While the present-day [[Characters/Warhammer40000Imperium Imperium]] consists of a large number of factions, the following are the most well-known.

!!Factions with their own pages:

* [[Characters/Warhammer40000Astartes Space Marines]]
* [[Characters/Warhammer40000ImperialGuard Imperial Guard]]
* [[Characters/Warhammer40000Mechanicus The Adeptus Mechanicus]]
* [[Characters/Warhammer40000Sororitas Sisters of Battle]]
* [[Characters/Warhammer40000Inquisition The Inquisition]]

!!Other factions


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[[folder:The Adeptus Arbites]]
[[caption-width-right:232:Ego legis sum.]]

->''To serve the Emperor. To protect His domains. To judge and stand guard over His subjects. To carry the Emperor's law to all worlds under His blessed protection. To pursue and punish those who trespassed against His word.''

The Adeptus Arbites are the enforcement arm of the Adeptus Terra. It is they who ensure that Imperial laws and Administratum decrees are followed, and most importantly, that the Imperial Tithe is met. Most Imperial worlds of any significance at all will have an Arbites precinct house somewhere, and larger worlds will have several. Local crime is beneath their general jurisdiction (that falls to local planetary law enforcement) but they help track crime that spans multiple worlds and violates laws from authorities beyond that of the local government. When rabble-rousing citizens get in the way of the Imperial tithe being fulfilled, the Arbites are summoned to break them up and suppress riots. If it goes so far that a planet goes into full rebellion, the Arbites are the ones expected to be a loyalist holdout, sealing their precinct houses for siege and getting the message out to the wider Imperium.

The Adeptus Arbites have never had a full published codex book, only unit information and models in various additions released as supplements or as allies for other Imperial forces. For the most part though, they are almost never seen in the tabletop game itself, but they are well-represented in the fiction.

!!To be just, our tropes must be cruel:

* AwesomePersonnelCarrier -- Arbiters used variations of Standard Template vehicle patterns, such as Chimeras and Rhinos. In particular, they often use the Repressor pattern of the Rhino chassis, which has an extended transport bay with additional firing slits for riot suppression. They are especially fond of these because the wide surfaces and heavy armor make it an excellent mobile blockade.
* ByTheBookCop -- Arbites are selected very carefully for those who will take their duty extremely seriously, many of them coming from the same [[BoardingSchool Schola Progenium]] programs that train [[ThePoliticalOfficer Commissars]] and [[EliteMooks Storm Troopers]]. One who goes CowboyCop on them will find themselves hauled before a panel of their comrades to answer for their behavior.
* CarryABigStick -- Power Mauls are common weapons for Arbiters to be equipped with, taking the form of large truncheons. They mount a power field generator with adjustable power settings. At low levels, they function as a [[StunGun Stun Stick]], while at higher levels they can [[ArmorPiercingAttack shatter armor under impact]].
* {{Expy}} -- Go look up what "[[Comicbook/JudgeDredd ego legis sum]]" translates to.
* HeavilyArmoredMook -- The Arbites tend to wear carapace armor, which is about the best purely physical protection the Imperium can provide short of PoweredArmor. Among the Imperial Guard, this armor is restricted to only heavy infantry or elite forces, but the Arbites mission scope requires them to be more survivable and put their own equipment at less risk anyhow.
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner -- On an institutional level, the Arbites are charged to hand out justice without being accountable to other local agencies, though they are expected to do so only within the strictest interpretation of law and precedent. For the most part though, these roles are divided up between members of the organization, being the role of "Arbiters" to bring in suspects and "Judges" to sentence them.
* JurisdictionFriction -- Happens very infrequently, if only because the Arbites automatically override local jurisdictions, and few would dare challenge them on that. That said, it is often inverted in that Arbites are not charged to investigate lesser crimes, and it often takes pleading on the part of the local enforcement agencies to get the Arbites involved in the first place if they can be convinced that the crimes are sufficiently disruptive to the normal flow of business.
* NonLethalWarfare -- While they are willing to use deadly force, their mission typically involves battering down agitating elements rather than killing them outright. Not that this makes their employment any more family-friendly, said non-lethal warfare typically involves lots of clubbing, shocking, broken bones, and chemical-burned mucus membranes.
* PoliceBrutality -- The Lex Imperialis overrides any local law, which means that if an Arbiter has accused you of a crime, ''you have no rights''. Incidentally, obstructing Arbiters fulfilling their duty is a crime, stay the heck out of their way. "Always err on the side of harshness," is sanctioned policy, after all...
* RobotDog -- Cyber-Mastiffs, a kind of servitor made from canines. They are used to help Arbiters hunt down hiding criminals, where their robotic components make them more reliable, more durable, and better trackers than their purely organic counterparts.
* ShieldBash -- Arbiters often wield suppression shields for this very purpose. In addition to [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe functioning as personal protection]], the suppression shield contains [[StaticStunGun an electrical discharge unit that can incapacitate anything]] struck by (or striking) it.
* StateSec -- To a lesser degree, but greater visibility, than the Inquisition. Each precinct house is equipped to fight a small war, with vehicles, weapons, and barracks housing the Arbiters to use them. They even have a few of their own space ships, though these are (relatively) small patrol cruisers used for things like customs enforcement.


