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Nanami Haruka/Heroine

Wishing to compose a song for her idol, Hayato, to sing someday, Haruka enrolls into Saotome Academy. In the games, she's an Ordinary High-School Student who joins Saotome Academy to become a composer. In the anime, she's a sheltered girl who has lived all her life in the country and doesn't have experience in composing or playing music.

CV: Miyuki Sawashiro (anime only)

  • Affectionate Nickname: In the anime, Ren calls her "Little Lamb" and later starts calling her "My Lady." Natsuki, Tomochika , and her grandmother also call her "Haru-chan."
  • Berserk Button: Messing with her is a great way to get any of the guys on their bad side.
  • Country Mouse: Haruka lived in the country for most of her childhood and quickly becomes overwhelmed by the fast pace of the city when she first returns to one.
  • Determinator: In the games she can be very persistent if she wants; this is specially shown in routes with tsundere boys like Tokiya or Ranmaru.
  • Dude Magnet: Even if she doesn't seem to notice it.
  • Flanderization: Her anime counterpart is much more clumsy and clueless than her game version, where she doesn't seem to have any problems with composing or playing the piano.
  • Flower in Her Hair: In episode 8 of the anime.
  • Friendless Background: In the anime at least. In the games she doesn't seem to keep in contact with anyone in her life before she joined Saotome Academy.
  • Image Song: Gets one in the anime: "Maigo no Kokoro".
  • The Ingenue: Ever in good faith, rarely up to the romantic tones swarming around. Quite naive to "the ways of the world".
  • Naïve Newcomer: In the anime, unlike her classmates, Haruka knows next to nothing about the idol industry (due to living in the country and not having a TV) and doesn't recognize Shining Saotome and Ringo from their idol days.
  • No Sense of Direction: Apparently. She got lost on her way to Hayato's concert and on more than one occasion after that (including the first episode of season 2). She also gets lost many times in the games.
  • Oblivious to Love: In the anime and some routes of the games. Averted in some routes: in Repeat, she's the one who confesses to Tokiya.
  • Parental Neglect: In the games her parents are never mentioned. In the anime she's raised by her grandmother, meaning they're either dead or very busy.
  • Performance Anxiety: In the anime, she's afraid to play the piano in front of her class because the first time she was asked to, she couldn't read music and she felt horribly embarrassed. She suffers from it rather severely the second time she's asked to play, as well.
    • At one point, it gets so bad that just trying to play ends up paralyzing her fingers.
  • Plucky Girl: Despite her anxiety with performing and the rumors circulating about her, she tries her hardest to study and get better in order to achieve her goals. in the anime, she even manages to master reading sheet music in just a few days from sheer force of will.
  • Raised by Grandparents: In the anime, she lived out in the country with her grandmother because of her poor health.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: To denote her kind personality.
  • Shrinking Violet: In the anime, she really has trouble holding herself trouble when any boy comes on to her, let alone Ren.
  • Soap Opera Disease: When she was younger, the exact causes and symptoms of which are unknown. We do know she used to at least have fainting spells.
  • Technicolour Eyes: Yellow with green pupils, leading to numerous Wild Mass Guessing as to how they turned out that way.
  • This Is Your Song: In the games, she'll write a song for the guy whose route the player's following. In the anime, she composes a song for each guy and various songs for ST★RISH.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A.

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Tropes that apply to ST★RISH in general:

  • Bishōnen: All of them. No exceptions.
  • Character Development: Each boy gets an episode dedicated to their character development and their relationship with Nanami, complete with them singing their Image Song.
  • Demoted to Extra: In All Star. They only have small roles in the senpai and teachers' routes, and have one single route for all 6 of them and Cecil, the Rainbow Route. In Revolutions, they get grouped in two/three people units, instead of getting an episode for each of them like in earlier seasons.
  • Dragged into Drag: On the drama CD "Music Princess Magical Ichiko", with Tokiya taking the brunt of the embarrassment as the lead character.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Their name is an acronym for the first letters of their names (first names from the S class members, last names from the A class members), except, obviously, for the star. Later, the star is used as a placeholder for Aijima Cecil's name.
  • Image Song: Each of the boys has an image song that appears in their anime focus episode. For all of ST★RISH, they are "Mirai Chizu", "Maji Love 1000%", "Maji Love 2000%", and "Maji Love Revolutions". Season 3 gave "Cross Units," the boys getting in groups of two, and one group of three and that served as their image song in the episode and then their solo image song was released with the full version of the Cross Unit song.
    • Otoya- Season 1 "Brand New Melody", Season 2 "Smile Magic", Season 3- "Emotional Life" and "Komorebi Diamond"
    • Masato- Season 1 "Knocking on the Mind", Season 2 "Koizakura", Season 3- "Original Resonance" and "Sei-en Brave Heart"
    • Natsuki- Season 1 "Orion de Shout Out", Season 2 "Sirius e No Chikai", Season 3- "Emotional Life" and "The New World"
    • Ren- Season 1 "Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart", Season 2 "Orange Rhapsody", Season 3- "Code T.V.U" and "Mellow Mellow Chu"
    • Tokiya- Season 1 "Nanairo no Compass" and "Believe My Voice", Season 2- "Crystal Time", Season 3- "Original Resonance" and "Secret Lover"
    • Syo- Season 1 "Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!!", Season 2- "True Wing", Season 3- "Code T.V.U" and "Subete wo Uta ni"
    • Cecil- Season 1 "Eternity Love", Season 2- "Hoshi no Fantasia", Season 3- "Code T.V.U" and "Green Ambition"
  • Lucky Charms Title
  • True Companions: They are firmly this by the second season of the anime.
  • Worthy Opponent: Season 3 focuses on them becoming this for Quartet Night. They become their rivals by the end of the season and we may never know who would have been initially chosen for the Triple S, thus being better, since Heavens returned and has put themselves into the mix.

