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Characters: WALL-E Forum Role Play
The WALL-E Forum Role Play is widely populated and it's only reasonable to have one of these. So, organizing these people by ships and planets, here's a list of characters and their tropes.

The Earth

Hey, it's the home planet. Despite the bad conditions, various entities have erked out a living on the planet during the seven century exile.


Ghertivel's Lab

The Six Pack

The Runners

The Axiom

The first ship to return to earth, the Axiom hosts a plethora of important characters.

The Riptide

The Riptide is a research and military vessel, and a central part of the RP. Its Captain is Ian Cooper.

Its crew have examples of:

The Quasar

The Quasar is a military starship. After being contacted by the Colony, the crew found out that they could not really blend with Earth lifestyle anymore (also due to the unfortunate framing of the Riptide crew for a crime they never committed) and decided to take off in space again. They're still in contact with the Colony, though.

The Chamoix

This Bedlam House of an Eldritch Location is filled with crazies, and There Are No Therapists for them.

Inferno Optic, Netcop of the Bong, has deigned to be an example of:

The Heiku

The Heiku is a Japanese auxiliary ship that never took off in the exodus due to engine malfunctioning, hence its crew and passengers were shepherded off to the Tsunami, a fellow auxiliary ship. The Heiku therefore spent 700 years stranded on Earth under the caring but wistful control of the Autopilot KATANA.
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