[[folder:Imperial Knights]]

->''Fealty, Honour and Duty''

The Imperial Knights are a sub-empire within the Imperium, rulers of their own private feudal planets known as Knight Worlds. Closely allied to the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Imperial Knights pilot massive mechanized war machines of such stature and fury that a single one can change the course of a war. Bound by ancient oaths that tie them to the Imperium, the Imperial Knights seek to fight the enemies of Man, wherever they may be found.

Originally a force in games of ''Epic'', Knights were largely confined to fluff for a number of years before they were reintroduced into ''40k'' proper in 2014.

!!Imperial Knights Tropes

* BoringButPractical: As much as any HumongousMecha can be, anyway. Building them takes only a fraction of the resources and effort that even the smallest of the Titans do, but they are just as capable of mixing it up on the battlefield.
* HumongousMecha: Not quite as gigantic as the Titans fielded by the Adeptus Mechanicus, but still significantly larger than [[MiniMecha the Sentinels]] the Imperial Guard uses.
* LowCultureHighTech: Even by this setting's standards. The Knight Worlds are generally on a medieval tech level, apart from the Knights and any other toys the Adetpus Mechanicus feels like giving the local rulers.
* TotalPartyKill: In-game, when a Knight is dealt enough damage to Explode, the diameter of its blast is ''15 inches''[[note]]to put that in perspective, most vehicles' blast covers 1-6" from the edge of the hull[[/note]] and can scatter (representing the Knight staggering and falling), so it has the potential to take out a large chunk of your army if it goes boom.

[[folder:Mutants and Abhumans]]
->''Twisted flesh, twisted soul.''

The Imperium does not simply worship the Emperor, but also the holy human form. Part of the Imperium's ManifestDestiny states that humanity has a right to rule the galaxy. However, the simple fact is that after thousands of years on other worlds, various human populations have evolved into different types of humans. These are referred to as Abhumans or Mutants, variously; Abhumans are fairly minor, stable strains of mutation that are effectively the result of natural evolution caused by different environments, while Mutants are far more bizarre in form and stem from the wide variety of genetic degeneratives at loose in the galaxy at large -- radiation, genetic warfare, toxic chemicals, ''et cetera''. While the Imperium officially disdains them, some are useful or even necessary. In the time of the Emperor, the view of Abhumans and Mutants was more lenient, but after ten thousand years, the Imperium has taken a more draconian approach.

In the background, the most important of mutants are the Navigators, families who were genetically engineered in the distant past to navigate the Warp with psychic powers. Collectively, they form the Navis Nobilite, wealthy families who are necessary for the Imperium to survive. On the tabletop, certain Abhumans are useful to the Imperial Guard for specialist skills. Mutants, in the background and to an extent on the tabletop, are typically executed on sight for their genetic damage or kept as slaves -- as a result, they are eager worshipers of Chaos, aided by the fact that Chaos tends to both cause mutation in its followers and treats those bearing mutations as being blessed by the Gods.