Ittoki Otoya

Haruka's classmate in A Class, he's a friendly and positive person who enjoys singing. He shares a room with Tokiya from Class S. In the anime, he stands up for Haruka when she was barred from taking the entrance exam due to being late. He plays the guitar.

CV: Takuma Terashima
  • Affectionate Nickname: Reiji calls him "Otoyan" and Ren calls him "Ikki".
  • Book Dumb: Appears to be this, judging from his reaction to Tokiya's long and technical explanation of how he writes lyrics. (All he heard was fast-forward sound-effect static).
  • Cannot Spit It Out: In the anime. Every time he tries to confess to Haruka, he ends up saying he loves her... songs.
    • In the second season he tries to confess to her again but he has such difficulty getting it out that in the end he gets interrupted by Cecil's prank.
  • Characterization Marches On: In the games he's still cute and sweet, but a lot less innocent, and a lot more direct and assertive when it comes to his feelings for Haruka. (Even his voice is deeper.)
  • Creepy Cool Crosses: In Repeat and Amazing Aria, he wears a rosary that belonged to his late adoptive mother as part of his casual outfit.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: In the games his skin tone is noticeably darker than everyone else's, with the exception of Ren, Cecil and Shining Saotome.
  • Determinator: In Repeat most of his route consists on his determination to find out why Saotome stablished the love ban rule and convicing him to revoke it.
  • Disappeared Dad: His dad is never mentionednote  but...
    • Missing Mom: His mom died in a plane crash when he was just a baby. His adoptive mother died of illness when he was a small boy. So he's lived in an orphanage up until he was accepted into Saotome Academy.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: To Haruka in the anime. He's very much in love with her, helps her and stands up for her, and comes very close to confessing to her twice... but she regards him as only a friend, and feels that she's obligated to choose him as her partner only to repay his kindness for her. He seems to take it in stride, though.
  • Image Song: "TRUST☆MY DREAM", "Brand New Melody" and "SMILE MAGIC".
  • Japanese Christian: Averted. He isn't a believer. but wears the rosary as a way to remember his mother.
  • Long-Lost Relative: He's Cecil's half-brother, although neither of them find out. He's also Shining Saotome's son.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Tokiya, with the twist that Otoya is actually aware of this, and tries not to let Tokiya's cold behavior get to him. And he has his share of vitriol toward Tokiya, too, although the jury is still out on whether he's doing it on purpose or not.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Heights: In the games he has acrophobia. In the anime this has been transferred to Syo.

Hijirikawa Masato

Student of A Class, he's the scion to the Hijirikawa family. He seems to have some form of rivalry going on with Ren, whom he shares a room with. He plays the piano.

CV: Kenichi Suzumura
  • Princely Young Man: He's a nice Ice King type.
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome: Tall, dark-haired, and exceedingly aloof.
  • The Quiet One: He doesn't talk much.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Type 2, with Ren.
  • With This Ring: In his Repeat route, gives Haruka a ring which happens to be his dead grandmother's memento and is meant to be given to the person who is going to be his wife.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: A male example. He comes from a traditional Japanese household, is polite, and a House Husband. He does most of the cooking during trips such as the camping trip in Maji Love 2000% and cleaned Haruka's room before she moved into her new dorm.

Shinomiya Natsuki

Another of Haruka's classmates, he plays the viola, though he used to play the violin. He has an extreme fondness for cute things, leading him to take a liking to Haruka. In the anime, upon his first encounter with Haruka he calls her Elizabeth, saying that she reminds him of his dog. He shares a room with Syo, whom he claims to be as cute as Haruka and is very affectionate towards him.

