Lists the various female wrestlers and personalities throughout the history of Wrestling/{{WWE}}. Please limit associated tropes to that wrestler's time in WWE.


[[folder: Debuted in the WWWF Era (1963-1984)]]
!!! Wrestling/TheFabulousMoolah (Mary Lillian Ellison) 1955-1987, 1998-2007

!!! Winona Littleheart (Winona Barkley) late 1970s - mid 1980s
* BadassNative
* [[BashBrothers Bash Sisters]]: with Vivian St. John
* BraidsOfAction
* CaptainEthnic
* GirlishPigtails
* {{Nice H|at}}eaddress
* LeotardOfPower
* WrestlingFamily: Her father was wrestler/booker "Dirty" Dick Barkley

!!! Judy Martin (Judy Hardee) 1981, 1985-1990
* AlliterativeName: Her tag team name, the Glamour Girls.
* ArchEnemy: Desiree Petersen
* DarkActionGirl
* FinishingMove: Judy Drop (Fireman's carry powerslam), Powerbomb
* LeotardOfPower
* TagTeam: With Leilani Kai as part of the Glamour Girls.

!!! Velvet [=McIntyre=] 1982, 1984-1990
* ActionGirl: To pin Moolah, you had to be action something.
* CuteBruiser: Albeit, she was capable of all kinds of {{She fu}} maneuvers but wrestled a fairly conservative style during her time in the WWF.
* DarkhorseVictory: Mostly known for ending a Fabulous Moolah title reign. Moolah got the belt back in six days.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Apparently of the philosophy that barefoot wrestlers are better
** RealLifeWritesThePlot: Someone stole her wrestling boots and she competed barefoot for the rest of her career.
* FieryRedhead: More like strawberry blond.
* FinishingMove: [=McIntyre=] Roll
* UsefulNotes/{{Ireland}}: She's from Dublin.
* LeotardOfPower
* SexyBacklessOutfit

!!! Desiree Petersen 1984–1985, 1988
* ActionGirl
* ArchEnemy: Judy Martin
* [[BashBrothers Bash Sisters]]: With Velvet [=McIntyre=] and Susan Starr.
* UsefulNotes/{{Denmark}}
* IHaveManyNames: Melissa Doll would be one of them.
* LeotardOfPower
* PrettyInMink
* TagTeam: with Velvet [=McIntyre=]

!!! Princess Victoria (Vicki Otis) 1983-1984
* ActionGirl
* BadassNative
* BraidsOfAction
* CaptainEthnic
* GirlishPigtails
* [[NiceHat Nice Headdress]]
* LeotardOfPower
* TagTeam: With Velvet [=McIntyre=]

!!! Wrestling/WendiRichter 1982, 1983-1985

[[folder: Debuted in the Rock 'N' Wrestling Era (1984-1993)]]
!!! Jumping Bomb Angels - Noriyo Tateno (立野 記代), Itsuki Yamazaki (山崎五紀) 1987-1988
* {{Action Girl}}s
* CombinationAttack: Double Drop Kick
* TheEighties: Their denim jackets.
* GlassCannon
* IHaveTheHighGround
* LeotardOfPower
* TagTeam

!!! Leilani Kai (Patricia Schroeder) 1985-1990, 1994
* AlliterativeName: Her tag team name, the Glamour Girls.
* ArchEnemy: Wendi Richter, the Jumping Bomb Angels
* DarkActionGirl
* FlowerInHerHair: Kai as a singles wrestler.
* TheGimmick: She is from UsefulNotes/{{Florida}}, but Moolah thought she could pass for Hawaiian and had her billed as the Island's and archipelago's princess.
* IHaveTheHighGround: Was comfortable on the top turnbuckle
* LeotardOfPower
* RingOldies: Still wrestled at fifty, wrestled well at that
* StoneWall: Later in her career, she mostly relies on wearing down the young ones, no more diving cross bodies.
* TagTeam: With Judy Martin as part of the Glamour Girls.

