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    Male Participants 

Goro Nakada

SHSL Sumo Wrestler
Played by Cailín
"The name's Goro Nakada, Sumo Superstar"

With the reputation of 'The Youngest Professional Sumo Wrestler in Japan; Goro Nakada has brought a new element to the well respected and traditional sport. The young wrestler is well known for his intimidating fake outs and constitution when facing opponents much larger than himself. Not only that, Goro's rising fame has made him somewhat of a celebrity and has made Sumo Wrestling rise in popularity with the youth of Japan. Whilst in the ring, Goro is a stoic and disciplined young man, however it is rumored that outside he is considered somewhat of a delinquent. Regardless, his talent has certainly earned him his place at Hope's Peak Academy as the Super High School Level Sumo Wrestler.

Status: Survived

  • Ambiguously Bi: As far as he is concerned, Goro is heterosexual. However, he seems to harbor feelings towards men that he is trying to come to terms to.
  • Be Yourself
  • Big Eater
  • Book Dumb: He's not so academically inclined. Happens to be a serial class skipper.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: In regards to Sumo Wrestling. Goro is very talented and considered a prodigy, rising up to the level of jōi-jin in his Heya. However, he is notoriously lazy and rather cocky when it comes to his talent. He believes in following his true passions and thus dedicates more time to singing and learning the guitar than attending training!
  • Brutal Honesty: Goro is rather blunt and will just tell things how it is
  • Cool Shades: Never leaves his room without them. Has been known to perform some sick tricks whilst putting them on.
  • Custom Uniform: Goro punks up his school shirt, wearing it open as well as popping the collars. He also seems to wear his tie lazily over his shoulders.
  • Delinquent Hair: A punk rock version of the traditional Chonmage
  • Expecting Someone Taller: Many of the students comment on how he doesn't look like a traditional Sumo. In OOC terms, many of the RP players expected him to be taller too, as he only stands at 5'8''
  • Extracurricular Enthusiast: Goro participated in various after school clubs, most notably, the Music Club.
  • Fangirl: It may not seem like it when you look at him, but Goro is a massive fan of Shoujo Manga and Otome Games. Because of this, he seems to lack composure around fellow classmate Kiyoko Satoori and has even been known to refer to her as Satoori-sama!
  • Follow in My Footsteps: His father was a Sumo as was his grandfather. Naturally, Goro would become a Sumo too.
  • Gentle Giant: His large bulk and punk look can be intimidating. In reality he's a giant teddy bear.
  • Hero Worship: Towards his dad.
  • Honor Before Reason
  • I Am What I Am: The life of a Sumo is filled with strict rules and regulations. Goro gets a lot of shade for breaking the mold.
  • Odd Friendship: With his High School friend Takumi Akiyama. He was a punk, he did Hockey, Can I make it anymore obvious?
  • The Dutiful Son: To make his father proud, Goro decided to dedicate his life to Sumo, even if he is starting to regret that choice.
  • The Idealist: Ain't nothing wrong with a little friendly optimism!
  • The Nicknamer: Not often, but tends to affectionately shorten his classmate's names and add the -chi honorific on the end.
  • The Quincy Punk: Notably, Goro seems to have a big interest in Western Pop Punk movements.

Haruto Kiyoshi

SHSL Street Artist
Played by John

When the topic of street art in japan comes up, it’s an easy bet to assume the name TWILIGHT will shortly follow. From quirky, humourous original designs to thought-provoking commentaries on the concepts of individualism and mortality, to simply cool-looking and impressive works, the artist normally known as Kiyoshi Haruto has taken the lead in Japan’s ever-increasing street art scene.

Kiyoshi operates under both legal and illegal conditions, taking part in live painting (exactly as it sounds—painting a piece in front of an audience, making it legal) and graffiti in public or abandoned spaces alike. The piece that most made him famous was one dubbed Flowering Progress, depicting a lineup of robots in suits stepping to the right that both shrink in size and grow successively more flowers on them as the line progresses, until the last is made solely of colorful flower petals. Many tout it as a commentary on how generations have become more accepting of street art as they have gone on, but Kiyoshi claims the idea of a robot turning into a flower just seemed cool to him.