CV: Kissho Taniyama
  • Affectionate Nickname: Gets called "Na-chan"/"Nacchan" on occasion.
  • Break the Cutie: In his backstory, resulting in his alter-ego, Satsuki.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: He's a ditz from Cloud Cuckoo Land, but talented, and can pull it together when he performs.
  • Childhood Friends: With Syo, but only in the anime.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Seems to live in his own little world most of the time. Where everything's cuddly and wuddly.
  • Curtains Match the Window: In the games. In the anime, his eye colour is changed to green.
  • Cute and Psycho: See Split Personality.
  • Cuteness Proximity: May be triggered by little baby animals, plushie toys, and the like.
  • The Big Guy: He's the tallest main character. He uses this to his advantage by picking up Syo and carting him around like he's his personal toy.
  • The Ditz: He's naïve and extremely prone to Cuteness Proximity effects. He's also superb at ignoring all the hissy fits that "hint" that Syo really hates being called little or picked up like a toy.
    Character Twitter entry on 31st Jan 2014: "[super blurry photo of cat] Lookie what I found!"
  • Flanderization: The anime exaggerates his klutz and cute-obsessed side. His game counterpart shares this traits, but doesn't show them in such an aggresive manner, and he's pretty calm most of the time.
  • Gentle Giant: When his Split Personality isn't in effect.
  • The Glasses Come Off: He's got a Split Personality, and no points for guessing what the visual cue is! And all it takes is putting his glasses back on him to switch him back to nice!mode.
    • In Repeat, later in his route it isn't that easy to appease Satsuki.
  • Image Song: "Southern Cross Waltz", "ORION de Shout Out" and "SIRIUS e no Chikai".
  • Japanese Pronouns: Uses the gentle and unassuming variation of "boku" when referring to himself, however, Satsuki uses the more assertive "ore".
  • Keigo: Uses it most of the time. It emphasizes his gentle personality.
  • Lethal Chef: After he adds the ingredients, he adds the container those ingredients came in as well. After that he proceeds to add Tabasco sauce, soy beans, fermented squid and chili sauce...and then torchblow the mix. He was supposed to be making cupcakes, mind you.
    • In Repeat, he makes lunch for a picnic with Haruka... and she passes out the moment she tastes the food.
  • Megane: Those glasses really make him look cute.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: That excessively frilly apron he wears in episode 3.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: In the anime he's obsessed with a cute chick mascot called "Piyo-chan". He even stars in a commercial featuring it in the second season.
  • Split Personality: He has a split personality named Satsuki, who is Natsuki's complete opposite: A Hot-Blooded Badass Jerkass. In the game, he's extremely talented for composing music, but refuses to do so; in the anime, there's a rumour that says he's put 50,000 people in the hospital for pissing him off.

Ichinose Tokiya

A student in S Class, he bears a strong resemblance to Haruka's idol, Hayato. However, he's said to be Hayato's identical twin brother instead, and seems to bear a complex from being in his brother's shadow. He appears to be cold and aloof, as well as being a perfectionist. Also the roommate of Otoya from A Class.

CV: Mamoru Miyano
  • The Ace: He actually can play any instrument, but still considers his best asset is his voice. He's also extremely smart, fit and handsome.
  • Actually, I Am Him: When he reveals he is actually Hayato.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Reiji calls him "Tokki" and Ren calls him "Icchi".
  • Always Identical Twins: Him and Hayato. Except not at all.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: In the anime. The "I love you....r songs." scene comes to mind...
  • Characterization Marches On: In the games, he's a lot more romantic than his anime counterpart. We also see this reflected on his character songs: compare the more romantic "Nanairo no Compass" and "CRYSTAL TIME" to the much more sexier "Independence" and "SECRET LOVER".
  • Child Prodigy: Started being a variety artist at a very young age, which made him become independent and live by himself at the age of thirteen, while also getting top marks in school.
  • Continuity Nod: "CRYSTAL TIME", his character song in the second season, includes "Nanairo no Compass" (his Image Song in the first season) and "Maigo no Kokoro" (Haruka's song) in its lyrics.
  • Demoted to Extra: In a sense. He is still part of the main cast in the second season, however, the first season gives him a bigger role and more screen time than other members of STARISH, in the second season, the counterpart of his importance from the first season is given to Cecil.
  • Everything Is Better With Penguins: His Idol Produce t-shirt has one.
  • Flanderization: The anime seems to have made him an expy of Masato, with similar The Comically Serious reactions but slightly less ridiculous.
  • Gray Rain of Depression: Literally almost every scene he's in outdoors in the first season of the anime is this. That's three, count them, three times. Episodes 1, 6 and 7.
  • Hidden Depths: In episode 7 he fondly has a memory of children happily asking him to sing, calling him Onii-chan, and it allows him to 'sing with heart'.
    • He's extremely romantic compared to what it seems at first glance. The reason is his parents getting a divorce shortly after he made his idol debut, making him think it was his fault. He considers anyone who devotes themselves to a romantic relationship should keep in mind marriage, even if it seems too risky.
  • Image Song: "BELIEVE MY VOICE", "Nanairo no Compass" and "CRYSTAL TIME".
  • Interrupted Declaration of Love: In the first game, he apologizes to Haruka for leaving her alone in the school festival and hugs her. When he starts to talk about his feelings, Ryuuya apppears and tells them to go home.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In the anime Tokiya is initially insufferable and rude towards his classmates, but not forever.
  • Keigo: Uses it all the time. It makes him sound sophisticated and aloof.
  • Megane: Wears contacts most of the time, but in the games and some official art he sometimes wears glasses.
  • Picky Eater: Mentioned in the SHINING magazine; he carb counts to watch his figure.
  • Not So Different: In the anime Haruka compares her Performance Anxiety with playing the piano to Tokiya's inability to sing from the heart. Tokiya begs to differ.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue Oni to Otoya's Red.
  • Terrible Artist: Tokiya is very earnest about his artwork, even though his drawings look like something made by a small child.
  • The Perfectionist: Most of what he has achieved in his career is the result of very hard work. For example, according to the games he was pitch deaf when he started singing: look at him now.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Otoya, Tokiya being the jerk. When asked to describe what they like in each other, Otoya rattles off many of Tokiya's good points while Tokiya barely manages to squeeze out two; and then he claims he didn't mean them. Even so he acknowledges Otoya as his best friend and rival, and wants to sing together with him.
  • Whip It Good: His main weapon as Music Princess Magical Ichiko is a whip. The others note that he looks surprisingly good with it, as he gets a little too much into whipping Otoya (who plays the villain).
  • Wholesome Cross Dresser: In the fourth episode of season 2, he's seen willingly dressing up in a woman's kimono with a flower in his hair to help Masato get over his inability to hug a person that he doesn't know or love for an audition, even going to the point of using a feminine voice, needless to say, he did a convincing job of being a woman (but wasn't able to get Masato to hug him)
    • In the first game, when the Class S loses a match he dresses up with an uniform. He even asks Haruka for tips to become more feminine!

