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[[folder: Nanami Haruka/Heroine]]
!Nanami Haruka/Heroine
[[caption-width-right:350:The only sweetheart who loves him and music.]]

Wishing to compose a song for her idol, Hayato, to sing someday, Haruka enrolls into Saotome Academy. In the games, she's an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who joins Saotome Academy to become a composer. In the anime, she's a sheltered girl who has lived all her life in the country and doesn't have experience in composing or playing music.

CV: Creator/MiyukiSawashiro (anime only)

* AffectionateNickname: In the anime, Ren calls her "Little Lamb" and later starts calling her "My Lady." Natsuki, Tomochika , and her grandmother also call her "Haru-chan." In Season 4, Van calls her "Ha-chan."
%%* AudienceSurrogate
* BerserkButton: Messing with her is a great way to get any of the guys on their bad side.
* CountryMouse: Haruka lived in the country for most of her childhood and quickly becomes overwhelmed by the fast pace of the city when she first returns to one.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: She does not appear in ''Shining Live'', due to the game shifting greater focus to the two major idol groups.
%%* CuteClumsyGirl: Comes off a little clumsy sometimes.
* {{Determinator}}: In the games she can be very persistent if she wants; this is specially shown in routes with {{tsundere}} boys like Tokiya or Ranmaru.
* DudeMagnet: Even if she doesn't seem to notice it.
%%* EveryGirl
* {{Flanderization}}: Her anime counterpart is much more clumsy and clueless than her game version, where she doesn't seem to have any problems with composing or playing the piano.
* FlowerInHerHair: In episode 8 of the anime.
* FriendlessBackground: In the anime at least. In the games she doesn't seem to keep in contact with anyone in her life before she joined Saotome Academy.
%%* FriendToAllChildren
* GoalInLife: She wants to write music for her idol, Hayato.
* HairContrastDuo: If paired with Tokiya or Masato, her [[RoseHairedSweetie pink hair]] and [[ThePollyanna cheerful disposition]] contrasts [[PinkGirlBlueBoy sharply]] with their dark blue hair and aloofness.
* TheHeart: Of ST★RISH, especially emphasized in the anime.
* HelloInsertNameHere: In the games, the player can change her name and nickname.
%%* IllGirl: A former one.
* ImageSong: Gets one in the anime: "Maigo no Kokoro".
* TheIngenue: Ever in good faith, rarely up to the romantic tones swarming around. Quite naive to "the ways of the world".
%%* {{Joshikousei}}
* NaiveNewcomer: In the anime, unlike her classmates, Haruka knows next to nothing about the idol industry (due to living in the country and not having a TV) and doesn't recognize Shining Saotome and Ringo from their idol days.
%%* NiceGirl
* NoSenseOfDirection: Apparently. She got lost on her way to Hayato's concert and on more than one occasion after that (including the first episode of season 2). She also gets lost many times in the games.
* ObliviousToLove: In the anime and some routes of the games. Averted in some routes: [[spoiler: in ''Repeat'', she's the one who confesses to Tokiya.]]
** [[spoiler:In the anime, she actually has to deal with a confession from Van, which subverts this trope a bit. What mainly subverts this is that she doesn't take Van's confession as being the typical JustFriends route due to how clear and precise he was being. Instead, she tells him that all she can think of is music.]]
* ParentalNeglect: In the games her parents are never mentioned. In the anime she's raised by her grandmother, meaning they're either dead or very busy.
* PerformanceAnxiety: In the anime, she's afraid to play the piano in front of her class because the first time she was asked to, she couldn't read music and she felt horribly embarrassed. She suffers from it rather severely the second time she's asked to play, as well.
** At one point, it gets so bad that just ''trying'' to play ends up paralyzing her fingers.
* PluckyGirl: Despite her anxiety with performing and the rumors circulating about her, she tries her hardest to study and get better in order to achieve her goals. in the anime, she even manages to master reading sheet music in just a few days from sheer force of will.
%%* ThePollyanna
* RaisedByGrandparents: In the anime, she lived out in the country with her grandmother because of her poor health.
* RoseHairedSweetie: To denote her kind personality.
* ShrinkingViolet: In the anime, she really has trouble holding herself trouble when any boy comes on to her, let alone Ren.
* SoapOperaDisease: When she was younger, the exact causes and symptoms of which are unknown. We do know she used to at least have fainting spells.
* StockShoujoHeroine: In the anime she's a pretty straight example, being clumsy, shy, insecure and sheltered. In the game she's more self-assured and confident in her skills.
* TechnicolourEyes: Yellow with green pupils, leading to numerous WildMassGuessing as to how they turned out that way.
* ThisIsYourSong: In the games, she'll write a song for the guy whose route the player's following. In the anime, she composes a song for each guy and various songs for ST★RISH.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A.

[[folder: ST★RISH]]
!Tropes that apply to ST★RISH in general:

* {{Bishonen}}: All of them. No exceptions.
* CharacterDevelopment: Each boy gets an episode dedicated to their character development and their relationship with Nanami, complete with them singing their ImageSong.
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience
** Otoya- Red
** Natsuki- Yellow
** Masato- Blue
** Tokiya- Purple
** Ren- Orange
** Syo- Pink
** Cecil- Lime Green
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow Tokiya, Otoya, and Masato all fall under this trope.
* DemotedToExtra: In ''All Star''. They only have small roles in the senpai and teachers' routes, and have one single route for all 6 of them and Cecil, the Rainbow Route. In ''Revolutions'', they get grouped in two/three people units, instead of getting an episode for each of them like in earlier seasons.
* DraggedIntoDrag: On the drama CD "Music Princess Magical Ichiko", with Tokiya taking the brunt of the embarrassment as the lead character.
* FunWithAcronyms: Their name is an acronym for the first letters of their names (first names from the S class members, last names from the A class members), except, obviously, for the star. [[spoiler:Later, the star is used as a placeholder for Aijima Cecil's name.]]
* HeroesWantRedheads: They're the main love interests in an otome game. If they ''didn't'' want [[PlayerCharacter Haruka]], then it would be unusual.
%%* IdolSinger
* ImageSong: Each of the boys has an image song that appears in their anime focus episode. For all of ST★RISH, they are "Mirai Chizu", "Maji Love 1000%", "Maji Love 2000%", and "Maji Love Revolutions". Season 3 gave "Cross Units," the boys getting in groups of two, and one group of three and that served as their image song in the episode and then their solo image song was released with the full version of the Cross Unit song.
** Otoya- Season 1 "Brand New Melody", Season 2 "Smile Magic", Season 3- "Emotional Life" and "Komorebi Diamond"
** Masato- Season 1 "Knocking on the Mind", Season 2 "Koizakura", Season 3- "Original Resonance" and "Sei-en Brave Heart"
** Natsuki- Season 1 "Orion de Shout Out", Season 2 "Sirius e No Chikai", Season 3- "Emotional Life" and "The New World"
** Ren- Season 1 "Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart", Season 2 "Orange Rhapsody", Season 3- "Code T.V.U" and "Mellow Mellow Chu"
** Tokiya- Season 1 "Nanairo no Compass" and "Believe My Voice", Season 2- "Crystal Time", Season 3- "Original Resonance" and "Secret Lover"
** Syo- Season 1 "Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!!", Season 2- "True Wing", Season 3- "Code T.V.U" and "Subete wo Uta ni"
** Cecil- Season 1 "Eternity Love", Season 2- "Hoshi no Fantasia", Season 3- "Code T.V.U" and "Green Ambition"
* LuckyCharmsTitle
* MoeCouplet: [[BigGuyLittleGuy Natsuki and Syo]] fulfill this role. Where Syo is a masculine boy who takes care of and worries over the gentle-hearted Natsuki, Natsuki himself brings out Syo's natural cuteness by flustering him.
* TrueCompanions: They are firmly this by the second season of the anime.
* WorthyOpponent: Season 3 focuses on them becoming this for Quartet Night. [[spoiler: They become their rivals by the end of the season and we may never know who would have been initially chosen for the Triple S, thus being better, since Heavens returned and has put themselves into the mix.]]
** [[spoiler: Episode 1 of Season 4 reveals Quartet Night won, however, they resign the win; stating that Quartet Night, STARISH, and HEAVENS were all equal in terms of votes, but HEAVENS was not judged due to not having formally signed up for the competition. A final competition between the three will decide the winner, they hope to surpass them this time.]]
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: [[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows Fitting for their rainbow motif.]]

!Ittoki Otoya
[[caption-width-right:350:The athlete who is tolerant with innocence. The bright and genial youth.]]

Haruka's classmate in A Class, he's a friendly and positive person who enjoys singing. He shares a room with Tokiya from Class S. In the anime, he stands up for Haruka when she was barred from taking the entrance exam due to being late. He plays the guitar.