!!General Abhuman and Mutant tropes

* TheAtoner: Beastmen who followed the Imperial Cult were ruthless in purging the Emperor's enemies as penance for the "sin" of mutating.
* BodyHorror: Generic mutants. Even those who haven't been touched by Chaos can sport all manner of strange and unnatural features, including but not limited to: extra eyes/mouths/limbs, rotting flesh, atrophied bodyparts, unnaturally swollen musculature, oversized bodyparts, scales, fur, fangs, claws, slime-oozing skin, blisters and warts, tentacles... Essentially, a mutant is living BodyHorror and may or may not have {{Lovecraftian Superpower}}s as a result of it.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Originally, many Abhumans were transplants from ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'', but as time went on, they stopped being updated or even mentioned. The Squats are the most famous example of this, [[DroppedABridgeOnHim though they get a rather nasty sendoff.]]
* DumbMuscle: Increased size, strength and toughness at a cost of lowered intelligence is a fairly common mutation. Some, however, are bigger, stronger, and tougher than regular humans while [[GeniusBruiser being just as smart or smarter than humans]].
* EvilAlbino: Downplayed with the Afriel Strain, a failed experiment in creating non-Space Marine super soldiers. Not only are they albinos, they have horrible luck.
* ExtraEyes: They're a common mutation, and [[EyesDoNotBelongThere can turn up in the strangest places]].
* FantasticRacism: The Imperium typically takes a very dim view of mutation from the accepted norm of the "Holy Human Form", though the degree to which a typical citizen subscribes to this will vary. One major reason for this is that mutation is often a sign that one is becoming [[TheCorruption corrupted by the Warp]], potentially becoming a vessel for the Ruinous Powers. However, this hatred extends to those whose mutations are caused by more "mundane" sources, such as generations of exposure to radiation or industrial waste, leading to widespread hatred and distrust of all mutants. Since mutation can continue to appear generation after generation, killing all mutants tends to be impractical, so most are allowed to exist as an oppressed underclass, looked down upon by all.
** Abhumans are subraces of humans whose differences have manifested into stable genotypes, without the randomness seen as signs of corruption. They often suffer some prejudices related to their differences, but find a much better measure of acceptance, especially if those differences make them valuable to the Imperium in some way. Navigators in particular, while still somewhat feared, are also held in a degree of awe due to the absolutely essential role that they play in the Imperium.
* HeavyWorlder: How Ogryns and Squats came to be, even though they went in completely different directions.
* NWordPrivileges: Many refer to each other as "twists", but for a non-mutant to use that would be seen as a nasty insult.


->''In my high seat I gaze into the immaterium and see the shadow that our own universe casts into depthlessness. This eye... this eye sees gentle flows of soul-stuff where the becalmed mind might starve to death, and tides and churns of genius and hate. The warp mocks the power of words to describe. But what I can never turn my back on is the power and the beauty of the Emperor. I see His soul shine out from Earth and His presence fill every corner of the immaterium. [...] I have known from the first time I beheld it that I could do nothing but follow that light with my life.''

The Navigators are a race of mutants that is an integral part of the Imperium's function, as their mutation allows them to actually see the fluctuations of the Warp and the light of the Astronomican, and thus guide Imperial ships (relatively) safely in Warpspace.