Jinguji Ren

Student in S Class, he is a son of the Jinguji family, making him rivals with Masato, who is also the roommate. He is very flirtatious, and plays the saxophone. In the anime, he, along with Otoya, helps defend Haruka when the officials refused to let her take the entrance exam.

CV: Junichi Suwabe
  • The Casanova: Only Ren could get away with the kinds of pick up lines he does. This is lampshaded by Otoya.
  • Childhood Friends: With Masato.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: In the games his skin tone is noticeably darker than everyone else's, with the exception of Otoya, Cecil and Shining Saotome.
  • Financial Abuse: He has little to no interest of becoming an idol. He only attends Saotome Academy because his family wants him to, after he graduates he'll be a idol for the Jinguuji's Group commericals.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: In "Dear... Burning my Lady!" he says "te amo mucho" (lit. "I love you very much")
  • Image Song: "Sekai no hate made BELIEVE HEART" and "Orange Rhapsody".
  • Latin Lover: Even if fully Japanese, he has all the stereotypes usually associated with them, including the occasional Gratuitous Spanish in his songs.
  • Long Haired Prettyboy: He has the longest hair of any of the bishounen, granted it's not too much past shoulder length.
  • Missing Mom: She died, which really messed up his dad. She was an Idol Singer.
  • Mr. Fanservice: His shower scene in episode 8. His episode in the second season and his delusion as a flamenco singer in Revolutions also count.
  • The Nicknamer: Coins nicknames for just about everyone, such as "Icchi" for Tokiya and "Ceci" for Cecil. He calls Haruka "Little lamb" or "my lady." The notable exception is Masato whom he calls "Hijirikawa".
  • Sexy Sax Man: When he plays the sax, all the girls squeal. A whole bench full of them.

Kurusu Syo

Another student of S Class, he is nicknamed "ochibi-chan" due to his short stature, much to his chagrin. He's very cheerful and energetic, and plays the violin. Roommates with Natsuki.

CV: Hiro Shimono
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Is fully blonde in the games, but has pink streaks (or at least, the coloring makes it look like such) in the anime.
  • Adapted Out: His heart condition and the fact he has an identical twin brother. Though his brother is mentioned in both the Christmas Special and episode 5 of season 3.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Is called "Syo-chan" by Natsuki and Kaoru, and "Ochibi-chan" (which can roughly mean "Munchkin"/"Lil' Cutie") by Ren.
  • Always Identical Twins: Has an identical younger twin brother named Kaoru.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: In the first season of the anime Natsuki stuffs him in a dress in episode 5 to make him try out for a part as his hero's little sister in a movie. It works too.
    • In the first game he is forced to work as a "female" model for a while, with huge success.
  • Berserk Button: DON'T comment on his height, DON'T make him crossplay or take picture of him in crossplay, DON'T flirt with Nanami, and DON'T call him cute.
  • Childhood Friends: With Natsuki, but only in the anime.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Being Natsuki's roommate is a full time job.
  • Cute Bruiser: The games inform us that he's been doing karate since he was a child and rivals his idol Hyuga (a full grown man) in strength and fighting abilities.
  • Dragged into Drag: A few times, and he hates the fact that he makes a convincing girl.
  • Hair Decorations: He has two barrettes in his bangs on one side.
  • First-Name Basis / Friendly Address Privileges: In episode 5, Syo tells Nanami that she can call him "Syo", as she's been referring to him as "Kurusu-kun", she immediately starts calling him "Syo-kun", he himself refers to everyone by their first name.It's time for me to become the very best, like no one ever was.
  • Heart Trauma: In the first game, he has a weak heart. His route is about trying to live with this condition but after he becomes an idol it becomes to much for him and collapses. In the end, he goes to America to have surgery.
    • The anime has chosen to not include this part of his story so far.
  • Ill Boy: With the wrong parts. Everything else is there. This is caused by his Heart Trauma.
    • In the anime, his Heart Trauma has been Adapted Out so far, he explains in his episode of the first season that he was a "weak child" growing up, much like Nanami.
  • Japanese Pronouns: Refers to himself with informal and "tough guy" pronoun "ore", though when the group is singing, more often than not, they use the more proper "boku".
    • In the games, he uses the slightly prepotent "ore-sama".
  • Little Big Brother: His younger twin brother Kaoru is about two inches taller than Syo.
  • Nice Hat: Often seen wearing a hat; he wears hats to make himself look taller. He's the only one of the boys to wear one. It's kind of a big deal when he ends up giving his favourite hat to Haruka.
  • The Napoleon: He's only 161 cm (5'3'') tall at the age of 16-17 and he's not pleased about his height.
  • Non-Uniform Uniform: In Season 1, Syo had the most unique style of dress when it came to the Saotome uniform; instead of dress shoes, he wore black combat boots, rolled up his pants to around his knees to rest above his boots, wore a cream colored sweatshirt instead of a blazer, and wore a fedora at all times in school.
  • Older Than They Look: He looks 14-15, despite being about 17.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Goes with his karate skills: despite his appearance, Syo is quite strong for his size and age, capable of defeating fully grown adults in terms of strength and fighting ability.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: It's his designated color when STARISH performs and he can be seen wearing pink when not performing.
  • Security Cling: Does this to Otoya in episode 3 of season 1 while they watch Natsuki bake.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His name can be spelled as "Syo", "Sho", "Shou", "Syou", "Shō", but they are all pronounced the same way.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Gets forced into cross dressing in the game and anime by Natsuki, he's not pleased with it, or the fact that he makes a convincing girl.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Heights: In the anime, he has been deathly afraid of heights since a traumatising event in his childhood. He gets over it by the end of the episode.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Some of the boots he performs in are Grade C or D, also while dressed as "Syoko," the socks he wears are about Grade C or D.