CV: Creator/TakumaTerashima
%%* {{Adorkable}}
* AffectionateNickname: Reiji calls him "Otoyan" and Ren calls him "Ikki".
* BookDumb: Appears to be this, judging from his reaction to Tokiya's long and technical explanation of how he writes lyrics. (All he heard was fast-forward sound-effect static).
%%* BoyNextDoor
* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler: In season 4, because of Eiichi. He gets better.]]
* CannotSpitItOut: In the anime. Every time he tries to confess to Haruka, he ends up saying he loves her... songs.
** In the second season he tries to confess to her again but he has such difficulty getting it out that in the end he [[InterruptedDeclarationOfLove gets interrupted]] by Cecil's prank.
** In the 4th season at first it seems that he does manage to say "I love you" but in still ends up morphing it into "your songs". At this point it's starting to feel like a running gag...
* CharacterBlog: His Twitter account is [[http://www.twitter.com/Otoya_I_SH @Otoya_I_SH]].
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In the games he's still cute and sweet, but a lot less innocent, and a lot more direct and assertive when it comes to his feelings for Haruka. (Even his voice is deeper.)
%%* ChivalrousPervert: In the games.
* CreepyCoolCrosses: In ''Repeat'' and ''Amazing Aria'', he wears a rosary that belonged to his late adoptive mother as part of his casual outfit.
%%* CuddleBug: In the games.
* DarkSkinnedRedhead: In the games his skin tone is noticeably darker than everyone else's, with the exception of Ren, Cecil and Shining Saotome.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler: In both the games and anime, he is an orphan.]]
** [[spoiler: In the games, his mother is mentioned to have died in a plane crash and his father's whereabouts are unknown to him.]]
** [[spoiler: In the anime, he was raised by his aunt, who got sick and eventually died. He moved to the orphanage after that.]]
* {{Determinator}}: In ''Repeat'' most of his route consists on his determination to find out why Saotome established the love ban rule and convicing him to revoke it.
* DisappearedDad: His dad is never mentioned[[note]] At least not directly. His route in the game has quite a bit of fun with the WildMassGuessing trigger on this trope. This actually happens in another route, too. In the same game. [=UtaPri=] likes messing with people.[[/note]] but...
** MissingMom: His mom died in a plane crash when he was just a baby. His adoptive mother died of illness when he was a small boy. So he's lived in an orphanage up until he was accepted into Saotome Academy.
** His character in the Theater Shining series also has a DisappearedDad.
* DoggedNiceGuy: To Haruka in the anime. He's very much in love with her, helps her and stands up for her, and comes [[CannotSpitItOut very close to confessing to her]]... but she regards him as only a friend, and feels that she's obligated to choose him as her partner only to repay his kindness for her. He seems to take it in stride, though.
%%* FieryRedhead
* FriendToAllChildren: The kids at the orphanage love their "big brother Otoya" and even come to cheer for him at his concerts.
* FirstGuyWins: Of all the main boys, Otoya is the first to talk to her before she got into Saotome Academy, being the person who helped get to her entrance exams with a late start.
* GenerationXerox: [[spoiler: His father, Shining Saotome, was also a popular idol.]]
* GratuitousNinja: In the Gekidan Shining Series, he plays the ninja Otoyaemon.
* ImageSong:
** In the games, "TRUST☆MY DREAM", "[[EverythingsBetterWithRainbows Nijiiro]]☆OVER DRIVE!", and "HORIZON".
** In the anime, "BRAND NEW MELODY" and "SMILE MAGIC".
*** Seasons 3 and 4 have the duet songs "EMOTIONAL LIFE" and "Next Door", sung with Natsuki and Eiichi, respectively.
* ItsAllMyFault: [[spoiler:In the anime, he believes that his aunt's death was due to him.]]
* UsefulNotes/JapaneseChristian: Averted. He isn't a believer. but wears the rosary as a way to remember his mother.
* MeaningfulName: His name has the character for "sound" ("oto").
* TheLeader: In the anime he eventually evolves into a central figure in STARISH: he tends to stand in the middle of group shots, he tends to be the first to make a move in a given situation, and in season 4 he speaks for his group to the other bands' leader figures (Reiji of Quartet Night and Eiichi of HEAVENS).
* LongLostRelative: [[spoiler: He's Cecil's half-brother, although neither of them find out. He's also Shining Saotome's son.]]
%%* LoveAtFirstSight
%%* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace
* ParentalAbandonment: see above.
* {{Pirate}}: In the Theater Shining Series.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Red Oni to Tokiya's Blue.
* SecurityCling: Does this to Syo in episode 3 of season 1 while they watch Natsuki bake.
%%* TwiceShy: In the anime.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Tokiya, with the twist that Otoya is actually aware of this, and tries not to let Tokiya's cold behavior get to him. And he has his share of vitriol toward Tokiya, too, although the jury is still out on whether he's doing it on purpose or not.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Heights]]: In the games he has acrophobia. In the anime this has been transferred to Syo.

!Hijirikawa Masato
[[caption-width-right:350: The son of the noble family of Hijirikawa. He plays the piano with lots of tenderness.]]
Student of A Class, he's the scion to the Hijirikawa family. He seems to have some form of rivalry going on with Ren, whom he shares a room with. He plays the piano.

CV: Creator/KenichiSuzumura
* AffectionateNickname: Gets called "Masa" on occasion. Tomochika calls him "Masayan."
%%* ArrangedMarriage
* BeautyMark: A small one under his right eye.
* CharacterBlog: His Twitter account is [[http://www.twitter.com/Masato_H_SH @Masato_H_SH]].
* ChildhoodFriends: With Ren.
%%* TheComicallySerious: In the anime.
%%* CovertPervert: In the games, whoo boy.
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
%%* DefrostingIceKing
* ElegantClassicalMusician: Plays the piano.
* HandsOnApproach: When trying to help Haruka get over her performance anxiety.
* HouseHusband: Comes off as one. He's really good at sewing as well as being a SupremeChef. He even cleans Haruka's room in episode 1 of season 2.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Punches Ren when he tries to get himself expelled and then lies about not caring about music.
* GratuitousNinja: In the Gekidan Shining Series, he plays the ninja Masakage.
* HeroicSacrifice: In the Theater Shining Series, his character Masaferry [[spoiler:agrees to become a vampire to spare the heroine's life]].
* IHaveNoSon: [[spoiler: In season 4, he is disowned by his father due to his wish to continue his idol activities. However, his father is shown to accept his job as an idol and even watches the SSS decisive concert on television.]]
* ImageSong:
** In the games, "Kishi no Kiss wa Yuki Yori Yasashiku", "BLUE×PRISM HEART", and "Sanctuary".
** In the anime, "Knocking on the mind" and "Koi Sakura".
*** Seasons 3 and 4 have the duet songs "ORIGINAL RESONANCE" and "Lasting Oneness", sung with Tokiya and Kira, respectively.
%%* LonelyRichKid
%%* NeatFreak
* PrincelyYoungMan: He's a nice IceKing type.
* TallDarkAndHandsome: Tall, dark-haired, and exceedingly aloof.
* TheQuietOne: He doesn't talk much.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Type 2, with Ren.
* WithThisRing: In his Repeat route, gives Haruka a ring which happens to be his dead grandmother's memento and is meant to be given to the person who is going to be his wife.
* YamatoNadeshiko: A male example. He comes from a traditional Japanese household, is polite, and a HouseHusband. He does most of the cooking during trips such as the camping trip in Maji Love 2000% and cleaned Haruka's room before she moved into her new dorm.

!Shinomiya Natsuki
[[caption-width-right:350:A gentle, tender, good young man. Music loves the youth with different faces in his mind.]]

Another of Haruka's classmates, he plays the viola, though he used to play the violin. He has an extreme fondness for cute things, leading him to take a liking to Haruka. In the anime, upon his first encounter with Haruka he calls her Elizabeth, saying that she reminds him of his dog. He shares a room with Syo, whom he claims to be as cute as Haruka and is very affectionate towards him.

CV: Creator/KisshoTaniyama
* AffectionateNickname: Gets called "Na-chan"/"Nacchan" on occasion.
* BreakTheCutie: In his backstory, resulting in his alter-ego, Satsuki.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: He's a ditz from Cloud Cuckoo Land, but talented, and can pull it together when he performs.
* CharacterBlog: His Twitter account is [[http://www.twitter.com/Natsuki_S_SH @Natsuki_S_SH]].
* ChildhoodFriends: With Syo, but only in the anime.
* CloudCuckooLander: Seems to live in his own little world most of the time. Where everything's cuddly and wuddly.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: In the games. In the anime, his eye colour is changed to green.
* CuteAndPsycho: See SplitPersonality.
* CutenessProximity: May be triggered by little baby animals, plushie toys, and the like.
* TheBigGuy: He's the tallest main character. He uses this to his advantage by picking up Syo and carting him around like he's his personal toy.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler:When he was younger, he fell in love with his music teacher and wrote a special song just for her. However, she used him by taking away his song and claiming it as her own as she sold and made profit out of it. As a result of feeling [[LoveHurts used and alone]], Satsuki was developed to protect Natsuki from ever feeling like that again. Satsuki was even named after that particular song the music teacher stole from him.]]
* TheDitz: He's naïve and extremely prone to CutenessProximity effects. He's also superb at ignoring all the hissy fits that "hint" that Syo really hates being called little or picked up like a toy.
--> Character Twitter entry on 31st Jan 2014: "[super blurry photo of cat] Lookie what I found!"
* {{Flanderization}}: The anime exaggerates his klutz and cute-obsessed side. His game counterpart shares this traits, but doesn't show them in such an aggressive manner, and he's pretty calm most of the time.
* GentleGiant: When his SplitPersonality isn't in effect.
* TheGlassesComeOff: He's got a SplitPersonality, and no points for guessing what the visual cue is! And all it takes is putting his glasses back on him to switch him back to nice!mode.
** In ''Repeat'', [[spoiler: later in his route it isn't that easy to appease Satsuki.]]
%%* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Syo.
* ImageSong: Natsuki's image songs tend to have titles and lyrics relating to stars and constellations.
** In the games, "Southern Cross Waltz", "Andromeda de Kuchizuke wo", and "☆YELL☆".
** In the anime, "ORION de SHOUT OUT" and "Sirius e no Chikai".
*** Seasons 3 and 4 have the duet songs "EMOTIONAL LIFE" and "Grown Empathy", sung with Otoya and Nagi, respectively.
* {{Keigo}}: Uses it most of the time. It emphasizes his gentle personality.
* LethalChef: After he adds the ingredients, he adds the container those ingredients came in as well. After that he proceeds to add Tabasco sauce, soy beans, fermented squid and chili sauce...and then torchblow the mix. He was supposed to be making ''cupcakes'', mind you.
** In ''Repeat'', he makes lunch for a picnic with Haruka... and she passes out the moment she tastes the food.
%%* ManChild: Much to Syo's dismay.
* {{Megane}}: Those glasses really make him look cute.
%%* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: Main victims are Haruka and Syo.
* RealMenWearPink: That excessively frilly apron he wears in episode 3.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: In the anime, he's obsessed with a cute chick mascot called "Piyo-chan". He even stars in a commercial featuring it in the second season.
* SplitPersonality: He has a split personality named Satsuki, who is Natsuki's complete opposite: A HotBlooded {{Jerkass}}. In the game, he's extremely talented for composing music, but refuses to do so; in the anime, there's a rumour that says he's put 50,000 people in the hospital for pissing him off.
%%* SweetTooth

