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Perpetual W.I.P. The "Sons of Adam" listing contains both mutants and regular humans, but they are still counted as their own group, away from the rest of Eden's citizenry. They also include anyone who is a current member of the Public Security Force.

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Alec Good

"Robin" Good, the gentleman thief of Junk Town and perhaps the most infamous thief - he has a tendency to get his fingers into everyone's goods. Alec has be thieving for quite sometime and he has built himself a reputation for being the politest robber. With the ability to teleport and vanish in a second, he is difficult to catch and even more difficult to avoid.

Alice Smith

Amanda Moore

Amelia Darling

Captain Jack

“Captain” Jack Barclay is one of the most dominant forces in Junk Town’s criminal underworld. Manipulative, smooth talking and just a little trigger happy, Jack has been playing the crime lord game for a while now, and he knows how to get things done. His way. A telepath to boot, Jack has his fingers in all the pies, and comes across as an amiable, yet undoubtedly dangerous individual.

Claude Radolfzell

A pensive soul, Claude is over a century old, and witnessed firsthand the devastation of the war and Genesis Virus. He currently wanders about the streets of Junk Town alone, doing what he can to help those in need.

Daisy Miller

Dryden Payne

Isabel Leah Kearney


Lucia "Chimera" Amante

Mariana E. Hurik


A terrifyingly young and depraved serial killer. When she's not stalking the streets in search of her next victim or hanging out in local cemeteries, she's likely lurking in the dank tunnels that run beneath the city.

Mathieu Overton

Dr. Overton is one of Junk Town's few medical practitioners. He is kind and gentle with his patients, well-loved for his generosity and willingness to travel all over the city in order to help out those who need his skills. Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, that kindness is a complete facade. He is one of Eden's most notorious serial killers, the venom in his fangs either killing those he bites or... changing them.

Meredith Abigail Winters

Nika Riddle

Noah Leveque

Noah Leveque: fashion designer; pretty boy; downright coward. While his mutation might make him easy on the eyes, Noah doesn’t exactly make things easy for himself. The black sheep of his family, he makes no attempt to rectify his bad social standing, and when not designing clothes or riding on the coat tails of his family’s reputation, he is more of a certified layabout than anything else.

Olivia Wilde

Ruin Hartley

Junk Town is a bad place, and full of bad people, and Ruin Hartley is one of them. While not strictly an active participant in the Lower Level’s growing web of corruption, Ruin does nothing to stop it, and even makes a living off it. Working as a mercenary, Ruin is as cold as his job and gives little to nothing away about himself.

Serenity Ad'val

    Normal Humans 

Adrian West

Every crapsack world needs a Mr Nice Guy, and while he’s not necessarily the superhero Junk Town needs, Adrian West does all he can to make things bearable in the Lower Level. Logical, with a keen intellect and a semi-photographic memory, West is Junk Town’s resident detective, and is definitely one of the kinder souls kicking about down there.

Alberto Morretti

A "Prince" at Cupid's Palace.

Annie Harper Bellafonte

Avery Mycroft

Daniel Cross

Damien Ad'val

Felix Jones

Jessica Finn

A barmaid in The Broken Dawn, Jessica Finn is the bubbly, busty answer to all of life’s problems. At least, she is if you’ve had a bad day and are in sore need of a drink. Barmaid by day and anarchic scrap metal artist by night, optimistic and always willing to lend an ear, Jessie is practically perky in every way.


Lena Sarah Adler

Lena Sarah Adler is a crooked woman. In a place like Junk Town, everyone is just trying to get by, and she’s no different, even if staying on the right side of the law is all but impossible. A gypsy and a pickpocket, Adler is slippery and not beyond lying or cheating to get out of trouble. She also has an affinity for magic tricks, and is the sometime assistant to Seth Weatherly.

Liam Huxley

Luca Valentine


Nelson Finn Amante IV

Raife Chevallier

Rance Grenier

A sharp-tongued journalist from the Upper Level, recently "relocated" to Junk Town after digging too deeply into a Minister's personal life.

Rosie Swann

Seth Weatherly

Zace Palmer

    Sons of Adam 

Abigail Rose Everett

Bellatrix Logan

The words ‘mad’ and ‘scientist’ tend to go together very well anyway, so it comes as no surprise that Bellatrix Logan is this in a nutshell. Frighteningly intelligent and a workaholic with ideas that are more monstrous than beneficial, Logan is the Minister of the Department of Science and Technological Development in Eden’s Upper Level.

Craig Deering

A veteran PSF officer who defied his superiors one too many times, preventing him from ever seeing a promotion and, eventually, earning him a transfer to one of the Junk Town precincts. He's infamous for driving off his partners with his disregard for their opinion and general loner attitude, yet he always gets the job done to the best of his ability.

Corsan Demetrius Barley

Dmitri Kraus

Ellis Grey

A PSF inspector whose time is divided between working the Upper and Lower Levels. He is perhaps a little young for his station, but he is undoubtedly intelligent, with a keen eye for puzzles and a bravery that some would consider impulsive or foolish. But the truth is that he suffers from a condition known as congenital analgesia, which makes it all but impossible for him to feel pain and both helps and hinders his job.

Gabriel Saunière

Nero Summers

Minister of the Department of Commerce and Labor, on the surface Nero Summers is the boss you wish you had; polite, mild mannered, ever smiling and damn good at his job. But beneath the etiquette is a man to be reckoned with - cunning, controlling and with questionable morals, Nero has no qualms in exercising his power over others.

Nicholas Smith

Pascal Aiden Segreti

Yuliya Sidorova

Minister Nero Summers' head of security. Dangerously competent, dedicated, beautiful, and absolutely deadly when needs call for it.