Aijima Cecil

The prince of Agnapolis who was cursed and turned into a black cat. In the games he joins Class A.

CV: Kosuke Toriumi
  • Abusive Parents: Because Cecil was half-Japanese, they (technically his uncle) cursed him to bet trapped in the form of a cat and sent him to Japan.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Ren calls him "Ceci".
  • Ambiguously Brown: Justified, as he is from an Arabian country.
  • Anime Accent Absence: Unlike Camus (the other foreigner), Cecil speaks Japanese with an accent, and occasionally he stumbles over words and makes mistakes such as reading kanji wrong (he read "tanabata" as "nanayuu"). However, the accent and dodgy Japanese are absent in his songs, which is why Camus first thinks Cecil is just affecting the accent to make himself popular.
  • Arranged Marriage: In All Star, Cecil is set up for an arranged marriage to Camus' Queen which is later stopped, but not before rebellion and a coup d'état start from the Silk Palace/Permafrost residents.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Likes Haruka a lot because she showed him a lot of love while he was stuck in cat form.
  • Black Sheep: Initially. His arc in the anime is about overcoming this.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Is half-Japanese, half-Arabian.
  • Cats Are Magic: Subverted. He got cursed and takes the form of a cat.
  • Green Eyes: To emphasize his magical nature.
  • I Kiss Your Hand: To Haruka in the anime.
  • Long-Lost Relative: He's Otoya's half-brother (by mother Aijima Kotomi), although neither of them find out.
  • New Transfer Student: Joins Saotome Academy in his route in the original game. He also joins the Master Course with the rest of the main characters in Debut and the anime's second season.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: When it comes to Haruka, much to everyone else's dismay.
  • Older Than They Look: He says that his curse is a very old one.
  • Parental Abandonment: His uncle didn't approve of him being half-Japanese so he banished him from the country and sent him to Japan. Not before cursing him, of course.
  • Put on a Bus: He suddenly receives a letter from his home country in episode 8 of the second season that makes him go back to Agnapolis... only to come back in the next episode.
  • Psychic Link: In the first game he makes a pact with Haruka so she can understand him in when he's in cat form.


Tropes applying to the senpai in general:

  • Ascended Extra: Main characters in All Star, its fandisc After Secret and the anime's third season.
  • Image Song: "POISON KISS", "QUARTET★NIGHT", "Marriage" and "Evolution. Eve".
  • Lucky Charms Title: As QUARTET★NIGHT in the anime.
  • Senpai Kouhai: If the player follows any of their routes. Also act as this for STARISH in the anime's second season and all the games from Debut onwards.
  • The Rival: Towards STARISH in Revolutions, in terms of both music and Haruka's attention.
  • True Companions: Become this by Revolutions in the anime. In the games, they barely tolerate each other, although later they stablish some friendships they still work better solo rather than as a group.

Kotobuki Reiji fun and friendly idol who becomes Otoya and Tokiya's senior. He's known as the "clown" of the group, and likes to play pranks on people, specially on Ranmaru. He plays the maracas.

CV: Showtaro Morikubo
  • Curtains Match the Window: In the games. In the anime, his eye colour was changed to grey.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Deep inside, he blames himself for Aine's disappearance.
  • Disappeared Dad: His father left the family when he was young.
  • Double Entendre: In his All Star love ending, he claims to have the key to Haruka's heart lock necklace he gifted her earlier. This could be nothing more than romantic, if they weren't in a hotel with Reiji pushing Haruka down in a bed.
    • His final line at his first appearance in Revolutions is "Let's enter the world of adults together". Oh, Haruka, if you only knew what he meant...
  • Family Business: His family owns a bento shop.
  • Flanderization: The anime averts his tragic past and trust issues and goes full on his The Casanova side.
  • Foreign Culture Fetish: He seems to like the UK a lot (or at least, the Union Jack): he has a flag hanged in his room and his Idol Produce t-shirt has a Union Jack hat.
    • His love for the UK has been confirmed as of After Secret, where he takes Haruka to London.
  • Former Child Star: In the anime he claims to have been this. In the games he's an alumni of Saotome Academy, and became an idol after graduating. He still seems to have done some work before enrolling, however.
  • Image Song: "Dekiai Temptation", "Itoshiki hito e" and "Kiss wa Wink de". In the anime, it's "Never...".
  • It's All My Fault: He believes that it's his fault that Aine dissapeared and was Driven to Suicide and that the rest of his best friends hate him now.
  • The Leader: In the anime, he comes across as this for QUARTET★NIGHT. He gets the most lines and is the one whose feelings for Haruka come across as most serious. In his route in All Star, he gets appointed as this too.
  • Nice Guy: Is the most approachable of the senpai. In the anime he's the most concerned about STARISH's possible dissolution at the hands of HE★VENS.
  • Older Than They Look: He's the oldest of the senpais, but looks like a teenager. He's also the shortest out of all the senpais.
  • Performance Anxiety: In All Star, he's had his singing career on hiatus for a while due to this.
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: Likes to play with words. For example, saying "mengo mengo" instead of "gomen gomen".
  • Supreme Chef: Ranmaru can even be bribed with Reiji’s cooking.
  • The Nicknamer: Calls Ranmaru ‘Ran-Ran’, Ai ‘Ai-Ai’ & Camus ‘Myu-chan’. He also nicknames Otoya ‘Otoyan’ and Tokiya ‘Tokkii’. He calls Haruka "Kouhai-chan" (which means "Junior-chan"), and later in his route "my girl" (in English).
  • The Prankster: Ranmaru is usually his target because he thinks his reactions are amusing.
  • The Tease: In the anime. In the games, he's more of a Covert Pervert, and his advances don't come as early.
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Karaage (fried chicken) and ice cream. When either of these foods is involved, he becomes so invested in them it makes Ai worry he'll grow fat.

