Characters / Zombie Roomie

Very much a work in progress...

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    George Agnew 
ZombieDated Zoey

    John Ericsson 
Normal humanDated Valerie & Lyn

    Zoey Mcgillicuddy 
Goth humanDated George

    Lyn Talbot 
WerewolfJack's sisterDating John

    Jack Talbot 
WerewolfLyn's brother

    Lizzy Moretti 
Normal humanWorks at the local movie theatre

    Glenda Burke 
WitchDated Hunter

    Francis Nathan Stein 
Frankenstein's monsterDivorced, Elsa SteinFather, Karl Stein

    Drew Mcfadden 
GhostJohn's former roomieDating Buffy

    Count Vladimir Vitali Vadislov 

    Buffy Bennett 
Normal humanStripperDating Drew

    Valerie Greene 
Normal humanHippieLawyerDated John

    Hunter Hunter, the zombie hunter 
Normal humanReality TV starReturned from HellDated Glenda