* ArrangedMarriage: Since Navigators can only pass on their psyker genes by procreating with other Navigators, marriages among the Navis Nobilite are arranged usually between rival houses to ensure genetic stability and as a form of alliance.
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: When the Paternova dies, the Heirs Apparent (the most powerful Navigators of each house) become larger, stronger, and more aggressive. They then fight and kill each other for the right of Paternova.
* BlindfoldedVision: When not actively guiding a ship, Navigators will cover their ThirdEye, as [[DeadlyGaze looking into it can cause madness]]. This makes [[PowerLimiter limiting others' exposure to it]] necessary. This covering can take many forms, from a headband, to a veil, to an [[EyepatchOfPower eyepatch]], to [[InTheHood a low-pulled hood]], or even occasionally [[ElectronicEyes a cybernetic shutter-like metallic eyelid]].
* BodyHorror: Thanks to a limited breeding pool, the possibility of imperfect genetic tampering on the part of some ancestors, and generations of necessary warp exposure, Navigators often suffer from a variety of minor mutations. As Navigators age these mutations become more obvious and extreme, with some of them even transforming into ugly frog-octopus things. It's an accepted fact of life for them and even during the brutal inter-house coldwars both sides will respect this secret and ensure that nobody breaks the {{masquerade}}. The Emperor was aware of these mutations but decided to tolerate it.
* DeadlyGaze: Staring into a Navigator's Warp Eye is commonly said to [[BrownNote cause either insanity or death]]. No one wants to test it, and Navigators must wear hoods, scarves, or headbands of [[AntiMagic psyk-resistant]] material around normal humans.
* ExtraEyes: Navigators possess a "Warp eye" allowing them to see the currents of the Immaterium and guide ships through it. This is not a poetic turn of phrase.
* FeudingFamilies: Among the Navis Nobilite, there exist conflicts known as Tradewars, which include limited conflict among the families. The Administratum tolerates these to a point, as long as they're short and not too destructive.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: {{Averted|Trope}} by the Navigators when exposed to the Warp, which is what makes them unique in the setting in which this trope is otherwise played straight. Their ThirdEye allows them to perceive the warp in a way which will not overwhelming their mortal mind, enabling their ability to guild a ship through its currents. This perception is subjective, and each Navigator will see it in a different manner, so that when they try to describe it to others, the only way they can do so is through vaguely poetic metaphor.
** [[DeadlyGaze Looking into a Navigator's eye]] results in warp-driven madness, [[BrownNote bodily disruption]], and possibly death.
* ThePatriarch: The Paternova, the leader of the Navis Nobilite, who is called the "father of the Warp", and is somehow able to increase the Warp sense of his family's Navigators.
* [[WalkingTheEarth Walking the Cosmos]]: Some Navigator families abandon their wealthy estates and take to wandering the galaxy.
* WeirdnessCoupon: The Navigators are mutants whose elders begin mutating beyond the norms of the "holy human form", and yet are fantastically wealthy and have a permanent seat on the High Lords of Terra. They're so absolutely vital to star travel that they have to be given these things.

[[caption-width-right:250:Top: An Ogryn.\\
Bottom: A Bullgryn BONE'ead.]]

->''- Listen, Ordrogg, the Emperor's very pleased with all of you, OK?''\\
''- Him? He's pleased?''\\
''- Very pleased. He's watching you now. He says he wants you to go over to the Robots and stick with them. You got that?''\\
''- Yerr. On our way.''

Ogryns are an abhuman strain, the product of high-gravity worlds with barren environments. They are large, even bigger than Space Marines, but are known for being very dumb. They are commonly used in the Imperial Guard as shock troops.