Kurosaki Ranmaru

A rather rude and harsh idol who becomes Masato and Ren's senpai. He's a rock idol who used to play in several bands before joining Shining Productions. He plays the bass.

CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Affectionate Nickname: Reiji calls him "Ran-Ran", Ren calls him "Ran-chan" and Natsuki "Maru-chan". His friend Bob calls him Randy in After Secret.
  • Big Eater: Specially if meat is involved. However, he's still quite slim.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: At the end of his route in All Star, he pins Haruka against the wall and threatens her to make her resign as his partner and avoid getting her involved with a scandal he was caught up in. They later make up.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: His father's death.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Used to be the heir of a big company, but his father was betrayed and died while trying to pay his debts. Ranmaru took them and started being an idol for that reason. Also, he hasn't seen his mother and his little sister since his father's death, and started being a Jerkass after years of trying to join new bands without succeeding.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: One of his CGs in the game happens while he tells this to Haruka.
  • Engrish: Uses this as part of his rock singer image.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In the anime's third season, he first appears listening to his headphones by himself.
  • First-Name Basis: With everyone except Haruka.
  • Flanderization: In the anime he's more The Stoic than tsundere.
  • Flower Motifs: To an extent. The "ran" kanji in his name means "orchid" (and in his signature he actually writes his name as "Kurosaki Orchid"). Camus often insults him telling his hair looks like a dandelion. And in After Secret, he gives Haruka a bouquet of flowers in his first CG.
  • Food as Bribe: Any food from the shop of Reiji's family.
  • Hair Color Dissonance: Averted. In After Secret Masato and Ren refer to his hair as "silver". However, it's not his natural colour.
  • Hard Rock: Although the genre he plays is simply called "rock", he seems to be mostly influenced by this.
  • Hey, You!: Calls Haruka with the very rude expresion "temee". Starts calling her by her name at the end of his route.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Comes across as this, reacting badly when he finds out Ren and Masato called him for visiting the shrine at New Year's Day. When they make a wish at the shrine and Haruka asks what he wished for, he insists in that believing in gods is foolish, and that he didn't wish for anything.
  • I Call It "Vera": Calls his bass his "girlfriend".
  • Image Song: "BRIGHT ROAD", "Not Bad" and "WILD SOUL". In the anime, it's "ONLY ONE".
  • Spiky Hair: It looks fluffier when he's just woken up, as shown in After Secret.
  • Straw Misogynist: In the game, he refuses to work with Haruka at first because he thinks women are useless at composing music. He doesn't trust women because all the bands he joined split because of women.
  • With This Ring: In the good end of his A route in After Secret, he gives Haruka a ring he made himself as a symbol of their eternal love.

Mikaze Ai

A young but strict idol who becomes Syo and Natsuki's senior. He plays the synthesizer.

CV: Shouta Aoi
  • Affectionate Nickname: Is called "Ai-Ai" by Reiji.
  • Artificial Human: He's actually a robot based on Aine Kisaragi, an idol who disappeared years ago.
  • But Now I Must Go: In All Star, towards the end of his route he tells Haruka he's reaching his limit and won't be able to function after the final concert. He passes out after singing his song, but he gets better.
  • Become a Real Boy: Ends up developing feelings if the player pursues his route in All Star.
  • Cloning Blues: Although not really a clone, he's fully inspired by Kisaragi Aine. And in his After Secret route, he develops anxiety after discovery Aine has waken up from the coma.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: He takes over Aine's roles. Although later in Ai's route it's revealed Aine is not dead but in a coma.
  • First-Name Basis: With everyone. However, in his dialogue names are written in katakana rather than kanji, implying that calling everyone by their first names is some sort of programming rather than actual closeness.
  • Image Song: "Winter Blossom", "A.I." and "Futari no Monogram". In the anime, it's "INNOCENT WIND".
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: The fact that he's a robot.
  • Meaningful Name: Ai. A.I. He's a robot. Get it?
    • Ai can also mean "love" in Japanese, but with the kanji his name is written, it means "indigo". Which of course is a symbol for deep and lasting love.
  • Picky Eater: In his All Star route, one of his CGs involves him making Haruka eat first when she offers him green jelly. Later averted: since he's a robot, he doesn't eat.
  • Robot Me: Of Aine Kisaragi.
  • Supreme Chef: To ridiculous levels. In After Secret he cooks for Haruka a whole tower of sandwiches.