!!! Wrestling/MissElizabeth (Elizabeth Ann Hulette) 1985-1992

!!! Rockin' Robin (Robin Denise Smith) 1987-1990
* AlliterativeName
* AnimalThemeNaming
* BoringButPractical: Was somehow able to turn the side headlock into a pin; no one else could.
* FinishingMove: Bulldog, crossbody.
* LeotardOfPower
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: Defeated Sherri for the title at a house show (non-televised event) in Paris, France.
* WrestlingFamily: Sister to wrestlers Sam Houston and [[Wrestling/JakeRoberts Jake "The Snake" Roberts]].

!!! {{Wrestling/Sherri|Martel}} (Sherri Schrull, born Sherri Russell) 1987-1993


[[folder: Debuted in the New Generation Era (1993-1997)]]
!!! [[Wrestling/{{Madusa}} Alundra Blayze]] (Debra Ann Miceli) 1993-1995

!!! Bertha Faye (Rhonda Ann Sing f.k.a. "Monster Ripper") 1995-1996
* CuteBruiser
* FatComicRelief: About all she was good for in Wrestling/VinceRusso's WCW. While in poor taste, she still decimated the waifish Nitro Girls.
* FingerlessGloves
* FinishingMove: Powerbomb.
* TheGiant: She was not any taller than Alundra Blayze or Bull Nakano but was much heavier and very difficult to move
* PluckyComicRelief: When not beating up other wrestlers.
* StoutStrength.
* VillainDecay: Someone on the booking team decided that she should not be allowed to use the same power moves male wrestlers were using. She couldn't come up with enough not-taken moves to really command matches anymore, reducing Bertha from dominant villain into a JokeCharacter.

!!! [[Wrestling/TerriRunnels Marlena/Terri Runnels]] (Terri Lynne Boatright Runnels) 1996-2004

!!! Wrestling/BullNakano (ブルなかの, Nakano Keiko) 1994-1995

!!! Wrestling/{{Sable}} (Rena Mero Lesnar, born Rena Greek) 1996-1999, 2003-2004

!!! [[Wrestling/TammyLynnSytch Sunny]] (Tamara Lynn Sytch) 1994-1998

!!! Wrestling/LunaVachon 1993-1994, 1997-2000

[[folder: Debuted in the Attitude Era (1997-2001)]]
!!! B.B. (aka Barbara Bush) (Katherine Dingman) (1999-2000)
* AlliterativeName: At first.
* ArchEnemy: For the short time she was there, Ivory.
* BiggerIsBetter: In hyping the Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition, she asked Lawler if he thought the fans might want to see a "bigger show."
* ClothingDamage: This was part of her ''debut'', though before she was officially named. Jacqueline had defeated Ivory in a "Gravy Bowl Match" with Miss Kitty as the referee on the 1999 ThanksgivingEpisode of ''[=SmackDown!=]''. Kitty had something lodged in her throat and BB came down to giver her the Heimlich maneuver. Ivory attacked BB, tore her top open, so she was there in her bra, and threw her into the gravy.
** Ivory ripped BB's shirt off again that following Monday on ''Raw.''
* EmergencyServices: Her [[TheGimmick gimmick]] was of an EMT.
* [[NonActionGuy Non-Action Girl]]: Other than her appearance in the Evening Gown in a Pool match at ''WWF [=Armageddon=] 99'', she was not used in an in-ring capacity.
* OnlyKnownByInitials: She was first introduced as Barbara Bush, but from that point on she became known as BB.
* WoundedGazelleGambit: Not her, but Bubba Ray Dudley used one to set up the above item. Wrestling/{{Edge}} and Wrestling/{{Christian}} had defeated the Dudleys, and Bubba acted like he was injured, which naturally brought out BB. Cue [=tablebomb=].

%% !!! Nicole Bass (Nicole Bass-Fuchs) 1999

!!! Wrestling/{{Chyna}} (Joan Marie "Joanie" Laurer) 1997-2001

!!! Wrestling/{{Debra|Marshall}} (Debra Gale Marshall, 1998-2002)