* {{Adorkable}}: Despite their poor hygiene, ogryns are generally seen as lovable goofballs by the fanbase.
* BashBrothers: When not organized into a unit unto themselves, an ogryn will usually be paired up with a "little'un" whose job it is to stay with the ogryn at all times and keep them pointed at the enemy during combat and make sure they do not accidentally [[TheKlutz hurt themselves]] [[AndCallHimGeorge or others]] while out of it.
* {{BFG}}: Ogryns will sometimes be employed as heavy-weapon teams, as they can easily swing around a large gun that would otherwise take two soldiers and a carriage to wheel around. Said ogryns typically do best with weapons that have [[MoreDakka a high rate of fire]] and require [[BottomlessMagazines little or very simple reloading]] since it is easier to hold an ogryn's interest with such a "toy" that they continue to use it to enthusiastic effect.
* CanisLatinicus: The official Ogyrn species name is ''Homo sapiens gigantus''. However, there are seven distinct types, including ''H.S. gigantus gigantus'' and ''H.S. gigantus Cranopus''.
* {{Claustrophobia}}: Commonly suffer it, with enclosed spaces making them very frightened and jumpy. A nerve-wracked eight foot tall slab of clumsy muscle is generally not a good thing...
* DumbMuscle: Ogryns are massive, powerful, and dumb, even moreso than your basic Ork Boy. During the Literature/HorusHeresy, it was said that those who fought on the Chaos side only did so because were told the other guys had betrayed the Emperor. The smarter ones are given [[BioAugmentation enhancements]] to increase their intelligence, called Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancement ([[FunWithAcronyms BONE]]). This allows them to become sergeants of Orgyns squads, called ''Bone'eads'' (though not that much - one of the most intelligent examples of Ogryns, Nork Deddog, is simply capable of writing his name, counting on four fingers with his thumb confusing him, and speaking in full sentences.)
* EvilCounterpart: Chaos forces also makes use of Ogryns. Ogryn Berserkers are Khornate warriors, lobotomized and driven to murderous fury by a drug called Slaught. Plague Ogryns are used by the armies of Nurgle as walking disease incubators due to their size, strength, and endurance.
** In general, "Big Mutants" tend to be depicted as being akin to Ogryns or as corrupted Ogryns.
* HumanShield: The 2014 Astra Militarum codex introduced Ogryn specialists known as Bullgryns whose functionality in the armor is to act this way. Turns out that an Ogryn inside massive suits of carapace armor and carrying huge tower shields, or else force-field projecting bucklers is a pretty good mobile wall. When you arm it with an underarm-slung grenade launcher, which is reinforced so it can stand up to being used as an improvised tonfa, or else with an armor-vaporizing greatclub, it can dish out a fair amount of damage, too.
* ImprovisedArmor: The front plates of Bullgryn carapace armor are made from sections of tracks from Leman Russ tanks.
* TheKlutz: Their great strength and poor self-control means that they tend to accidentally break things that they interact with, unless those things are large and reinforced. Hence why they virtually always use customized equipment.
* TheOgre: Ogryns are Abhumans who evolved on heavy gravity worlds with barren environments.
* ThePigPen: Ogryns are known for being flabby and having horrible hygiene, and are often called Fats, Flabs, Slobs and Stenches as a result.
* PsychopathicManchild: Played with. Ogryn are taught to hate and kill the enemies of the Imperium, but this is usually the result of exploitation of their innocent, childlike nature more than inborn aggression.
* ShotgunsAreJustBetter: The Ripper gun is the Ogryns' standard firearm, and is used just as much as a club as a shotgun.
* UndyingLoyalty:
** Nork Deddog, an Ogryn who is absolutely loyal to his masters in the Imperium...which he interprets as the highest ranking officer.
** The Ogryns in general. They believe that the Emperor has personally issued them every order (being worked down from the chain of command) and thus obey orders to the best of their abilities. In a tragic demonstration of this, many Ogyrns fought on the side of Chaos during the Horus Heresy, but they didn't ''knowingly'' do so: they all genuinely believed that they were still fighting for the Emperor and the Imperium, when really it was their superiors misleading them with lies.
* UpgradeArtifact: Ogryn BONE'eads are Ogryns who have received extensive brain augmentation by the implantation of very high-quality neural implants provided by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Such implants are rare and precious, and few outside of the Cult Mechanicus are ever blessed with them, but in the case of Ogryns the Munitorium considers it worth the expense and effort to get at least one Ogryn in every group enhanced in this manner, as having a squad leader who can fully understand orders and think independently (if not particularly creatively) is a great force multiplier for Ogryn squads.
* WeirdnessCoupon: They're mutants, but they make extremely loyal soldiers who love cracking heretic and xeno skulls for the Emperor.


->''Little Thieves! Thieves and vagabonds, the lot of them. They’re petty-minded, larcenous little subhuman scum to the last. Everyone overlooks it because they can shoot straight and can cook a decent meal. You can’t trust them... any of them. They’ll steal your chrono if you shake hands with them, and as likely to pick your pocket as praise the Emperor’s name...''
-->-- Anonymous Imperial Guardsman

Like Ogryns, Ratlings are an abhuman strain commonly used in the Imperial Guard. However, they are the polar opposite of Ogryns in nature and function. Of very short stature, Ratlings are used as snipers and stealthy infiltrators, and also as cooks, roles at which they excel.