!Ichinose Tokiya
[[caption-width-right:350:An always calm theorist. The hard worker with keeping passion in his heart.]]

A student in S Class, he bears a strong resemblance to Haruka's idol, Hayato. However, he's said to be Hayato's identical twin brother instead, and seems to bear a complex from being in his brother's shadow. He appears to be cold and aloof, as well as being a perfectionist. Also the roommate of Otoya from A Class.

CV: Creator/MamoruMiyano
* TheAce: He actually can play any instrument, but still considers his best asset is his voice. He's also extremely smart, fit and handsome.
* ActuallyIAmHim: [[spoiler:When he reveals he is actually Hayato.]]
* AffectionateNickname: Reiji calls him "Tokki" and Ren calls him "Icchi".
* AlwaysIdenticalTwins: Him and Hayato. [[spoiler:Except not at all.]]
* CannotSpitItOut: In the anime. [[spoiler: The "I love you....r songs." scene comes to mind...]]
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In the games, he's a lot more romantic than his anime counterpart. We also see this reflected on his character songs: compare the more romantic "Nanairo no Compass" and "CRYSTAL TIME" to the much more sexier "Independence" and "SECRET LOVER".
* ChildProdigy: Started being a variety artist at a very young age, which made him become independent and live by himself ''at the age of thirteen'', while also getting top marks in school.
* ContinuityNod: "CRYSTAL TIME", his character song in the second season, includes "Nanairo no Compass" (his ImageSong in the first season) and "Maigo no Kokoro" (Haruka's song) in its lyrics.
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
%%* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]
* DemotedToExtra: In a sense. He is still part of the main cast in the second season, however, the first season gives him a bigger role and more screen time than other members of STARISH, in the second season, the counterpart of his importance from the first season is given to Cecil.
* EverythingIsBetterWithPenguins: His Idol Produce t-shirt has one.
%%* FakeTwinGambit
* {{Flanderization}}: The anime seems to have made him an {{expy}} of Masato, with similar TheComicallySerious reactions but slightly less ridiculous.
* GrayRainOfDepression: Literally almost every scene he's in outdoors in the first season of the anime is this. That's three, count them, ''three'' times. Episodes 1, 6 and 7.
* HiddenDepths: In episode 7 he fondly has a memory of children happily asking him to sing, calling him Onii-chan, and it allows him to 'sing with heart'.
** He's extremely romantic compared to what it seems at first glance. The reason is his parents getting a divorce shortly after he made his idol debut, making him think it was his fault. He considers anyone who devotes themselves to a romantic relationship should keep in mind marriage, even if it seems too risky.
* ImageSong:
** In the games, "BELIEVE☆MY VOICE", "星屑☆Shall we dance?", and "Independence".
** In the anime, "Nanairo no Compass" and "CRYSTAL TIME".
*** Seasons 3 and 4 have the duet songs "ORIGINAL RESONANCE" and "Mighty Aura", sung with Masato and Eiji, respectively.
%%* IneffectualLoner
* InterruptedDeclarationOfLove: [[spoiler: In the first game, he apologizes to Haruka for leaving her alone in the school festival and hugs her. When he starts to talk about his feelings, Ryuuya apppears and tells them to go home.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: In the anime Tokiya is initially insufferable and rude towards his classmates, but not forever.
* {{Keigo}}: Uses it ''all the time.'' It makes him sound sophisticated and aloof.
* {{Megane}}: Wears contacts most of the time, but in the games and some official art he sometimes wears glasses.
* LonerTurnedFriend: In all versions of the story. In the anime he's standoffish and aloof for most of season 1 but by season 4 he's an integral part of the team who enjoys being with the others. In the game he starts off being similarly aloof, but eventually he warms up to Otoya and acknowledges him as his best friend and rival.
* PickyEater: Mentioned in the SHINING magazine; he carb counts to watch his figure.
* NotSoDifferent: In the anime, Haruka compares her PerformanceAnxiety with playing the piano to Tokiya's inability to sing from the heart. Tokiya begs to differ.
* RedOniBlueOni: The Blue Oni to Otoya's Red.
* TerribleArtist: Tokiya is very earnest about his artwork, even though his drawings look like something made by a small child.
* TheCastShowOff: His voice actor Creator/MamoruMiyano is also responsible for singing the theme songs of the games and the anime:
** Games: "Ao no Tsubasa" and "innocence".
** Anime: "Orpheus", "Canon", "Shine", and "Tempest".
* ThePerfectionist: Most of what he has achieved in his career is the result of very hard work. For example, according to the games he was pitch deaf when he started singing: look at him now.
* StepfordSmiler: [[spoiler: As Hayato]]
%%* TheStoic
%%* {{Tsundere}}
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Otoya, Tokiya being the jerk. When asked to describe what they like in each other, Otoya rattles off many of Tokiya's good points while Tokiya barely manages to squeeze out two; and then he claims he didn't mean them. Even so he acknowledges Otoya as his best friend and rival, and wants to sing together with him.
* WhipItGood: His main weapon as ''Music Princess Magical Ichiko'' is a whip. The others note that he looks surprisingly good with it, as he gets a little too much into whipping Otoya (who plays the villain).
* WholesomeCrossDresser: In the fourth episode of season 2, he's seen willingly dressing up in a woman's kimono with a flower in his hair to help Masato get over his inability to hug a person that he doesn't know or love for an audition, even going to the point of using a feminine voice, needless to say, he did a convincing job of being a woman (but wasn't able to get Masato to hug him)
** In the first game, when the Class S loses a match he dresses up with an uniform. He even asks Haruka for tips to become more feminine!

!Jinguji Ren
[[caption-width-right:350:[[GratuitousEnglish Freeman that is freewheelingness brightly.]] A youth with brilliant talent and brightness.]]

Student in S Class, he is a son of the Jinguji family, making him rivals with Masato, who is also the roommate. He is very flirtatious, and plays the saxophone. In the anime, he, along with Otoya, helps defend Haruka when the officials refused to let her take the entrance exam.

CV: Creator/JunichiSuwabe
* TheCasanova: Only Ren could get away with the kinds of pick up lines he does. This is lampshaded by Otoya.
%%* ChickMagnet
* ChildhoodFriends: With Masato.
* DarkSkinnedBlond: In the games his skin tone is noticeably darker than everyone else's, with the exception of Otoya, Cecil and Shining Saotome.
* FinancialAbuse: He has little to no interest of becoming an idol. He only attends Saotome Academy because his family wants him to, after he graduates he'll be a idol for the Jinguuji's Group commericals.
* GratuitousSpanish: In "Dear... Burning my Lady!" he says "te amo mucho" (lit. "I love you very much")
* ImageSong:
** In the games, "Akuma no Kiss wa Honoo Yori Hageshiku", "RED HOT×LOVE MINDS", and "FREEDOM".
** In the anime, "Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart" and "Orange Rhapsody".
*** Season 3 has the group songs "CODE T.V.U" sung with Cecil and Syo, and Season 4 has the duet song "Lovely Eyes", sung with Van.
%%* InstantFanClub
* MeaningfulName: His name "Ren" is a homonym for the Japanese word for "love". Makes sense that he's the most flirtatious and romantic of the guys.
%%* LadyKillerInLove
* LatinLover: Even if fully Japanese, he has all the stereotypes usually associated with them, including the occasional GratuitousSpanish in his songs.
* LongHairedPrettyboy: He has the longest hair of any of the bishounen, granted it's not too much past shoulder length.
* MissingMom: She died, which really messed up his dad. She was an IdolSinger.
* MrFanservice: His shower scene in episode 8. His episode in the second season and his delusion as a flamenco singer in ''Revolutions'' also count.
* TheNicknamer: Coins nicknames for just about everyone, such as "Icchi" for Tokiya and "Ceci" for Cecil. He calls Haruka "Little lamb" or "my lady." The notable exception is Masato whom he calls "Hijirikawa".
%%* NotAMorningPerson
* PrincelyYoungMan: The PrinceCharming type.
* RealMenHateSugar: Dislikes chocolate. Ironically, his birthday lands on February 14th.
* RedStringOfFate: He claims he and Haruka are tied together by it. Mostly he's just screwing around.
%%* TheRival: To Masato.
* SexySaxMan: When he plays the sax, all the girls squeal. A whole bench full of them.
%%* SomethingAboutARose
%%* VitriolicBestBuds: Type 2, with Masato.