!!! Wrestling/MollyHolly (Nora Kristina Greenwald) 2000-2005

!!! Wrestling/{{Ivory}} (Lisa Mary Moretti) 1999-2005

!!! Wrestling/{{Jacqueline}} (Jacqueline [=DeLois=] Moore) 1998-2004

!!! Wrestling/{{Lita}} (Amy Christine Dumas) 1999-2006

!!! [[Wrestling/StacyCarter Miss Kitty/The Kat]] (Stacy Carter) 1999-2001

!!! Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Nicole Webb) 1999
* GirlPosse: PMS, with Jacqueline and Terri Runnels
* HumanSacrifice: [[Wrestling/MinistryOfDarkness The Ministry of Darkness]] tied her to the Undertaker's "Symbol."
* [[NonActionGuy Non-Action Girl]]
* [[UnrelatedBrothers Unrelated Sister]]: To Wrestling/KenShamrock

!!! Wrestling/TrishStratus (Patricia Anne Stratigias) 2000-2006

!!! [[Wrestling/TerriPoch Tori]] (Terri Poch) 1998-2001

!!! [[Wrestling/LisaMarieVaron Victoria]] (Lisa Marie Varon) 2000-2009

!!! Wrestling/MaeYoung (Johnnie Mae Young) 1999-2000, 2003-2014

[[folder: Debuted in the [=InVasion=] (2001)]]
!!! [[Wrestling/CarleneMoore Jazz]] (Carlene Denise Moore-Begnaud) 2001-2004, 2006-2007

!!! Wrestling/StacyKeibler (Stacy Ann Keibler) 2001-2006

!!! Nidia (Nidia Guenard) 2001-2004
* ActionGirl: Though she was the only wrestler on Raw who was not a former champion, besides perhaps Stacy, who did not actually consider herself a wrestler.
* BiggerIsBetter: She thought she'd get a bigger push once her breasts were larger. Unfortunately, not really.
* ChefOfIron: The good cook who happens to be a wrestler variety.
* DeepSouth: Her gimmick anyway.
* GreenEyedMonster: First when Torrie Wilson was chosen to pose in ''Magazine/{{Playboy}}'' over her and she wasn't even allowed in the mansion to see Hugh Hefner by his security. Then when Jamie Knoble won the lottery and tried to pay Torrie to sleep with him.
* {{Kayfabe}}: Appeared on a special ''Wrestling/WWEToughEnough'' episode of the RealityShow ''Blind Date'' in October 2002 and stayed completely in character the whole time, going on about her storyline then-boyfriend Jamie Noble to the annoyance of her date.
* MsFanservice: The March 22, 2004 ''Raw'' featured the Draft Lottery, where she was switched from ''[=SmackDown!=]'' to ''Raw''. She celebrated by removing her ''[=SmackDown!=]'' shirt, so she was momentarily on stage in her bra, and putting on a ''Raw'' shirt instead.
** ContinuityNod: As she walked away, Wrestling/PaulHeyman said, "Good luck on ''Raw'', Nidia. I hope you go blind again."
* PrettyInMink: After Noble went from RagsToRiches.
* SpicyLatina: Subverted, when WWE paired this Texan/Puerto Rican up with Jamie Noble and billed her from a trailer in West Virginia. She showed some signs of it after she learned he had been taking advantage of her blind state.
* TemporaryBlindness: Thanks to [[Wrestling/YoshihiroTajiri Tajiri]], as a way for her to be temporarily taken off of TV so she could get implants. See BiggerIsBetter above.
* TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty: All the time, even as a {{Face}} she'd cheat right back if the opponent resorted to it and sometimes even preemptively.
* WrestlingFamily: Well, almost. Her sister was briefly in WWE's developmental promotion OVW under the name Nurse Lulu, but nothing came of it.
* YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle: Defeated Molly Holly and Victoria in a Triple Threat #1 Contender Contract on a Pole Match on the July 5, 2004 ''Raw.'' Apparently, it wasn't a [[Wrestling/MoneyInTheBank Money in the Bank]]-type situation where she'd get to decide when she wanted to cash in her shot since, Trish, the Champion at the time and who had been on commentary during the match due to an injury, came in and [=KOed=] Nidia with the cast on her hand and pinned her in 3 seconds.

!!! Queen Sharmell (Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman) 2001, 2005-2007, 2013
* AlphaBitch
* GameBreakingInjury: Suffered one at OVW that forced her to retire from in-ring action.
* HotScoop: Worked briefly as a backstage interviewer.
* MoralityPet: To Wrestling/BookerT when she's was a face and not Queen Sharmell.
* PowerStable: King Booker's Court
* SassyBlackWoman
* UnholyMatrimony: Queen Sharmell with King Booker.
* UpperClassTwit
* WrestlingFamily: Wife to Booker T and Sister-in-Law to Stevie Ray.