* CanisLatinicus: The official Ratling species name is ''Homo sapiens minimus''.
* DyingRace: Ratling populations have suffered greatly due to Tyranid invasions of their worlds.
* ExplosiveBreeder: Ratlings procreate like there is no tomorrow...[[EverythingTryingToKillYou and there may not be.]]
* FriendlySniper: {{ZigZagg|ingTrope}}ed. Ratlings are gregarious, enjoy a good feast, and make excellent snipers, but ''The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer'' warns that petty crime rates and illegal gambling increase in regiments with Ratling squads attached.
* TheHedonist: Ratlings enjoy the finer aspects of life.
* {{Hobbits}}: Like Tolkien's hobbits, Ratlings are very short, compactly built, and tend to be drawn with very hairy feet. They also love food, both the making and the eating.
* TheRedBaron: Ratlings are also referred to as Runtlings, Stunties, Halflings, or Maggots.
* SupremeChef: Not exactly, but they can certainly do a lot with very little.


->''We have always been a race of traders. It is natural to us that we should trade the fighting skills of our Brotherhoods. As well as bringing us a profit, it also allows our youngsters to gain experience and honour, and to keep alive the skills which our strongholds may one day need for their own defence.''

One particular abhuman faction that has caused some controversy is the Squats. The Squats were a race of abhumans that had adapted to subterranean life on high-gravity worlds near the galactic core. Separated from mainline humanity for tens of millenia, they grew shorter and, well, squatter, eventually coming to resemble the traditional fantasy dwarf in both appearance and temperament. Due to the difficulty of living on barren planets with radioactive surface conditions, the Squats developed extremely reliable food production systems, armor, and other technology, but also had a fatalistic attitude toward life. Over time, they made contact with the Orks and Eldar and gained a reputation for their high-quality tech, shrewd business dealings, and potent military defense. Eventually they were rediscovered by and reabsorbed into the Imperium, as their tech fascinated the Adeptus Mechanicus and made them a welcome addition to the Imperial armed forces, but they maintained a high degree of autonomy.

As a game faction, the Squats were never popular, nor did they fit very well in the increasingly GrimDark setting. They were included back in the days when ''[=40K=]'' was a transparent [[AC:[[RecycledInSpace In Space]]]] version of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' and every race in the latter had to appear in the former, but as the setting matured the Squats felt more and more out of place. Game designers never really decided on a "tone" for the army, and depictions of them wavered between goofy space dwarfs and miniature biker dudes. In 1994, they were discontinued with the explanation that the newly arrived Tyranids had descended upon their Homeworlds and stripped them clean of all life (like they do). A handful of embittered Squats still survive spread across the vast Imperium, but as a faction they are absolutely, positively never coming back. In fact, it was once Games Workshop's official position that they won't even be ''mentioned'', although this policy has relaxed enough that the reprinted edition of ''Space Marine'' lists an encounter with Squats in the novel summary, and the 6th and 7th edition rulebooks' appendices list Squats as one of the handful of surviving abhuman strains.

Though the Squats are ''extremely'' dead, the "space dwarf" concept itself may be in for a comeback. Games Workshop has introduced a race called the Demiurg as a member species of the [[Characters/Warhammer40000TauEmpire Tau Empire]] in the ''40K'' spinoff ''BattlefleetGothic'', a species that practically never leaves their rugged ''Stronghold''-class starships, makes a living as [[AsteroidMiners deep-space miners]], are technologically-advanced enough to introduce ion cannon technology to the Tau, and closely resembles the Squats to boot. At the moment the only Demiurg models created have been for ''Gothic'', where they are the only faction said to be too small and isolationist to field actual fleets, and there are no plans to make a tabletop army for them, but only Tzeentch knows what the future holds...