Status: Dead, Murdered Chapter 5

Hatsuna Hitsukawa

SHSL Shepherd
Played by Milk

A young rancher known for his high quality livestock and animal products, Hatsuna Hitsukawa is a remarkable youth whose entire existence revolves around his flock. His rise to fame came with a small documentary segment in a well known tv travel series. And though most of the episode focused more upon his work, his personal life was also touched upon. An orphan who took over his family’s ranch after his parent’s sudden and tragic deaths; Hatsuna Hitsukawa had spent the past few years single handedly, both literally and metaphorically, earning his own livelihood, cut off from most of the world. His naïveté, hardworking and yet oblivious nature that leaves him near helplessness in the face of the modern world, has inspired a small fan group to begin raising money to help raise money to help support the Hitsukawa ranch.

Status: Dead, Executed Chapter 5

  • Alliterative Name
  • Country Mouse
  • Curtains Match The Windows
  • Dude, He's Gay: Even after seeing the family photo of Okamoto-sensei with his husband, the other students have to explain to Hatsuna that their teacher is gay.
  • Farm Boy: He is the Super High School Level Shepherd after all!
  • Friend to All Living Things
  • Gentle Giant: At 6'3'', Hatsuna towers over the entire cast! He is even taller than Sensei Okamoto. He is also one of the least threatening members of the group, despite his size.
  • Nephewism: After losing his parents, Hatsuna was raised by his aunt.
  • Nice Guy: As far as it is known so far into the prologue, Hatsuna appears to not have a bad bone in his body.
  • Raised by Wolves: Or in this case, sheep.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: It hasn't been confirmed whether or not he claims to understand his sheep, but we do know that he plays Soccer with them and even lets them win.
  • Tohoku Regional Accent: “Boy howdy! Are y'all all going to be so darn beautiliferous?" - Self Explanatory

Hisashi Shimizu

SHSL Baker
Played by Alli

The son of two pastry chefs, Hisashi Shimizu worked at his parents' bakery with his twin brother, Seiichi Shimizu, helping to keep it afloat. When it appeared that their family's bakery was going to go under, he and his brother took on more work to help their parents, at the same time discovering their seemingly innate abilities in the kitchen. Working together, the two were able to save their family's bakery from ruin, instead launching it into stardom as people came from all around to try some of their treats. After this, Hisashi continued to spend most of his time at the bakery, honing his talents with both sweet and savory baked goods. His food and the bakery have been featured numerous times on different websites and blogs, and even in a few shows.

Status: Dead, Murdered Chapter 3

Kazuo Hayashi

SHSL Zoologist
Played by Sora

Kazuo Hayashi is a famous zoologist and the son of Sayuri Hayashi, a Zoologist who has made revolutionary discoveries in the field of work in the past few years. It isn’t any surprise that her son would be following in her footsteps, as he published countless studies on creatures from around the globe. His most noteworthy study was on the Emperor Penguin, quite plainly titled “Big-Ass Penguins.” A study of his which was published when he was only 14 years old. This study discovered revolutionary facts about the penguins way of living as a whole. His acceptance into Hopes Peak Academy was no surprise, however it hasn’t stopped him from gaining a negative-reputation already due to his violent behavior toward others, including the very own staff of the school, even to the point that other students deem him a delinquent.

Status: Survived

Seiichi Shimizu

SHSL Cake Decorator
Played by Lily
"I am disgusted. I am revolted! I dedicate my entire life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and this is the thanks I get?"

The Shimizu family name is the name to know when it comes to sweet treats. The son of two pastry chefs, up until recently, Seiichi was simply a part-time worker at his family’s bakery. However, after the bakery fell on hard times, Seiichi and his twin brother Hisashi ended up taking on more responsibilities, inadvertently discovering their talents as their treats ended up single-handedly revitalizing the bakery. Since, Seiichi has moved on, attracting customers from around Japan with his beautiful wedding cakes, some of which have been featured on various food network programs.

Status: Dead, Executed Endgame

Viktor Asimov

SHSL Roboticist
Played by Ven

Viktor Asimov (no connection to the science fiction author Isaac Asimov) is widely regarded as one of the primary faces of the future of robotics. This young man first gained attention after his school’s robotics club, of which he was the president, won a competition at the national level. Despite only being 18 years old, he’s been credited with multiple advancements in the technical aspect of the robotics field, and has gotten sponsorships and grants by multiple robotics organizations to further his work; which appears to be the only thing the boy seems genuinely passionate about.