!!! Wrestling/TorrieWilson (Torrie Anne Wilson) 2001-2008

[[folder: Debuted in the Brand Extension Era (2002-2011)]]

!!! Wrestling/BrookeAdams (Brooke Nichole Adams) 2006-2007

!!! Wrestling/{{Aksana}} (Živilė Raudonienė) 2010-2014

!!! Ariel (Shelly Martinez) 2006-2007
* AmbiguouslyBrown: She's Latina, but her heritage was never mentioned and began wearing makeup to appear pale once the vampire thing started.
* ArchEnemy: Kelly Kelly.
* CatFight: Her debut match was an "Extreme Catfight" with Francine.
* FortuneTeller: Was this until she became Kevin Thorn's valet.
* MinidressOfPower: Her trademark outfit.
* MsFanservice: If vampires are your thing.
* PantyShot: Short skirts and thongs were her stock and trade. One of the infamous moments of ''ECW December to Dismember 2006'', besides the low quality of the overall show, was how due to the short skirt she was wearing during her tag team match with Kevin Thorn against Kelly Kelly and Mike Knox, the camera caught a lot of these.
* PutOnABus: Was released after getting into an altercation with Batista.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: The New Breed was one strange bunch.
* PowerStable: The New Breed.

!!! [[Wrestling/AshleyMassaro Ashley]] (Ashley Marie Massaro) 2005-2008

!!! [[Wrestling/BellaTwins Brie Bella]] (Brianna Monique [[Wrestling/BryanDanielson Danielson]]) 2008-2012; 2013-2016

!!! [[Wrestling/BellaTwins Nikki Bella]] (Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace) 2008-2012; 2013-

!!! [[Wrestling/KatarinaWaters Katie Lea Burchill]] (Katarina Leigh Waters) 2008-2010

%%!!! Cherry (Kara Drew) 2007-2008

!!! Wrestling/DawnMarie (Dawn Marie Psaltis) 2002-2005

!!! Wrestling/AliciaFox (Victoria Elizabeth Crawford) 2008-

!!! Wrestling/{{Francine}} (Francine Fournier) 2006

!!! Wrestling/JillianHall (Jillian Faye Fletcher) 2005-2010

!!! Christy Hemme (Christina Lee "Christy" Hemme) (2004-2005)
* BikerBabe: It got her ass kicked by Melina, whom apparently did not know what a cruiser was and didn't like the noise it made. Christy accidentally broke one of Melina's nails while trying to explain, sending her into a rage but it all worked out since it lead to Christy helping the [[Wrestling/LegionOfDoom Road Warriors]] take down Melina's team, MNM.
* FieryRedhead: Though more of a GenkiGirl than a hot tempered one. She's actually a natural blonde but dyes it red in honour of her late mother.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: She was booked to box the other diva search finalist but WWE was denied for not having a license to have a boxing match, so instead they were given ridiculous gloves and told to "beat" on Johnathan Coachman. WWE would later have a real boxing match on the Million dollar tough enough between Miz and Daniel Puder.
* SignatureMove: A sunset flip in the corner. Also a reverse neckbreaker (it was supposed to be inspired by Lita's twist of fate and was ''called'' a finishing move [[TheWorfBarrage but really was not]].)
* TheWorfEffect: To set up Victoria and Melina as viable threats to other wrestlers as well as to show off a move Ashley Massaro knew. Christy was not much of a wrestler in or out of {{kayfabe}} but she did not lose quite enough to be an out and out jobber.