!Kurusu Syo
[[caption-width-right:350:An egocentric, stylish person. He is little, though [[PintSizedPowerhouse braver than anyone else.]]]]

Another student of S Class, he is nicknamed "ochibi-chan" due to his short stature, much to his chagrin. He's very cheerful and energetic, and plays the violin. Roommates with Natsuki.

CV: Creator/HiroShimono
* AdaptationDyeJob: Is fully blonde in the games, but has pink streaks (or at least, the coloring makes it look like such) in the anime.
* AdaptedOut: His [[HeartTrauma heart condition]] and the fact he has an identical twin brother. Though his brother is mentioned in both the Christmas Special and episode 5 of season 3.
* AffectionateNickname: Is called "Syo-chan" by Natsuki and Kaoru, and "Ochibi-chan" (which can roughly mean "Munchkin"/"Lil' Cutie") by Ren.
* AlwaysIdenticalTwins: Has an identical younger twin brother named Kaoru.
* AttractiveBentGender: In the first season of the anime Natsuki stuffs him in a dress in episode 5 to make him try out for a part as his hero's little sister in a movie. It works too.
** In the first game he is forced to work as a "female" model for a while, with huge success.
* BerserkButton: DON'T comment on his height, DON'T make him crossplay or take picture of him in crossplay, DON'T flirt with Nanami, and DON'T call him cute.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Natsuki, but only in the anime.
* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Being Natsuki's roommate is a full time job.
* CuteBruiser: The games inform us that he's been doing karate since he was a child and rivals his idol Hyuga (a full grown man) in strength and fighting abilities.
* {{Determinator}}: In the anime, when he faces Yamato in the final course of Muscle Fight which is a boxing match, despite getting brutally beaten many times by Yamato, he continues to get back up.
* DraggedIntoDrag: A few times and he hates the fact that he makes a convincing girl.
* HairDecorations: He has two barrettes in his bangs on one side.
* FirstNameBasis / FriendlyAddressPrivileges: In episode 5, Syo tells Nanami that she can call him "Syo", as she's been referring to him as "Kurusu-kun", she immediately starts calling him "Syo-kun", he himself refers to everyone by their first name.
* GratuitousNinja: In the Gekidan Shining Series, he plays the ninja Syonosuke.
* HeartTrauma: In the first game, he has a weak heart. His route is about trying to live with this condition but [[spoiler: after he becomes an idol it becomes to much for him and collapses. In the end, he goes to America to have surgery]].
** The anime has chosen to not include this part of his story so far.
* ImageSong:
** In the games, "Oresama Rondo", "Cosmic Runner", and "CHALLENGE!".
** In the anime, "Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!!" and "TRUE WING".
*** Season 3 has the group songs "CODE T.V.U" sung with Cecil and Ren, and Season 4 has the duet song "Justice Impulse", sung with Yamato.
* [[IllGirl Ill Boy]]: With the wrong parts. Everything else is there. This is caused by his HeartTrauma.
** In the anime, his HeartTrauma has been AdaptedOut so far, he explains in his episode of the first season that he was a "weak child" growing up, much like Nanami.
%%* {{Keet}}
* LittleBigBrother: His younger twin brother Kaoru is about two inches taller than Syo.
* MeaningfulName: "Syo" is a homonym for the Japanese word for "small" (same pronunciation, different kanji).
* MusclesAreMeaningless: In the first three seasons, Syo's arms are thin and undefined, however, he's deceivingly strong, come episode 4 of season 4, his biceps have become much more defined -as evident as Yamato's- and he's able to bench press ''a lot'' of weight.
* {{Nice Hat}}: Often seen wearing a hat; he wears hats to make himself look taller. He's the only one of the boys to wear one. It's kind of a big deal when he ends up giving his favourite hat to Haruka.
* TheNapoleon: He's only 161 cm (5'3'') tall at the age of 16-17 and he's not pleased about his height.
* NonUniformUniform: In Season 1, Syo had the most unique style of dress when it came to the Saotome uniform; instead of dress shoes, he wore black combat boots, rolled up his pants to around his knees to rest above his boots, wore a cream-colored sweatshirt instead of a blazer, and wore a fedora at all times in school.
* OlderThanTheyLook: He looks 14-15, despite being about 17.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: Goes with his karate skills: despite his appearance, Syo is quite strong for his size and age, capable of defeating fully grown adults in terms of strength and fighting ability.
* RealMenWearPink: It's his designated color when STARISH performs and he can be seen wearing pink when not performing.
* SecurityCling: Does this to Otoya in episode 3 of season 1 while they watch Natsuki bake.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: His name can be spelled as "Syo", "Sho", "Shou", "Syou", "Shō", but they are all pronounced the same way.
%%* {{Tsundere}}: Sometimes is this, especially around Natsuki and Haruka in the games. Type A.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: Gets forced into cross-dressing in the game and anime by Natsuki, he's not pleased with it, or the fact that he makes a convincing girl.
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Heights]]: In the anime, he has been deathly afraid of heights since a traumatizing event in his childhood. He gets over it by the end of the episode.
%%* VitriolicBestBuds: With Natsuki.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Some of the boots he performs in are Grade C or D, also while dressed as "Syoko," the socks he wears are about Grade C or D. In general, he consistently has the longest boots or socks compared to the other guys in idol gear.

! Aijima Cecil
[[caption-width-right:350:He keeps singing to be the real king.]]

The prince of Agnapolis who was cursed [[spoiler: and turned into a black cat.]] In the games he joins Class A.

CV: Creator/KosukeToriumi
* AbusiveParents: [[spoiler: Because Cecil was half-Japanese, they (technically his uncle) cursed him to be trapped in the form of a cat and sent him to Japan.]]
* AffectionateNickname: Ren calls him "Ceci".
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Justified, as he is from an Arabian country.
* AnimeAccentAbsence: Unlike Camus (the other foreigner), Cecil speaks Japanese with an accent, and occasionally he stumbles over words and makes mistakes such as reading kanji wrong (he read "tanabata" as "nanayuu"). However, the accent and dodgy Japanese are absent in his songs, which is why Camus first thinks Cecil is just affecting the accent to make himself popular.
* ArrangedMarriage: [[spoiler: In ''All Star'', Cecil is set up for an arranged marriage to Camus' Queen which is later stopped, but not before rebellion and a coup d'état start from the Silk Palace/Permafrost residents.]]
* TheBabyOfTheBunch: Is the youngest member of STARISH.
* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Likes Haruka a lot because she showed him a lot of love [[spoiler:while he was stuck in cat form.]]
* BlackSheep: Initially. His arc in the anime is about overcoming this.
* ButNotTooForeign: Is half-Japanese, half-Arabian.
* CatsAreMagic: Subverted. [[spoiler: He got cursed and takes the form of a cat.]]
* GratuitousNinja: In the Gekidan Shining Series, he plays the ninja Cecilmaru.
* GreenEyes: To emphasize his magical nature.
* IKissYourHand: To Haruka in the anime.
* ImageSong:
** In the games, "DESTINY SONG", "Jounetsu no Déjà Vu Kiss", and "Happiness".
** In the anime, "Eternity Love", "Hoshi no Fantasia", and "Ai no REINCARNATION."
*** Season 3 has the group songs "CODE T.V.U" sung with Syo and Ren, and Season 4 has the duet song "Visible Elf", sung with Cecil.
* LongLostRelative: [[spoiler: He's Otoya's half-brother (by mother Aijima Kotomi), although neither of them find out.]]
%%* MagicallyBindingContract
* MeaningfulName: His name "Aijima" contains the kanji for "love".
* NewTransferStudent: Joins Saotome Academy in his route in the original game. He also joins the Master Course with the rest of the main characters in ''Debut'' and the anime's second season.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: When it comes to Haruka, much to everyone else's dismay.
** Also in regards to Shion, which is seen as a {{Deconstructed}} example as it causes Shion to get highly anxious.
* ParentalAbandonment: His uncle didn't approve of him being half-Japanese so he banished him from the country and sent him to Japan. [[spoiler: Not before cursing him, of course.]]
* PrincelyYoungMan
* PutOnABus: He suddenly receives a letter from his home country in episode 8 of the second season that makes him go back to Agnapolis... [[spoiler: only to come back in the next episode.]]
* PsychicLink: In the first game he makes a pact with Haruka so she can understand him in [[spoiler: when he's in cat form.]]
%%* [[SixthRanger Seventh Ranger]]
%%* TallDarkAndHandsome
* ThePowerOfLove: Needs this to break his curse.
%%* TheWisePrince

[[folder: Quartet Night]]
!Tropes applying to QUARTET NIGHT in general:

* AscendedExtra: Main characters in ''All Star'', its fandisc ''After Secret'', the anime's third season, and ''Shining Live''.
%%* {{Bishonen}}
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience
** Reiji- Green
** Ranmaru- Burgundy
** Ai- Lavender
** Camus- Cyan
* FourTemperamentEnsemble:
** Reiji is sanguine.
** Ranmaru is choleric.
** Ai is melancholic.
** Camus is phlegmatic.
%%* IdolSinger
* ImageSong: "POISON KISS", "QUARTET★NIGHT", "Marriage" and "Evolution. Eve".
* LuckyCharmsTitle: As QUARTET★NIGHT in the anime.
* SenpaiKouhai: If the player follows any of their routes. Also act as this for STARISH in the anime's second season and all the games from ''Debut'' onwards.
* TheRival: Towards STARISH in ''Revolutions'', in terms of both music and Haruka's attention.
* TrueCompanions: Become this by ''Revolutions'' in the anime. In the games, they barely tolerate each other, although later they stablish some friendships they still work better solo rather than as a group.