Status: Survived

Yuu Sakuramiya

SHSL Amezaiku Artist
Played by Cammy

The art of handcrafting traditional Japanese confections requires grace, elegance, and precision- so it’s only fitting that an amezaiku prodigy would be self-proclaimed royalty. Yuu Sakuramiya may be a young man, but his beauty and talent has made him easily recognized as the princess he demands to be treated as. His eccentricity and love for public attention has earned him a rather divisive following, however. Though frequently surrounded by a flock of young followers, admirers, and suitors perfectly willing to carry him or be used as his footstool should Yuu ask, he is also the frequent target of criticism, many considering his attitude insulting and discordant when paired with his highly traditional craft.

Status: Dead, Murdered Chapter 5

Yuuya Hanasaki

Reserve Course Student
Played by Gwyneth

Despite having no specialty or “Super High School Level” talent, Yuuya Hanasaki’s academic achievements brought him to the top of his class throughout his middle school career. He paid his way into the reserve course of Hope’s Peak Academy, deciding to attend the school for the sake of using the institution’s name in his background to get ahead in society and in reaching his long-term goals.

Status: Survived

    Female Participants 

Coco Sakurano Ritsuka Sakurano

SHSL TV Drama Star
Played by Pider

Coco Sakurano stars as the ever popular heroine of the hit Teen Drama show 'Honey St☆r Remix'. The show mixes teen angst, romance, and slice of live into the perfect blend of entertainment. Her role at Kimiko Yamada has won her many TV awards, and the character is adored by millions nationwide. Coco portrays a teen girl in love in ways so convincing you'd almost think she was the character. The show itself just finished airing it's second season, with a third on the way, set to start filming in the fall. Coco has made many public appearances, and her chipper attitude has left her with quite the number of fan clubs. Rumor has it she styles her own hair!

Status: Dead, Executed Chapter 3

Haruka Abe

SHSL Slackliner
Played by Yuufa

Balance is something that is desired by many, though only few manage to actually obtain it. Haruka Abe is one of these people, but not in the way you would think. As a professional slackliner, Haruka has proven to the world that her sense of balance is incredibly well-marked. She set new records for both longest highlining and longest free solo highlining, as well as winning last year’s Slackline World Cups in tricklining. Cashing in one success after the other at such a young age, Hope’s Peak’s invitation wouldn’t come off as a big surprise. Aside from that however, there isn’t much information known about the slackliner herself - only that she seems to be a completely different person off the rope.

Status: Survived

  • Anime Hair: It's bright pink and extra swooshy. Haruka probably has the most anime hair out of the whole cast.
  • Sleepyhead: Always seems to be falling asleep.
  • You Gotta Have Pink Hair

Kaori Ametsuchi

SHSL Lolita Model
Played by Celeste
"Wahhh! Please don’t hurt me! I’m, like, too cute to be injured!"

Kaori Ametsuchi, also known by her online persona Ama Amai, is a model particularly well known in the lolita fashion community and the “kawaii culture” scene. Though her specialty lies in sweet lolita styles, she has also done work for modelling classic and gothic lolita, as well as other Japanese street styles like fairy kei. Her defining traits are her big, light brown eyes, her innocent doll-like face, and her pastel hair. Though her face is on their websites and catalogs, she also posts her own coords and photoshoots online. Her blog is one of the most popular in the community, and the meetups she attends often get a lot of attention because she is listed as an attraction.

Though she has done work in other fashion catalogs, her work in the world of lolita fashion is so highly praised that it’s rumored that, because of her impressive career, she is gifted a free sample of each new print she models for Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Her pastel and doll-like wardrobe is extensive, and Ama Amai can be seen wearing almost any of the cutest new prints.

Status: Dead, Murdered Chapter 4

Kasumi Mizui

SHSL Paleoceanographer
Played by Lily
"Excuse me, but my name is Kasumi Mizui. I’m the Super High School Level Paleoceanographer and… I’m afraid that’s my shoe that hit you there."

Kasumi Mizui (水居 霞 Mizui Kasumi) is a Japanese Oceanographer who specializes in Paleoceanography. She first rose to prominence in the field with her papers on the changes in the oceanic ecosystem during the Cambrian Period. Since their publication, she has become well known in the field, occasionally giving lectures to other Oceanography students and has been regularly featured in many Oceanography magazines. Her preferred field, however, is still very much Paleoceanography, and she finds the past much more interesting than thinking about the present. She is also notable for being the niece of the late Oceanographer, Masumi Ueda.