!!! Wrestling/MickieJames (Mickie Laree James) 2005-2010

!!! Wrestling/{{Kaitlyn}} (Celeste Beryl Bonin) 2010-2014

!!! Wrestling/KellyKelly (Barbara Jean Blank) 2006-2012

!!! Wrestling/GailKim 2002-2004; 2009-2011

!!! Wrestling/{{Layla}} (Layla El) 2006-2015

!!! Wrestling/AJLee (April Jeannette [[Wrestling/CMPunk Brooks]]) 2010-2015

!!! [[Wrestling/MariaKanellis Maria]] (Maria Louise Kanellis) 2004-2010

!!! Kristal Marshall 2005-2007
* ActionGirl: She had some believable victories over Jillian(before her jobber period) not long after coming in on Smackdown. On the other hand, this lead Kristal to feud with Ashley, whom she believed herself to be more talented than.
* BeautyContest: She was a beauty queen and a model before joining the company.
* GreenEyedMonster: Toward Ashley Massaro after she lost the diva search.
* HotScoop: Worked briefly as a backstage interviewer.
* MayDecemberRomance: With Theodore Long.

!!! Wrestling/{{Maryse}} (Maryse Mizanin) 2006-2011; 2016-

!!! Maxine (Karlee Perez) 2010-2012
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Her complete list of ethnicities is Cuban, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Hawaiian.
* ArchEnemy: Hornswoggle and AJ.
* {{Bridezilla}}: As her to be mother in law correctly predicted.
* ButtMonkey: When she was a contestant.
* CatchPhrase: "My name is Maxine and the only place for me is at the top".
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Alicia Fox starts to give Maxine TheReasonYouSuckSpeech when she realizes her student hasn't learned anything since losing ''[=WWE NXT=]'' season 3 only for Maxine to cut her off with "Tell me something I don't know!"
* FemmeFatale
* GeniusBruiser: Studied to be a criminologist.
* LeotardOfPower
* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: With Derrick Bateman. Not so much with [[Wrestling/{{Fandango}} Johnny Curtis]].
* PutOnABus
* ScreamingWarrior
* SlapSlapKiss: With both Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis.

!!! Wrestling/BeulahMcGillicutty (Trisa Hayes) 2006; 2007

!!! Wrestling/CandiceMichelle (Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich) 2004–2009

!!! Miss Jackie (Jacquelyn Gayda) 2002-2005
* ArchEnemy: Dawn Marie, as, in late 2004, Dawn was suggesting that she and Charlie Haas were having an affair.
* {{Expy}}: Of Miss Linda, the valet for Wrestling/ExoticAdrianStreet, when she was with [[GorgeousGeorge Rico]].
* FinishingMove: Somersault neckbreaker.
* IHaveBoobsYouMustObey: Flashed Wrestling/RobConway, with her back to the camera, during the [[Wrestling/RicoConstantino Rico]]-Rob Conway (w/Rene Dupree) match on the January 26, 2004 ''[=Raw=]'', leading to Rico winning the match. During the postmatch replay, Lawler was so flustered he mixed up the names of [[Characters/WWETagTeams La Resistance]].[[note]]For what followed from this, go to [[Wrestling/StacyKeibler Stacy's page]].[[/note]]
* MsFanservice: To help Rico and Charlie Haas, she was glad to be.
* PowerStable: (in OVW): The Revolution
* WouldHitAGirl: Took Wrestling/BillyKidman's [=BK=] Bomb on the October 7, 2004 ''[=SmackDown!=]'' and got shoved down by Heidenreich on the November 4th show.

!!! Wrestling/MichelleMcCool (Michelle Leigh [[Wrestling/TheUndertaker Callaway]]) 2004-2011

!!! Rosa Mendes (Milena Leticia Roucka) 2008-
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: She, Primo and Epico were complaining about not getting enough TV time during their tag team title reign. Their next TV match...was the one where they lost the belts.
* BilingualBonus[=/=]ForeignLanguageTirade: She often speak in Spanish, this was taken UpToEleven when she managed Primo and Epico, when she would rant in Spanish during their matches, and often during interviews
* DemotedToExtra: Was never an especially major player in the division, but all but disappeared in 2013 from a combination of being [[PutOnABus sent home]] and returning only to find that the tag team she had been managing had been repackaged.
* LoonyFan: Towards Beth Phoenix. She debuted attacking Melina after Beth lost the women's championship. Beth was not very appreciative but then boyfriend Santino suggest that they keep Rosa around, that she could be useful to Beth. Rosa showed ambitions to do anything to help but Beth beat her down immediately in their first battle royal together, then had the gall to act surprised when Rosa broke away from her and later announced her intentions to take her down the next time they met.
* MsFanservice: Her whole point as the valet for Primo and Epico.
* PaperTiger: During their diva search Layla voted for her to be removed based on this. "She can talk the talk but not walk the walk."
* PutOnABus: Was sent home from an European tour in April 2013 due to personal problems. Turns out those problems were of the [[TheAlcoholic alcoholic beverage-related variety]].
** Went on maternity leave in mid-2015.
* SpicyLatina: Especially on FCW, where she had a permanent mad on due to an inexplicable loathing for Angela Fong.
** Slid back into it as the dance partner for the returning Fandango.