!Kotobuki Reiji
[[caption-width-right:350:[[StepfordSmiler He plays the clown however he becomes sharp in some cases.]]]]
A fun and friendly idol who becomes Otoya and Tokiya's senior. He's known as the "clown" of the group, and likes to play pranks on people, specially on Ranmaru. He plays the maracas.

CV: Creator/ShowtaroMorikubo
* AbortedDeclarationOfLove: From ''Revolutions'': [[spoiler: "I love you... Just kidding!"]]
* AffectionateNickname: Otoya calls him "Rei-chan".
* BizarreInstrument: How many idols have the maracas as their instrument?
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Though acts mature when need be.
* CoolCar: Drives an old beetle type green car.
%%* CovertPervert
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: In the games. In the anime, his eye colour was changed to grey.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Deep inside, he blames himself for Aine's disappearance.
* DisappearedDad: His father left the family when he was young.
* DoubleEntendre: In his ''All Star'' love ending, [[spoiler: he claims to have the key to Haruka's heart lock necklace he gifted her earlier. This could be nothing more than romantic, if they weren't ''in a hotel with Reiji pushing Haruka down in a bed''.]]
** His final line at his first appearance in ''Revolutions'' is "Let's enter the world of adults together". Oh, Haruka, if you only knew what he meant...
* FamilyBusiness: His family owns a bento shop.
* {{Flanderization}}: The anime averts his tragic past and trust issues and goes full on his TheCasanova side.
* ForeignCultureFetish: He seems to like the UK a lot (or at least, the Union Jack): he has a flag hanged in his room and his Idol Produce t-shirt has a Union Jack hat.
** His love for the UK has been confirmed as of ''After Secret'', where [[spoiler: he takes Haruka to London.]]
* FormerChildStar: In the anime he claims to have been this. In the games he's an alumni of Saotome Academy, and became an idol after graduating. He still seems to have done some work before enrolling, however.
* ImageSong: "Dekiai Temptation", "Itoshiki hito e" and "Kiss wa Wink de". In the anime, it's "Never...".
* ItsAllMyFault: [[spoiler: He believes that it's his fault that Aine dissapeared and was DrivenToSuicide and that the rest of his best friends hate him now.]]
%%* ManChild
%%** {{Keet}}: Despite being 25 years old.
* TheLeader: In the anime, he comes across as this for QUARTET★NIGHT. He gets the most lines and is the one whose feelings for Haruka come across as most serious. In his route in ''All Star'', he gets appointed as this too.
* NiceGuy: Is the most approachable of the senpai. In the anime he's the most concerned about STARISH's possible dissolution at the hands of HE★VENS.
%%* NiceHat
* OlderThanTheyLook: He's the oldest of the senpais, but looks like a teenager. He's also the shortest out of all the senpais.
* PerformanceAnxiety: In ''All Star'', he's had his singing career on hiatus for a while due to this.
%%* StepfordSmiler
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Likes to play with words. For example, saying "mengo mengo" instead of "gomen gomen".
* SupremeChef: Ranmaru can even be bribed with Reiji’s cooking.
* TheNicknamer: Calls Ranmaru ‘Ran-Ran’, Ai ‘Ai-Ai’ & Camus ‘Myu-chan’. He also nicknames Otoya ‘Otoyan’ and Tokiya ‘Tokkii’. He calls Haruka "Kouhai-chan" (which means "Junior-chan"), and later in his route "my girl" (in English).
* ThePrankster: Ranmaru is usually his target because he thinks his reactions are amusing.
* TheTease: In the anime. In the games, he's more of a CovertPervert, and his advances don't come as early.
* TrademarkFavouriteFood: Karaage (fried chicken) and ice cream. When either of these foods is involved, he becomes so invested in them it makes Ai worry he'll grow fat.
%%* VitriolicBestBuds: With Ranmaru.

!Kurosaki Ranmaru
[[caption-width-right:350:He will catch the dream even if he will lose his property and position.]]

A rather rude and harsh idol who becomes Masato and Ren's senpai. He's a rock idol who used to play in several bands before joining Shining Productions. He plays the bass.

CV: Creator/TatsuhisaSuzuki
* AffectionateNickname: Reiji calls him "Ran-Ran", Ren calls him "Ran-chan" and Natsuki "Maru-chan". His friend Bob calls him ''Randy'' in ''After Secret''.
%%* BeautyIsBad
* BigEater: Specially if meat is involved. However, he's still quite slim.
* BreakHisHeartToSaveHim: At the end of his route in ''All Star'', he pins Haruka against the wall and threatens her to make her resign as his partner [[spoiler: and avoid getting her involved with a scandal he was caught up in. They later make up.]]
%%* ChildhoodFriends: [[spoiler: With Masato and Ren.]]
* CynicismCatalyst: [[spoiler: His father's death.]]
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler: Used to be the heir of a big company, but his father was betrayed and died while trying to pay his debts. Ranmaru took them and started being an idol for that reason. Also, he hasn't seen his mother and his little sister since his father's death, and started being a {{Jerkass}} after years of trying to join new bands without succeeding.]]
%%* DisappearedDad
* DontYouDarePityMe: One of his [=CGs=] in the game happens while he tells this to Haruka.
* {{Engrish}}: Uses this as part of his rock singer image.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In the anime's third season, he first appears listening to his headphones by himself.
* FirstNameBasis: With everyone except Haruka.
* {{Flanderization}}: In the anime he's more TheStoic than {{tsundere}}.
* FlowerMotifs: To an extent. The "ran" kanji in his name means "orchid" (and in his signature he actually writes his name as "Kurosaki Orchid"). Camus often insults him telling his hair looks like a dandelion. And in ''After Secret'', he gives Haruka a bouquet of flowers in his first CG.
* FoodAsBribe: Any food from the shop of Reiji's family.
%%* GrumpyBear
%%* {{Guyliner}}
* HairColorDissonance: Averted. In ''After Secret'' Masato and Ren refer to his hair as "silver". However, it's not his natural colour.
* HardRock: Although the genre he plays is simply called "rock", he seems to be mostly influenced by this.
* HeyYou: Calls Haruka with the very rude expresion "temee". [[spoiler: Starts calling her by her name at the end of his route.]]
* HollywoodAtheist: Comes across as this, reacting badly when he finds out Ren and Masato called him for visiting the shrine at New Year's Day. When they make a wish at the shrine and Haruka asks what he wished for, he insists in that believing in gods is foolish, and that he didn't wish for anything.
* ICallItVera: Calls his bass his "girlfriend".
* ImageSong: "BRIGHT ROAD", "Not Bad" and "WILD SOUL". In the anime, it's "ONLY ONE".
%%* IneffectualLoner
* InterruptedDeclarationOfLove: [[spoiler: In his love end, he tries to confess after winning the song festival but is [[IDontWantToRuinOurFriendship interrupted by Haruka, who runs away. He has another chance later, and Haruka accepts.]]]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: [[spoiler: He feeds stray cats and he helps an old couple paying their debts with the yakuza with his idol earnings. In the anime, he also defended Haruka against HE★VENS.]]
* KindheartedCatLover: Despite being quite rude to people, he feeds everyday the stray cats in his neighbourhood.
* MismatchedEyes: Although the pink one is a contact, making it more a case of CurtainsMatchTheWindow.
* MrFanservice: Gets a shower scene in episode 7 of ''Revolutions''. In episode 12, he's seen lying naked on bed.
* RealMenCook: Worked as a part-time cook for a while.
* RealMenWearPink: His image color is carmine, a darker tone of pink. He also is shown to have a weakness to certain teddy bear he had in his childhood.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: In ''All Star'', Haruka calls "Tama" one of the cats he usually feeds. Tatsuhisa Suzuki has a cat named Tama.
* TheRockStar: A meaner example, though.
* TheRunaway: [[spoiler: Believing music would be enough to maintain himself, and deciding that his position as the family heir gave him responsibility over his late father's debts, he left his mother and sister and ran away when he was young.]]
%%* SourOutsideSadInside
* SpikyHair: It looks fluffier when he's just woken up, as shown in ''After Secret''.
* StrawMisogynist: In the game, he refuses to work with Haruka [[spoiler: at first]] because he thinks women are useless at composing music. [[spoiler: He doesn't trust women because all the bands he joined split because of women.]]
%%* TallDarkAndSnarky
%%* {{Tsundere}}: A solid type A.
%%* VitriolicBestBuds: With Reiji.
* WithThisRing: [[spoiler: In the good end of his A route in ''After Secret'', he gives Haruka a ring he made himself as a symbol of their eternal love.]]

!Mikaze Ai
[[caption-width-right:350:His way of thinking is the straightest of all.]]

A young but strict idol who becomes Syo and Natsuki's senior. He plays the synthesizer.