A count from the country of Permafrost, in the games he's a colleague of the senpais but in the anime he becomes Cecil's senior. He seems to get into fights often with Ranmaru. He plays the cello.

CV: Tomoaki Maeno
  • Affectionate Nickname: Reiji calls him "Myu-chan".
  • Big Entrance: In the anime, his introduction implies the whole dorm becoming blue and Camus sliding in front of ST★RISH and Haruka.
  • Canine Companion: Has a dog called Alexandra, as shown in his All Star route.
  • Classy Cane: Uses it in the anime and as his count persona in the games. His seiyuu even uses it during live performances.
  • The Charmer: He's gentlemanly when speaking with women.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In the anime's third season, his first appereance is riding a horse. Haruka comments he looks like taken out of an European painting.
  • Flanderization: In the games, he's a serious yet gentlemanly guy. In the anime, he's an enormous Large Ham.
  • Gentleman Snarker: In public, he's as gentlemanly as he can get, in private, he becomes this.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: The closest thing to the stereotype in UtaPri: he's a noble, has refined speech and one of his CGs features him riding a White Stallion.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Goes with his frigid personality.
  • Megane: Wears glasses in private.
  • Image Song: "Zettai Reido Emotion", "AURORA" and "Junketsumaru Ai -Aspiration-". In the anime, it's "SAINTLY TERRITORY".
  • Keigo: He uses very formal, even obsoletely so language, complete with kisama.
  • Only One Name: In his All Star route, he asks Haruka to give him a last name: she chooses Clizzard.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: He sings "POISON KISS" with the rest of the senpais in the second season's first episode, but after the song is over he dissapears and doesn't get introduced officially until the next episode. No explanations are given about this.


Tropes applying to HE★VENS in general:

  • Canon Foreigner: Appeared in the second season of the anime. It's currently unknown if they will make it to Canon Immigrant status, but they do have game-style concept arts and appear on the games' official website.
  • Fun with Acronyms: With the additional four members, Heavens is now an acronym of their names. (H from Hyuga, E from Eiichi, A from Amakusa, V from Van, E from Eiji, N from Nagi, S from Sumeragi)

Ootori Eichi

Leader of HE★VENS and son of Raging Ootori, the president of a rival producing company. He's the one who wants Haruka to join them as their composer.

CV: Hikaru Midorikawa

Mikado Nagi

The youngest member of the group at 13 years old. Despite acting innocent and cute in front of the cameras, he's actually quite grumpy and doesn't like to be called a shota.

CV: Tsubasa Yonaga
  • The Fake Cutie: Acts like The Cutie on stage. Off of it, however...
  • Jerkass: His real personality. Also, Nagi was probably the only person in the theater that didn't feel anything after hearing STARISH's song.

Sumeragi Kira

The tallest member of HE★VENS, a silent young man who doesn't usually speak.

CV: Daisuke Ono
  • Friendly Enemy: He doesn't attack STARISH verbally like his teammates. He also said that he liked Haruka's songs.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After hearing STARISH's song. Although he didn't dislike them as much as his partners.
  • The Rival: For Season 4, Masato's.

Ootori Eiji

Eiichi's younger brother, who joins Heavens at some point between Seasons 2 and 3, will play a more prominent role in Season 4.

CV: Yuma Uchida

Van Kiryuin

A new member to Heavens who joined between Seasons 2 and 3, he will play a more prominent role in Season 4.

CV: Hidenori Takahashi

Yamato Hyuga

A new member to Heavens who joined between Seasons 2 and 3, he will play a more prominent role in Season 4. He is Ryuuya's younger brother.

CV: Ryohei Kimura

  • Canon Immigrant: He was only ever mentioned in Ryuuya's route in Debut, but this makes him the first member of Heavens to have pre-existed in series.
  • Hot-Blooded: Gives off the impression by his introductory line.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Has the same fiery attitude as his older brother.
    • Sibling Yin-Yang: However, he is more pugnacious than Ryuuya and is said that whenever the two see each other, they wind up fighting. He's even more different to his younger two brothers who greatly love and care about Ryuuya, while Yamato is rather indifferent.

Shion Amakusa

A new member of Heavens who joined between Seasons 2 and 3, he will play a more prominent role in Season 4.

CV: Daiki Yamashita

  • Japanese Pronouns: Uses the very pretentious waga, implying he may be of wealthy origin.

Ootori Raging

The manager of HE★VENS and Raging Entertainment. Was Saotome's rival during their idol days, and their rivality continued after both established their own idol agencies.

CV: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Evil Counterpart: To Shining. Probably the reason they hired Sugita for this role is because his Norio Wakamoto impression is awesome.

    Saotome Academy 

Shibuya Tomochika

Haruka's best friend, classmate, and roommate.