!!! Wrestling/{{Melina}} (Melina Nava Perez) 2004-2011

!!! Wrestling/{{Naomi}} (Trinity [[Wrestling/TheUsos Fatu]]) 2010-

!!! [[Wrestling/NatalyaNeidhart Natalya]] (Natalie "Nattie" Katherine Neidhart) 2008-

!!! Wrestling/BethPhoenix (Elizabeth Kocanski Carolan) 2006-2012

!!! Wrestling/TaminaSnuka (Sarona Reiher) 2010-

!!! [[Wrestling/TarynTerrell Tiffany]] (Taryn Terrell) 2008-2010

!!! Wrestling/EveTorres (Eve Marie Torres) 2007-2013

!!! Trinity (Stephanie Finochio) 2006-2007
* AmazonianBeauty: Claimed to have the best biceps in the business, and they were pretty impressive.
* IHaveTheHighGround: Relied on the turnbuckle for a good deal of her offense, particularly her finishing move, fall from grace.
* MsFanservice: She was "dressing" in police tape before Orlando Jordan made it (in)famous...though she never did it quite to the extent he did and mostly limited it to photo shoots.
* RetiredBadass: Retired to focus on her stunt work.
* SignatureMove: A standing shooting star press.
* WrestlingDoesntPay: A wrestling stunt woman, this was not just a gimmick either, she really worked in both professions at once, being a stunt double for the likes of Creator/JenniferGarner.

!!! Krissy Vaine (Kristin Eubanks) 2007
* AlphaBitch: Her heel character in developmental.
* IdenticalStranger: Did not get signed for ages because she was told she looked too similar to Torrie Wilson. She darkened her hair and was immediately signed.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: Krissy Vaine was a prissy AlphaBitch. Kristin Eubanks is a lovely person.
* SouthernBelle
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Was last seen talking to Vickie Guerrero in a backstage segment before disappearing into the night forever.

%%!!! Lena Yada 2007-2008

[[folder: Debuted in the WWE, Inc. Era (2011-2014)]]

!!! Wrestling/{{Cameron}} (Ariane Andrew) 2011-2016

!!! [=JoJo=] (Joseanne Offerman) 2013-
* AfroAsskicker: In training.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Apparently of Dominican and Mexican descent.
* FauxActionGirl: Subverted. At the ''Survivor Series'' and the next night on Raw, despite being billed as a newbie, she was able to get some offence in against Tamina and Alicia Fox.
* PutOnABus: Was dropped from the ''Total Divas'' cast and supposedly wanted to work on her wrestling training full time.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: After getting DemotedToExtra in the latter half of Series/TotalDivas, she was replaced in season 2 by Summer Rae without any sort of explanation. She then turned up in NXT as an announcer in the Fall of 2014.

!!! [[Wrestling/KiaStevens Kharma]] (Kia Stevens) 2011-2012

!!! Wrestling/EvaMarie (Natalie Coyle) 2013-

!!! Wrestling/SummerRae (Danielle Moinet) 2013-

[[folder: Debuted in the Reality Era (2014-Present)]]

!!! Wrestling/SashaBanks (Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado) 2015-

!!! Wrestling/DanaBrooke (Ashley Sebera) 2016-

!!! Wrestling/{{Charlotte}} (Ashley Fliehr) 2015-

!!! Wrestling/{{Emma}} (Tenille Dashwood) 2014-

!!! [[Wrestling/RusevAndLana Lana]] (C.J. Perry) 2014-

!!! Wrestling/BeckyLynch (Rebecca Quin) 2015-

!!! Wrestling/{{Paige}} (Saraya-Jade Bevis) 2014-