CV: Creator/ShoutaAoi
* AffectionateNickname: Is called "Ai-Ai" by Reiji.
* ArtificialHuman: He's actually a robot based on Aine Kisaragi, an idol who disappeared years ago.
* ButNowIMustGo: [[spoiler: In ''All Star'', towards the end of his route he tells Haruka he's reaching his limit and won't be able to function after the final concert. He passes out after singing his song, but he gets better.]]
* BecomeARealBoy: Ends up developing feelings if the player pursues his route in ''All Star''.
* CloningBlues: Although not really a clone, he's fully inspired by Kisaragi Aine. And in his ''After Secret'' route, [[spoiler: he develops anxiety after discovery Aine has waken up from the coma.]]
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* DeadPersonImpersonation: He takes over Aine's roles. [[spoiler: Although later in Ai's route it's revealed Aine is not dead but in a coma.]]
* FirstNameBasis: With everyone. However, in his dialogue names are written in katakana rather than kanji, implying that calling everyone by their first names is some sort of programming rather than actual closeness.
%%* GrewBeyondTheirProgramming
%%** LoveImbuesLife
* ImageSong: "Winter Blossom", "A.I." and "Futari no Monogram". In the anime, it's "INNOCENT WIND".
* LateArrivalSpoiler: The fact that he's a robot.
* MeaningfulName: Ai. A.I. He's a robot. Get it?
** Ai can also mean "love" in Japanese, but with the kanji his name is written, it means "indigo". Which of course is a symbol for deep and lasting love.
* PickyEater: In his ''All Star'' route, one of his [=CGs=] involves him making Haruka eat first when she offers him green jelly. Later averted: since he's a robot, he doesn't eat.
* RobotMe: Of Aine Kisaragi.
* SupremeChef: To ridiculous levels. In ''After Secret'' he cooks for Haruka ''a whole tower of sandwiches''.
%%* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove
* YoungerThanTheyLook: Ai looks to be about 19, he's actually 15, a year ''younger'' than his kouhai, Syo.

[[caption-width-right:350:His personality may be as [[AnIcePerson cold as ice,]] but is serious about his profession.]]

A count from the country of Permafrost, in the games he's a colleague of the senpais but in the anime he becomes Cecil's senior. He seems to get into fights often with Ranmaru. He plays the cello.

CV: Creator/TomoakiMaeno
* AffectionateNickname: Reiji calls him "Myu-chan".
* BigEntrance: In the anime, his introduction implies the whole dorm becoming blue and Camus sliding in front of ST★RISH and Haruka.
* CanineCompanion: Has a dog called Alexandra, as shown in his ''All Star'' route.
* ClassyCane: Uses it in the anime and as his count persona in the games. His seiyuu even uses it during live performances.
* TheCharmer: He's gentlemanly when speaking with women.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In the anime's third season, his first appereance is riding a horse. Haruka comments he looks like taken out of an European painting.
* {{Flanderization}}: In the games, he's a serious yet gentlemanly guy. In the anime, he's an enormous LargeHam.
* GentlemanSnarker: In public, he's as gentlemanly as he can get, in private, he becomes this.
* KnightInShiningArmor: The closest thing to the stereotype in [=UtaPri=]: he's a noble, has refined speech and one of his [=CGs=] features him riding a WhiteStallion.
* IcyBlueEyes: Goes with his frigid personality.
* {{Megane}}: Wears glasses in private.
* ImageSong: "Zettai Reido Emotion", "AURORA" and "Junketsumaru Ai -Aspiration-". In the anime, it's "SAINTLY TERRITORY".
* {{Keigo}}: He uses very formal, even obsoletely so language, complete with ''[[UsefulNotes/JapanesePronouns kisama]]''.
%%* LongHairedPrettyBoy
* OnlyOneName: [[spoiler: In his ''All Star'' route, he asks Haruka to give him a last name: she chooses Clizzard.]]
%%* SharpDressedMan
%%* SweetTooth
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: He sings "POISON KISS" with the rest of the senpais in the second season's first episode, but after the song is over he dissapears and doesn't get introduced officially until the next episode. No explanations are given about this.


[[folder: HE★VENS]]
!Tropes applying to HE★VENS in general:

%%* {{Bishonen}}
%%* EvilCounterpart
* CanonForeigner: Appeared in the second season of the anime, and have been exclusively in the anime continuity since. However, they do have game-style concept art and appear on the games' official website.
** After years of anime appearances, they've finally upgraded to full fledged {{Canon Immigrant}} status, as they're [[http://www.utapri.com/game/dolcevita/ listed]] in the cast of ''Dolce Vita''.
* FunWithAcronyms: With the additional four members, Heavens is now an acronym of their names. (H from Hyuga, E from Eiichi, A from Amakusa, V from Van, E from Eiji, N from Nagi, S from Sumeragi)
%%* IdolSinger
* ImageSong: "HEAVENS GATE".
%%* LuckyCharmsTitle
* TheRival: In the anime continuity, to ST★RISH, in every sense of the word. They're picked up by Saotome's music rival, openly challenge them throughout Season 2's second half and Season 4, and when they [[spoiler:get four other members]], their numbers match up cleanly with ST★RISH's.
* WhateverHappenedToTheMouse: ST★RISH mentions at the start of Season 3 that they haven't been seen since the Uta Pri awards. [[spoiler: [[TheBusCameBack They return in the Season 3 finale]] with an additional four members, setting up rivalries between the individual members of Heavens and Starish.]]

! Ootori Eiichi

HE★VENS' leader. Has absolute confidence and pride on HE★VENS and its members. Eldest son of the president of Raging Entertainment, Raging Ootori.

CV: Creator/HikaruMidorikawa
* BeautyMark: Next to his mouth.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Is seen to look out and have concerns for his other band members. Most especially seen when Shion [[spoiler:has a massive anxiety attack and breakdown.]]
* CallingTheOldManOut: [[spoiler:He finally stands up to his father, enraging him so much that he pulls HEAVENS out of the competition. He regrets doing so, until his teammates remind him that he did the best for the team.]]
* TheCasanova: His game profile states that he's ''"good with the ladies".''
* CreepyGood: He tends to be rather creepy whenever he's too happy or excited about something, as Nagi points out.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: After hearing STARISH's song.]]
* HiddenDepths: [[spoiler:He's not as creepy and antagonistic as you would expect. Season 4 shows him as legitimately watching out for and concerned for his other members as shown when Shion has a breakdown. Additionally, he believes in performing his very best and was revealed to be very excited about performing his duet with Otoya. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Him pushing Otoya]] was so that they could perform the very best song they could give to those who supported them.]]
%%* TheLeader
%%* {{Megane}}
* MissingMom: Unlike Otoya whose mom is mentioned to be dead, there is no word of where and what happened to his and Eiji's mother.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: He doesn't hesitate to get as close as he can to Haruka to make her join them as their composer. Gets in Otoya's space quite a lot as well.
* PetTheDog: [[spoiler: Was legitimately concerned and worried for Otoya after learning that the latter had run away.]]
* SiblingYinYang: Eiichi's outgoing personality is balanced by his younger brother, Eiji's, more timid one.
* ScaryShinyGlasses: Happens whenever he gets menacing.
%%* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Ittoki's.]]

! Mikado Nagi

He's a genius, and because he is too smart he felt life was boring. He was attracted to the idol job because he perceives an idol = person that captivates others' hearts.

CV: Creator/TsubasaYonaga
* TheBabyOfTheBunch: The youngest out of the HEAVENS members, at 13 years old.
%%* BrattyHalfPint
* CryCute: [[spoiler: He tears up when HEAVENS loses the competition, like a kid his age would. The rest of HEAVENS members take turns comforting him until he smiles again.]]
* DeliberatelyCuteChild: He's 13, but otherwise he fits.
* ElegantClassicalMusician: Can play both the viola and the violin.
%%* EnfantTerrible
%%* EvilCounterpart: To Syo.
* TheFakeCutie: Acts like TheCutie on stage. Off of it, however...
* HiddenDepths: Though he's obsessed with cuteness and being seen as the cutest, he's surprisingly observant and sharp-minded. The official game site describes him as being ''"an intellectual"'' [[spoiler:and he was able to pick up that Natsuki has multiple personalities by simply watching his performance as Satsuki.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: His real personality. Also, [[spoiler: Nagi was probably the only person in the theater that didn't feel anything after hearing STARISH's song.]]
** [[spoiler:During his meetings with Natsuki, he pressures him on why he doesn't play the violin anymore - refusing to back off even when Haruka tells him to stop it. In the second meeting, he also taunts Satsuki when correctly assuming that Natsuki has multiple personality disorder.]]
** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: [[spoiler: He pushed Natsuki to the limit because he wants him to face his issues, give his all during their duet performance and grow enough to be able to play the piano again. Nagi had honest intentions, he just has some empathy issues as Eiji pointed out. He grows enough to be able to strike a friendship with Natsuki by the end of the season.]] There is a reason his duet with Natsuki is named Grown Empathy.
%%* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Natsuki's.]]
* VoiceForTheVoiceless: Usually speaks for Kira.

! Sumeragi Kira

Born in the historical and venerable Sumeragi household. Usually silent and taciturn, he is very popular thanks to his charisma and handsome looks.

