Chekhovs Gun / Roleplay

  • Destroy the Godmodder has these occasionally. The ACN turret, the Black Monolith...
    • Slightly more notable that these are often times accidental examples, as their use as a chekhov's gun wasn't intended up until becoming such.
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • The T-1 Typhoon that was left in the desert after Zenna and George were attacked by TumTum Tribesmen ended up having a brief but important role in driving an invading army of Mutant Dinosaurs out of the Dino Attack Team's camp on Adventurers' Island.
    • Shortly before the Goo Caverns mission, it was established that Dino Attack Team began developing a weapon powerful enough to destroy an entire army without leveling a city. Think this is going to be important sometime in the future?
    • Hotwire's PDA malfunctioned after Kat's death. Turns out that's what happens when a human consciousness stores itself in a pocket-sized communication device.