Status: Survived

Kirika Enjou

SHSL Sharpshooter
Played by Inia

Kirika Enjou’s claim to fame is a fairly recent affair: her preternatural skill at shooting was not displayed until she was fifteen years old. The Kurils-born Enjou had always hunted game on her home turf of Kunashir Island as a child, but only when joining the kyudo team at North Asahikawa Senior High did she get the recognition she deserved. Enjou is not the youngest to ever perform kyudo, but she is certainly the youngest (and quickest) to ever be awarded the title of Hanshi 9th Dan, the highest rank in kyudo that can be awarded to a living person.

Status: Dead, Executed Chapter 2

Kiyoko Satoori

SHSL Otome Gamer
Played by Shanice
"To be in love with love— That's what it means to be an Otome Gamer!"

Kiyoko Satoori was born on October 14th in Davao City, Philippines, to her parents Gabriel and Misaki; her father died early on, leaving her alone with her mother. Kiyoko was an only child but grew up surrounded by her many cousins in Davao. Given her mom’s occupations (her mother being a librarian), Kiyoko never had the luxury of being able to afford things like gaming devices; however, one of Kiyoko’s many cousins, Senka Andrada, was a thief and would coerce Kiyoko into helping him swindle money from their neighbors and steal luxury items from department stores.

After moving to Japan, Kiyoko began to focus on video games; more specifically, her otome games. She created her own website where she would post otome game reviews and walkthroughs, hosting livestreams of games every week. Kiyoko also does reviews on many shoujo manga, her reviews often appearing in Margaret Magazine, the most popular bi weekly shoujo magazine. Kiyoko has also been known to help assist up and coming otome game creators by helping with planning and storyboarding. Because of her model status and high profile on otome games, Hopes Peak invited Kiyoko to attend the school as the SHSL Otome Gamer.

Status: Survived

Manami Hironaka

SHSL Digital Musician
Played by Sam

Starting two years ago, Manami began posting videos online of her playing the guitar, showing just her hands. It didn’t take very long for her to get popular from the skill she had and from the sheer mystery of who she was and what she looked like. As time went on, the hype only increased and when eventually she made an announcement that she had been accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy, while people were surprised to hear she was as young as she was, many reactions were ones of not being surprised and excitement to see what the digital musician looked like finally.

Status: Dead, Murdered Chapter 2

Nariko Hariko

SHSL Idol Group Manager
Played by Jane

Nariko Hariko, of the same family who owns Ha Ri Ko Entertainment is known as “the super manager”, best known for successfully managing the promotions of seven idol groups across Japan and Korea. She took over the management of five groups after her father, Shin Hariko, retired when she was 15. Between the ages of 15 and 19, she was also assigned two more groups to manage. All of her groups are known to have successful comeback after successful comeback. Though she is also known for managing groups such as !He Ro!, Ic Y, 7/oNE, An Gel, SUNNYDAZE, and starry, she is also widely known for managing the most popular co-ed group of all time, Qu ING. Qu ING’s popularity is almost entirely due to Nariko’s skills in managing promotions, variety and music show appearances, and their general time of debuting during the year. She is also widely known for her bubbly personality and general work ethic. Because of this, she attends Hope’s Peak Academy as the Super High School Level Idol Group Manager.

Status: Dead, Mistrial Victim Chapter 4

    Nonbinary Participants 

Kohaku Matsushita

SHSL Lawyer
Played by Chelse

A rather mysterious fellow to some, Kohaku Matsushita is a rising name in the world of law. Having shown up out of the blue with their laid back and more casual attitude, Kohaku has certainly begun to make a name for themselves. Known for turning their clients into celebrities, Kohaku is an expert at garnering them public support and proving their innocence in the court of law. Even more incredible is that there hasn't been a single case that this young Lawyer has lot yet! So it came as no surprise when the young lawyer had gotten an invitation to the legendary Hope's Peak Academy itself. With this invitation their talent and career can only skyrocket from here!

Status: Survived

    Non Player Characters 

Fumito Okamoto

Homeroom Teacher

The students' homeroom teacher, and the only adult in the theme park. He primarily plays a supervising role for the students. He is a former Hopes' Peak graduate, having been the Super High School Level Housekeeper. Currently, he teaches Home Economics.

Status: Dead, Murdered Chapter 1


Mysterious Hamster

A very mysterious hamster, who claims to be the mascot of Zetsubou Carnival, the theme park the children are trapped inside. Her appearance heralds the end of the students' normal lives and the start of the Mutual Killing Game. The mastermind controlling her is currently unknown.

Status: ???