CV: Creator/DaisukeOno
* CallingTheOldManOut: Stated to have done so in the past, telling his father his intentions to become an idol despite his family's wishes.
* ElegantClassicalMusician: Plays the piano.
* FriendlyEnemy: Has never been confrontational against STARISH, and is rather friendly to everyone in his own stoic way.
** [[spoiler:He's also the one who actually figures out what was wrong with Masato during their duet project, and is even the one to ultimately get him to confront his father on not wanting to be the head of the Hijirikawa family and pursue music.]]
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: After hearing STARISH's song. Although he didn't dislike them as much as his partners.]]
* PrincelyYoungMan: Heir son to the prestigious Sumeragi family, silent and stoic yet wise and kind.
* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Masato's.]]
%%* TheSilentBob
%%* TallDarkAndHandsome

! Ootori Eiji

He has a calm, modest personality. Has a simple, natural atmosphere to him, but actually has a very high hidden potential. Raging Ootori's second song and Eiichi's younger brother.

CV: Creator/YuumaUchida
* {{Adorkable}}: His eagerness with working with Tokiya and making expressions like [[http://67.media.tumblr.com/5fef22fbc2803be69aae0bcba9dbfd46/tumblr_of3t1wWkXu1qkyff8o1_1280.png this]] definitely shows that he's this trope.
* MissingMom: As mentioned in Eiichi's entry, there is no mention at all of their mother.
* MoralityPet: Quite possibly one to Eiichi. [[spoiler:When Eiichi sees Tokiya in Raging Production, he is clearly suspicious and ready to confront him but immediately stops when Eiji happily greets him. Once he asks Eiji if he invited him and gets the confirmation, Eiichi noticeably backs off.]] Could also be one for the rest of Heavens
* NiceGuy: Out of all the members in HEAVENS, he's very caring and gentle. Not only that but he's probably one of the nicest characters even possibly out of all the cast. In the episode he collaborates with Tokiya, he has [[RuleOfSymbolism angel wings and is bathed in soft, bright light while he sings]].
** When HEAVENS confronts STARISH [[spoiler:in regards of Shion's breakdown,]] he's also the one to try and break up the fight by trying to tell his fellow members to calm down and tell STARISH that though this situation isn't ideal, it happened because they care about Shion.
** In the episode where Natsuki and Nagi collaborate, after Nagi complains about Natsuki, Eiji asks him if he took Natsuki's feelings into consideration.
* OnlySaneMan: The most level-headed member of HEAVENS (sans perhaps Kira) and the mediator on most conflicts.
* SiblingYinYang: Really different from his brother, Eiichi, and his father, Raging Ootori.
* SymbolicWings: When Haruka and Tokiya first meet up with him for the Duet Project, they see him singing with [[NiceGuy angel wings]] and bathed in light.
* TeenGenius: Stated to be one.
%%* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Tokiya's.]]
** FriendlyRival: He and Tokiya quite possibly get along the most out of all the rivals.

! Van Kiryuin

He has a sharp intuition and acts upon it, prioritizing the things he likes to do over everything else. Tends to be honest and expresses his opinions and beliefs loudly without thinking.

CV: Creator/HidenoriTakahashi

* {{Adorkable}}: Despite his appearance seemingly pegging him as a flirt like Ren, he's actually more like a huge and excitable kid.
* AffectionateGestureToTheHead: Does this to Haruka [[spoiler:after he gets rejected by her.]]
* BunnyEarsLawyer: When it comes to his acting; he's silly and doesn't seem very serious, but once he's acting he's spot on, and his ad-libbing is extremely good.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Despite his light-hearted appearance and demeanor making him seem like less than a threat, he's ''very'' serious and talented in acting to the point he actually makes Ren uncomfortable with the intensity he radiates during the filming of a confrontational scene.
* [[SheCleansUpNicely He Cleans Up Nicely]]: He looks absolutely dashing in the white suit for the law drama he and Ren perform in.
* TheHyena: Has a tendency to laugh quite a lot. Hell, [[spoiler:after he gets rejected by Haruka,]] he laughs in response.
* LoveBeforeFirstSight: [[spoiler:Van admits that he first fell in love with Haruka after hearing HEAVENS GATE, which is her composition.]]
* LoveConfession: [[spoiler:To date, he is the second(The first being Cecil) person in the anime to actually be able to confess to Haruka clearly and concisely. Though he does take her rejection to stride, he hasn't given up.]]
* NiceGuy: Though not to to Eiji's extent, Van is a pretty good-natured and otherwise decent guy.
* TheIdiotFromOsaka: While it is not confirmed if he's from Osaka he fits the trope to a T, from his kansai-ben dialect to his personality and mannerisms.

%%* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Ren's.]]

! Yamato Hyuga

He has an athlete-like body built and high physical abilities. He's slightly belligerent, but he's also pure, honest and straightforward. He's Ryuya Hyuga's younger brother but feels a strong rivalry towards him.

CV: Creator/RyoheiKimura

* BerserkButton: Don't mention his brother Ryuya around him.
* CanonImmigrant: He was only ever mentioned in Ryuuya's route in ''Debut,'' but this makes him the first member of Heavens to have pre-existed in series.
* DumbMuscle: His approach to problem-solving almost always involves his fists.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: More often than not when the rest of HEAVENS are relaxing together he's in the background doing handstands or push-ups.
* HairTriggerTemper: Reveals he's only an idol to fuel his one-sided rivalry towards his brother, and tends to get angry very easily. [[{{Tsundere}} Implied he lied about the first part, though.]]
* HotBlooded: Gives off the impression by his introductory line.
* PetTheDog: Was willing to fly in and knock down STARISH's dorm door as well as beat them up when finding out that they had something to do with Shion's breakdown.
* RatedMForManly: Just like his older brother, he exudes this. His friendship with Syo was born while beating each other to a pulp.
* RealMenWearPink: When opposing Syo, he's color-coded in pink.
%%* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Syo's.]]
* SiblingRivalry: One-sidedly, he longs to defeat and surpass Ryuuya, no matter what; Ryuuya loves him unconditionally, however.
* StrongFamilyResemblance: Has the same fiery attitude as his older brother.
** SiblingYinYang: However, he is more pugnacious than Ryuuya and is said that whenever the two see each other, they wind up fighting. He's even more different to his younger two brothers who greatly love and care about Ryuuya, while Yamato is rather indifferent.
* {{Tsundere}}: Definitely gives off this vibe, particularly Type A. During his boxing match with Syo in the final Muscle Fight challenge, when Syo tells him that he's being cheered at, Yamato simply says that [[BlatantLies everyone is just being loud]]. Syo doesn't believe him.
--> '''Syo:''' You heard our song, right? Wasn't it so passionate and awesome?
--> '''Yamato:''' That was just a hallucination.
--> ''(The crowd of girls start screaming and cheering on the two boys.)''
--> '''Syo:''' Don't you want everyone to hear our song? Look at how much they support us.
--> '''Yamato:''' [[BlatantLies They're just loud.]]
--> '''Syo:''' You're not very honest.
* WorthyOpponent: [[spoiler:By the end of his episode with Syo, he seems to at least regard him as this considering he didn't just flat-out ignore him like he did before.]]

! Shion Amakusa

He has an otherworldly atmosphere around him and often gives unique remarks and speeches that are difficult to understand by most people, but he deeply loves HE★VENS and shows a very high performance power.

CV: Creator/DaikiYamashita

* [[spoiler:AmbiguousDisorder: Considering how highly devoted he is to HEAVENS to the point of obsession and the huge panic attack he has '''because''' of his extreme devotion to them, along with how barely responsive he is with others besides them, it's clear that he does suffer from some form of social anxiety.]]
** [[spoiler:He could also possibly have self-esteem and dependency issues considering his eagerness to please HEAVENS and how he even describes breaking an oath with them as being the same as '''"defiling his soul."''']]
** [[spoiler:Sadly, this can be seen as TruthInTelevision. [[IdolSinger Idols]] have such busy and overbearing schedules, [[BadBoss management]] and [[FanDumb fans]] along with needing to maintain their image, that it's unsurprising most of them develop disorders such as forms of anxiety, paranoia and eating disorders or body dysmorphia as a result of all of the above, along with possibly having extreme devotion to their activities, company and group.]]
* CutenessProximity: Finds Nagi cute, though unlike Natsuki with Syo, Shion wants Nagi to carry him.
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]: Very distant and heavily guarded until he warms up to people. It was that way with HEAVENS when he joined them [[spoiler: and was like that towards Cecil too.]]
* ShrinkingViolet: Extremely shy and silent when around people he doesn't know.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Tends to refer to himself as 'Amakusa'.
%%* TheRival: [[spoiler: For Season 4, Cecil's.]]
* UndyingLoyalty: To HEAVENS.

! Ootori Raging

The manager of HE★VENS and Raging Entertainment. Was Saotome's rival during their idol days, and their rivalry continued after both established their own idol agencies.

CV: Creator/TomokazuSugita
* AbusiveParents: To Eiichi more so than Eiji in Season 4 where he has no problem degrading him and even angrily shaking him when he defied him.
* CigarChomper
* EvilCounterpart: To Shining. Probably the reason they hired Sugita for this role is because his Norio Wakamoto impression is awesome.
* GloryDays: In his idol days, he sold 19 million copies of his single, Love is Dead. [[spoiler:Season 4, he is shown to still be bitter and resentful towards Shining Saotome who outdone him.]]
* ManInWhite: In his youth, he wore white pants and a white coat with [[PrettyInMink fur trim]]. A contrast to Shining Saotome who wore black. Can also be seen as [[DressCodedForYourConvenience symbolism]] as white is the color that represents death in Japan, and the song he performed was called "Love is Dead".
* NiceHat
* PrettyInMink: The white coat he wore in his GloryDays.
* RecordProducer
* SinisterShades
* TheRival: To Shining Saotome.
* TookALevelInJerkass: In Season 2, Raging Ootori was introduced as Shining Saotome's rival who was harsh and intimidating, yet kept his word and played fair. Likewise, he seemed to have humbled after getting hit by the Happy Pulse. Season 3, he was still over-the-top like Shining Saotome, but he was more agreeable and even teamed up with him. Come Season 4, and he's obsessed with crushing the competition as well as appearing more bitter and obsessed with a past failure.


