Chekhovs Skill / Web Original

  • Just before their first encounter with the Brain Trust, Achilles of the Global Guardians teaches his teammate Arachne how to use a pick to open a set of handcuffs while her hands are cuffed behind her back. By the end of the story, she's used this brand new skill twice.
  • This sometimes happens in Survival of the Fittest with the profiles of the characters. Newbies often try to cram in as many potentially useful skills as possible (such as survival training, firearm proficiency and martial arts. Made ridiculous when you consider that the characters are supposed to be Ordinary High School Students
  • Whateley Academy being an Alternate Company Equivalent of the Mutant Academy, the curriculum is designed to invoke this trope.
    • In the novel Ayla and the Tests, five-foot-nothing Phase is pushed by a teacher to use his particular Warper power to take over a size-Warper's power. In a different novel, "Boston Brawl 2", Phase figures out how to use this trick to beat the holy crap out of a forty-foot giant.
    • And an awful lot of what the teenagers learn in martial arts class. Aquerna learns a couple cool moves, plus Le Parkour, and she uses those in every one of her own stories.
    • Or else what students learn in the 'Survival' class, like what Heyoka learned, allowing her to beat Captain Canada! in their combat final.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Kimo (the guy who always talks about his hair) mentions taking child grabbing classes. It comes in handy several times.
    Kimo: Attention duelists! Those child grabbing classes were worth every penny!
  • The Lets Player raocow discusses this trope with regards to a hula-hooping hero here.
  • In Doom House, Reginald P. Linux's ability to throw the doll, first demonstrated when he's trying to remove the doll from his new house, comes in handy later when he must fight the terrorist.
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: It's established in the first episode that Jane is a nurse, but she's pursuing a new degree and becomes a tutor. She also showed her competence when Mr Rochester had a minor car accident and sprained his ankle. Her nursing ability came really handy later in episode 13 "Crash" when Mr Rochester was mysteriously injured and was bleeding quite a lot. Jane fixed his arm real nice.