Characters / Wu Xing Interdimensional Fantasy Adventure

This is the characters page for Wu Xing Interdimensional Fantasy Adventure.

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    Played by Moerin 

Kotori Ryuuzaki

Kirai Kotohime

  • Dark Magical Girl
  • Foe Yay: Notably almost everything she says to her rival Ai is some kind of sexual innuendo.
  • Stalker With a Crush: Only showed up because she was stalking Ai. And seeing the way she treats the other magical girl...


    Played by Troper Roxas 

Cyndy Ryuhime

A dragon with a human body, albeit scaled, which has led to an issue with her appearance. Claims to be a princess.


A nine-tailed kitsune. She prefers not to give out her true name, but seems pretty friendly otherwise.

    Played by Kagescorpionakki 


Zack (Zakial)

    Played by Aralyn 

Esther “Essie” Linscott

Black (The Black Cat)

    Played by Silver Slippers 


    Played by Killer Clowns 

Alice Snow

A small, psychotic corporate assassin whose main goals are "steal plants for genetic research" and "hurt things."

    Played by Grey Star 

Erin Sawachika

    Played by Tera Chimera 

Jonathan Sandusky

A rebel trying to free his world from an Eldritch Abomination and its minions.

    Played by Savato 



    Played by Anno R 

Ai (Akihiro) Hanabusa

Kaori Kobayashi

Akiko “Aki-chan” Akiyama

    Played by Raineh Daze 


Maria de la Mort


    Played by Pyrite 

The Black Queen

Giles of Arcadia

    Played by Test Your Might 

Thor (Michael Hearst)

A pro wrestler by day and superhero by night from Connecticut. He wields a phlebotinum hammer, which he has total control over.

Buri Quickjaw

An orc from the realm of Durotaur who has previously been a viking and a mongol. sees the world as a Strategy RPG where he is the main character.

    Played by Justa Username 

Double Denim Ranga / DDR (Andrew)


    Played by Scrounge 

Jeremy Martin

Kris Hunter


    Played by Clawthewolf 

Scydacina "Scyd" Melanchoilioneasus de Meracoriotare

    Played by desdendelle 

The Black Duke

Lucius Annaeus Astra Seneca

Sergeant Lucius Annaeus Astra Seneca of the Time-Space Administration Bureau Lost Property Mobile Section One (TSAB Mobile Section 1, for short), the Lost Logia Hunters, is a short, bulky man. An adherent of the Stoic philosophy, he is a mage, using the modern Belkan magic system. Aqua's subordinate.

    Played by Saturn 

The Muse (Molly)

    Played by Flanker 66 



    Played by Ichigo Neko 

Aria Kotori

    Played by Teh Stanman 

Saki Shihobu

Andrew Buchannes / "The Iron Lung"