[[folder:Saotome Academy]]
! Shibuya Tomochika

Haruka's best friend, classmate, and roommate.

CV: Creator/YukaImai
* AffectionateNickname: Haruka calls her "Tomo-chan."
* TheConfidant: Along with Otoya, she acts as Haruka's main emotional support in the anime.
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Pink.
* TheFashionista: More girlier than Haruka; she's more interested in things like fashion and makeup than Haruka is. In the second season of the anime, she helps create ST★RISH's [=UtaPri=] Award costumes.
* {{Flanderization}}: In the anime her life seems to revolve around Haruka. In the games, she's frequently seen interacting with the Class A boys on her own, although her main function is still being a ShipperOnDeck for whoever Haruka wants to pursuit.
%%* GenkiGirl
* TheGlomp: To Haruka in the first episode.
* IdolSinger: Enrolls in Saotome Academy to become one.
%%* {{Joshikousei}}
* MeaningfulName: "Tomo" means "friend", although her name is written using different kanji.
%%* RapunzelHair
* SatelliteCharacter: In the anime and other games beside ''Repeat'' she doesn't do much beyond "be Haruka's best friend." She doesn't interact much with the boys, and we don't even get to see her idol debut.
* ShipperOnDeck: In the games, specially ''Repeat''.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A.

! Tsukimiya Ringo
The teacher assigned to Class A. He's a male idol who likes to crossdress as a female.

CV: Creator/YuuichiNakamura
%%* AttractiveBentGender
* DateCrepe: One of his [=CGs=] in ''All Star''.
%%* EvenTheGuysWantHim
* TheGadfly: Enjoys making fun of Ryuya.
* HiddenDepths: [[spoiler: He wishes he was a normal male idol, instead of being forced to crossdress.]]
* HotTeacher: Whether he's cross-dressing or not.
* IKissYourFoot: [[spoiler: In his Love ending in ''All Star''.]]
* ImportantHaircut: [[spoiler: In his route in ''Sweet Serenade'', he cuts his hair short before his first date with Haruka. In all following appereances in public he wears a wig.]]
%%* {{Keet}}
* RapunzelHair: His hair is very long, voluminous, and [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair pink]].
* RoseHairedSweetie: Especially when crossdressing, Ringo is very upbeat and sweet.
* StudentTeacherRomance: Should you decide to pursue him.
* SenseiChan: Subverted. He's cute, friendly and even tells his students to call him "Rin-chan", but he takes his job as a teacher seriously and he won't grant his students special favors.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Sensitive guy to Ryuuya's manly man.
* TechnicolourEyes: Blue with pink pupils in the games. In the anime and the original version of the first game they are plain blue.
* ThoseTwoGuys: To an extent with Ryuuya.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: Wouldn't think he was a man just by looking at him.

! Hyuuga Ryuuya
The teacher assigned to Class S. He's also an actor as well as Syo's idol. He is Yamato's older brother.

CV: Creator/KojiYusa
* ActionHero: What most of his roles are.
* BrutalHonesty: In the anime, he doesn't hesitate to tell Ren and Tokiya that their performances will get them kicked out of S class if they don't shape up.
* CoolBike: In the games.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: In the games. In the anime, his eye colour was changed to blue.
* HotTeacher: He's a handsome movie star.
* ItsAllMyFault: [[spoiler:Blames himself for the death of his and Ringo's composer and quit being an IdolSinger because of it.]]
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Manly man to Ringo's sensitive guy.
* SenpaiKouhai: Acted as Reiji's senpai when the latter took the Master Course.
* SternTeacher: He's strict and dislikes people who aren't serious about their jobs, in contrast to Ringo's SenseiChan approach.
* StudentTeacherRomance: Should you decide to pursue him.
* TestosteronePoisoning: Every movie he stars in, it seems.
* ThoseTwoGuys: To an extent with Ringo.

! Shining Saotome
[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see how he looked as an idol]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/saotomemitsuofull1138778.jpg [[/labelnote]]]]
The principal of the Saotome Academy, a prestigious idol school, the largest of hams. He was an idol, and it was possible to build Saotome Academy because of his hit single, "Owing to Love". He has a habit of spying on students and popping up at random times.

CV: Creator/NorioWakamoto
* AlliterativeName: Although Shining is probably a nickname.
* TheChessMaster: In the anime, he seems to orchestrate STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT's lives at his will, far beyond mere musical production.
%%* GratuitousEnglish
* IWasQuiteALooker: Official art shows he was quite attractive in his idol days.
** [[spoiler: In Mitsuo form he counts.]]
%%* LargeHam
* LukeIAmYourFather: In the games he's [[spoiler:Otoya's]] father.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: He's based on Johnny Kitagawa, founder and owner of the (in)famous male idol/boy band production agency, Johnny & Associates.
%%* OffscreenTeleportation
* OneHitWonder: In-universe. He had one best-selling single, "Ai yue ni", before retiring and funding Saotome Productions and the academy.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: [[spoiler: His real name is Mitsuo.]]
* PetMonstrosity: Keeps an entire zoo in his house. Special mention goes to his tiger Rodriguez, who attacks some of the boys on occasion.
%%* RecordProducer
* StrongFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler:Mitsuo has a similar hairstyle to Otoya. In the anime, his resemblance to Otoya is even more pronounced]]
%%* SunglassesAtNight
* TrappedInThePast: [[spoiler: In the ''Amazing Aria'' fandisc, he creates a time machine that sends him into the past and brings his 14-year-old self, Mitsuo, into the present.]]
* TrrrillingRrrs: Part of his speech.

[[folder: Other Characters]]

! Shinomiya Satsuki

The alter-ego of Natsuki. Is a genius when comes to composing music, although incredibly violent and rumoured to have put 50,000 people in the hospital.

CV: Creator/KisshoTaniyama
* ButNowIMustGo: [[spoiler: In Natsuki's route in ''Repeat', he dissapears after Haruka assures him she'll always love Natsuki and that she'll never hurt him. Natsuki's personality from that point gets a bit more teasing and seductive, though.]]
* ChivalrousPervert: Constantly makes passes at Haruka in the games, but he's obviously screwing around.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Just like Natsuki, in the games. In the anime it's switched to green.
* {{Flanderization}}: To an extent in the anime, where his violent trait is the only notable thing about his character. The reason of his existence is never explained either.
%%* HairTriggerTemper
* HiddenDepths: In Natsuki's route in ''Repeat'', [[spoiler: it's revealed his reason for existing is protecting Natsuki from getting emotionally hurt, as he got his heart broken by his violin teacher when he was younger.]]
%%* InstantSeduction
%%* {{Jerkass}}
* SuperStrength: In the anime, he takes down a tree in his first five seconds.
* TheTease: He's constantly "hitting on" Haruka but makes it rather clear he's just messing with her.
%%* {{Tsundere}}


Tokiya's older twin brother, Hayato is an eccentric, energetic idol. Haruka idolizes him and hopes that he'll sing a song she wrote one day.

CV: Creator/MamoruMiyano
* CatchPhrase: "Ohayohho~!", used at the beginning of his variety show.
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* ImageSong: Gets one in the anime, it's "Seiten☆OHA♪YAHHO".
* {{Keet}}: [[StepfordSmiler So hard, and to such exclusivity]], that his [[spoiler:actual self, stoic loner Tokiya grew to really really despise doing the Hayato act. Hence, his enrolling in Saotome Academy to try for a career as his real self.]]
* PolarOppositeTwins: [[spoiler:Subverted, since he and Tokiya are actually one and the same.]]
%%* StepfordSmiler
* TallDarkAndHandsome: Except he isn't as dark as his brother.
* VarietyShow: Has one that airs each morning, called "Ohayohho News". Haruka never misses it.

! Kurusu Kaoru

Syo's younger twin brother who loves him very much. Comes to Saotome Academy to check up on Syo, as he's worried about his health. Attends one of Saotome Academy's sister schools. He aims to become a doctor in the future.

CV: Creator/YuukiKaji
* AdaptedOut: So far.
** Averted with the OVA, where he gets a mention and appears in a flashback with Syo. He also says he wants to invite over Kaoru sometime.Also mentioned by Syo in episode 5 of season 3, and showed in another flashback.
%%* AlliterativeName
* AlwaysIdenticalTwins: He and Syo look exactly alike; the only differences being Kaoru is taller, their bangs part to different sides, and Kaoru doesn't have pierced ears.
* AttractiveBentGender: He looks just like Syo, if Syo looks good as a girl, Kaoru looks good as a girl.
* BigBrotherAttraction: Could be taken as this; Kaoru firmly believes that he's the only one capable of making Syo happy.
* BigBrotherWorship: Looks up to Syo a little too seriously.
* BigLittleBrother: Though the younger brother, has a couple of inches on Syo.
** Kaoru is also extremely protective of Syo, with how he acts around him, one could easily forget Kaoru's the younger brother.
* LikesOlderWomen: Revealed to be dating an older woman in All Star After Secret.
* SiblingYinYang: While Syo wants to become an idol, Kaoru is aiming to become a doctor. Also, Syo is more energetic while Kaoru is more responsible.