* BadassBiker: Well, ''triker''. This was one of the very few unique, consistent parts of the Squats' racial identity.
* BaseOnWheels[=/=]CoolTrain: The Squat's Land Trains, which are several of these linked together to form a larger mobile structure. Usually each car would have its own specialization, such as artillery platforms or flyer landing and service pads.
* CanonDiscontinuity: Don't [[BerserkButton mention them]] at [=GW=] press events.
** This even extends to the older 40k novels - when Ian Watson's ''Inquisition War'' trilogy was re-released, Grimm (one of the main characters) was {{Ret Con}}ned from a Squat to a Techpriest.
** By 6th edition, this appears to have tapered off a bit, as the re-release of ''Space Marine'' is entirely unedited, and the 6th edition rulebook lists Squats as one of the surviving abhuman strains. The 7th edition rulebook keeps this mention.
* CanisLatinicus: The official Squat species name is ''Homo sapiens rotundus''.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: It took Games Workshop a while to decide if they wanted to keep the Squats in the setting or not, which meant that there was a long period of time where there was really no word on when the next update for them was coming out until they finally made their dropping official.
* CoolAirship: The Squats were known to field heavily-armored, rigid-bodied lighter-than-air craft in battle.
* DemotedToExtra: They used to be their own army, with their own lists, units, and models, separate from the Imperium of Man but a trusted ally to it. These days they are an obscure bit of background fluff which is barely acknowledged as even being in the setting.
* [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Dropped A Hive Fleet On Him]]: When 40K decides to kill you off, you are killed off with ''extreme'' prejudice.
* DyingRace: They're still around, but their civilization is gone and the few survivors are forced to fight on as abhuman auxiliaries.
* {{Expy}}: Of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' Dwarfs.
* HeavyWorlder: Strangely enough, the Imperial Guard's [[TheOgre Ogryns]] also come from high-gravity worlds, but turned out completely different. The demands of their unbreathable high-pressure atmospheres and underground warrens may have been a contributing factor to the Squats current size.
* HigherTechSpecies: The Squats were very dependent on their technology from the foundings of their Homeworlds, and lost only a small fraction of it in comparison to what the bulk of the humanity has lost from the Dark Age of Technology. Spared from the restrictions of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Squats innovated freely, their harsh situations making such necessary. When the Imperium finally reestablished contact with them, the Squats had developed a wide variety of technologies that no one else had, such as power generators which drew directly from the warp, and neo-plasma, as well as superior metallurgy.
* JustForFun/CandleJack: An unofficial but heavily enforced rule on the old Games Workshop forums was that anyone who stated that the Squats should be brought ba
* MoodDissonance: Part of the reason Squats were problematic.
* OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame: Even in space!
* PoweredArmor: ... that makes them look like walking eggs... on bikes...
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: See the quote on WarForFunAndProfit below.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: Because Dwarfs are.
* RecycledInSpace: Of Dwarfs.
* ReimaginingTheArtifact: The Squats did much better in ''Epic 40,000'' than they ever did in ''Warhammer 40,000'', where the difference in scale allowed them to much better show off their potential for massive mobile construction. However, this was too little, too late to save them from slipping into CanonDisContinuity.
* TunnelKing: As a culture. The Squat Homeworlds almost never had a breathable atmosphere, and often a high pressure one at that, so the Squats became experts in underground construction and living by necessity. This in turn is part of why they were so hard to rout when invaded--their underground warrens were resistant to bombardment from above and the confined spaces would heavily favor the defenders.
* WarForFunAndProfit: Best summed up by this quote:
-->You people do well at war because you treat it as a religion. [[WarForFunAndProfit We do well because we treat it as a business]]. It is just a matter of outlook.
* WeirdnessCoupon: The Squats were only ever part of the Imperium in the most nominal sense, the Great Crusade having fought almost to a stalemate over their worlds when the Imperium tried to forcibly absorb them. The conflict was settled with a variety of treaties in which the Squats could maintain their self-governance without Administratum oversight and were allowed to maintain their own culture, only offering the Imperium their occasional effectual support. The fact that they maintain their own culture, do not report to Imperial authorities, vary from the norm of the Holy Human Form, and do not believe in the Imperial Cult would normally be seen as an unacceptable level of deviance on the Squats' part. However, this arrangement works due to the general stability of their genome, their fundamental reliability, dislike of xenoforms, and resource and technology contributions to the Imperium.