CV: Yuka Imai
  • The Fashionista: More girlier than Haruka; she's more interested in things like fashion and makeup than Haruka is. In the second season of the anime, she helps create ST★RISH's UtaPri Award costumes.
  • Flanderization: In the anime her life seems to revolve around Haruka. In the games, she's frequently seen interacting with the Class A boys on her own, although her main function is still being a Shipper on Deck for whoever Haruka wants to pursuit.
  • Meaningful Name: "Tomo" means "friend", although her name is written using different kanji.
  • Satellite Character: In the anime and other games beside Repeat she doesn't do much beyond "be Haruka's best friend." She doesn't interact much with the boys, and we don't even get to see her idol debut.
  • Shipper on Deck: In the games, specially Repeat.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade A.

Tsukimiya Ringo teacher assigned to Class A. He's a male idol who likes to crossdress as a female.

CV: Yuuichi Nakamura
  • The Gadfly: Enjoys making fun of Ryuya.
  • Hidden Depths: He wishes he was a normal male idol, instead of being forced to crossdress.
  • Hot Teacher: Whether he's cross-dressing or not.
  • I Kiss Your Foot: In his Love ending in All Star.
  • Important Haircut: In his route in Sweet Serenade, he cuts his hair short before his first date with Haruka. In all following appereances in public he wears a wig.

Hyuuga Ryuuya

The teacher assigned to Class S. He's also an actor as well as Syo's idol.

CV: Koji Yusa

Shining Saotome

The principal of the Saotome Academy, a prestigious idol school, the largest of hams. He was an idol, and it was possible to build Saotome Academy because of his hit single, "Owing to Love". He has a habit of spying on students and popping up at random times.

CV: Norio Wakamoto
  • Alliterative Name: Although Shining is probably a nickname.
  • The Chess Master: In the anime, he seems to orchestrate STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT's lives at his will, far beyond mere musical production.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Official art shows he was quite attractive in his idol days.
    • In Mitsuo form he counts.
  • One-Hit Wonder: In-universe. He had one best-selling single, "Ai yue ni", before retiring and funding Saotome Productions and the academy.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His real name is Mitsuo.
  • Pet Monstrosity: Keeps an entire zoo in his house. Special mention goes to his tiger Rodriguez, who attacks some of the boys on occasion.
  • Trapped in the Past: In the Amazing Aria fandisc, he creates a time machine that sends him into the past and brings his 14-year-old self, Mitsuo, into the present.
  • Trrrilling Rrrs: Part of his speech.

     Other Characters 

Shinomiya Satsuki

The alter-ego of Natsuki. Is a genius when comes to composing music, although incredibly violent and rumoured to have put 50,000 people in the hospital.

CV: Kissho Taniyama
  • But Now I Must Go: In Natsuki's route in ''Repeat', he dissapears after Haruka assures him she'll always love Natsuki and that she'll never hurt him. Natsuki's personality from that point gets a bit more teasing and seductive, though.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Constantly makes passes at Haruka in the games, but he's obviously screwing around.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Just like Natsuki, in the games. In the anime it's switched to green.
  • Flanderization: To an extent in the anime, where his violent trait is the only notable thing about his character. The reason of his existence is never explained either.
  • Hidden Depths: In Natsuki's route in Repeat, it's revealed his reason for existing is protecting Natsuki from getting emotionally hurt, as he got his heart broken by his violin teacher when he was younger.
  • Japanese Pronouns: Uses "ore" when referring to himself, however, Natsuki uses "boku".
  • Super Strength: In the anime, he takes down a tree in his first five seconds.
  • The Tease: He's constantly "hitting on" Haruka but makes it rather clear he's just messing with her.


Tokiya's older twin brother, Hayato is an eccentric, energetic idol. Haruka idolizes him and hopes that he'll sing a song she wrote one day.

CV: Mamoru Miyano
  • Catch Phrase: "Ohayohho~!", used at the beginning of his variety show.
  • Image Song: Gets one in the anime, it's "Seiten☆OHA♪YAHHO".
  • Japanese Pronouns: Uses "boku" compared to Tokiya's "watashi".
  • Keet: So hard, and to such exclusivity, that his actual self, stoic loner Tokiya grew to really really despise doing the Hayato act. Hence, his enrolling in Saotome Academy to try for a career as his real self.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Subverted, since he and Tokiya are actually one and the same.

Kurusu Kaoru

Syo's younger twin brother who loves him very much. Comes to Saotome Academy to check up on Syo, as he's worried about his health. Attends one of Saotome Academy's sister schools. He aims to become a doctor in the future.

CV: Yuuki Kaji
  • Adapted Out: So far.
    • Averted with the OVA, where he gets a mention and appears in a flashback with Syo. He also says he wants to invite over Kaoru sometime.Also mentioned by Syo in episode 5 of season 3, and showed in another flashback.
  • Always Identical Twins: He and Syo look exactly alike; the only differences being Kaoru is taller, their bangs part to different sides, and Kaoru doesn't have pierced ears.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: He looks just like Syo, if Syo looks good as a girl, Kaoru looks good as a girl.
  • Big Brother Attraction: Could be taken as this; Kaoru firmly believes that he's the only one capable of making Syo happy.
  • Big Brother Worship: Looks up to Syo a little too seriously.
  • Big Little Brother: Though the younger brother, has a couple of inches on Syo.
    • Kaoru is also extremely protective of Syo, with how he acts around him, one could easily forget Kaoru's the younger brother.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: While Syo wants to become an idol, Kaoru is aiming to become a doctor. Also, Syo is more energetic while Kaoru is more responsible.