toshiba commercial
  • In this Cap'n Crunch commercial, a martial arts instructor is knocked over and sees pieces of Cap'n Crunch spin around his head.
  • In the late 80s/early 90s, the Swedish Chef of The Muppets fame had his own breakfast cereal, Croonchy Stars. This commercial features the circling stars version of this gag while showing the Chef making a batch of Croonchy Stars in "the Muppet Test Kitchen".
    Narrator: It seemed impossible, but then it hit him.
  • Cookie Crisp makes people have cookies for breakfast, but people say cookies are not for breakfast, but then have a taste and say that cookies are for breakfast. This commercial uses bird sound effects when the teacher gets her taste of Cookie Crisp.
  • This McDonald's commercial used bird sound effects when Birdie crashed after she failed to land.
  • In this commercial for the Angry Birds Go! Telepod toyline, Chuck teleports into the game world and drives past the other racers, causing them to crash. Terence in particular was sent flying into the air, landing in the heap with three stars revolving around him.
  • In this commercial for the snack Fundamiddles from the early 90s, a kid (played by future TV star Jonathan Tucker) gets whacked by a mallet-shape blast of chocolate from the snack and hears tweeting birds.