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Chekhovs Skill: Webcomics
  • From A Modest Destiny the main character learns how to control his shadow as a joke. It isn't mentioned again until he's facing down the Big Bad, when he uses this power to defeat him
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Roy's grandfather takes the time to teach him a special move to disrupt spellcasting while they chill in the afterlife. The likelihood of this not coming back to play an important role later is approximately nil.
    • Earlier in the series, when Vaarsuvius is polymorphed into a lizard, s/he finds that only three of his/her spells will work in this new form: Hold Portal, Feather Fall, and Suggestion, all of which seem useless. Naturally the party find themselves stumbling over a steep slope, requiring Feather Fall, and then meet a dragon who speaks Lizard and is therefore a valid target for Suggestion. In a subversion, Hold Portal doesn't work when it could have been used because there are no portals around to hold.
      • This becomes a bit of a Chekhov's Boomerang later when Vaarsuvius is paralyzed during an attack but has the foresight to have these spells memorized just in case a similar circumstance would occur again.
  • We learn during Schlock's origin story that carbosilicate amorphs were evolved from advanced data storage systems. This becomes important in another story arc much later when a piece of Schlock is used to rescue a rogue A.I.
  • In Venus Envy, Zoe's Tai Chi comes in useful when Nina comes at her with a knife. Would have worked out great if not for the fact Zoe was holding something herself afterward.
  • In El Goonish Shive, it took nearly eight years to explain how Susan made a sword appear back during the Sister arc.
  • In episode 176 of Roommates, we see Jamie put to use the dramatic rope skills he learned from Erik all the way back in episode 68, over 32 months prior.
  • In The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon, the one in charge of Jack's Training from Hell was his Knife Nut mother. This finally becomes relevant on page three-hundred and fifty-eight.
    Jack: FINALLY! DO YOU HAVE. ANY. IDEA. how long I've been waiting for someone to throw a knife at me?
  • Roxanne's whittling in Rusty and Co..
  • In Too Much Information, we learn Ace's mom is still in the armed forces. We learn she's a language expert. We learn she's picked up a few extra languages recently. After years of set-up, we finally learn what she really does: she is on an SG team for the Stargate program.
  • Minmax from Goblins knows 38 ways to kill somebody using only his thumb. It was only mentioned in a single panel in one panel way back on page 8. This becomes really important several years and several hundred pages later, as Psion!Minmax only weakness is a single number, and whatever that number corresponds with. That number has been recently changed to 38.
  • In the Free Spirit pilot, Winnie teaches Gene how to bowl with a customized alley, decorated with Death Traps. In the second story, "When The Stranger Calls", Winnie bets her right to live among mortals on Gene winning a game of "agniklorvath", a magical variation of bowling that uses that same alley.
  • Janet's background in gymnastics as seen in Contest Jitters will prove useful in her future adventures.

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