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The characters of Unregistered culminate here. Beware of spoilers if you don't know what a folder is supposed to mean!

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     Main Trio 

Leviathan Alexander

It looks like somebody's going to have to be the leader. And you're dressed for the motherfucking occasion.

Portalmaster extraordinaire, an incredibly efficient swordsman, and an all around Nice Guy, Leviathan Alexander is a driving force through the series. Despite being a tad silly, his heart is definitely in the right place, and he truly cares for most people.

  • Art Major Physics - His portals have a tendency to break the laws of physics, which he abuses.
  • Badass Adorable - Leviathan is described as a goofy person, and frequently does silly things for no express reason, and has the highest track record of using the INSANE command. He's also capable of easily taking out behemoths and is hard-pressed for an actual challenge.
  • Badass Cape - Leviathan is rather fond of his school-cape + outfit. See "Badass Adorable" above.
  • Cannot Spit It Out - Early on, he was afraid that if people knew about his abilities he'd be all alone. Turns out they all have powers! And they can be together and handle the workload together!
    • Also, he's a lot more appreciative of Ashley than he lets on. He's just afraid of leading her on by doing so.
  • Cluster F-Bomb - The most of the group. Lance is more about Precision F Strikes, and Ashley's language is absolutely sedate for the series.
  • Disc-One Nuke - His ability makes him practically invincible if he has forethought about blocking an attack. In C 1 A 5, it's been proven he can become invisible to machinery, allowing him to bypass any security whatsoever(he can also teleport through walls), and he's been proven to use his portal ability to amplify his damage and give his sword absurdly-powerful range. Justified in that it's a Prestige Class that he got way too early.
  • Fragile Speedster - His fighting style. He prefers to quickly take people down with his incredibly powerful weapon.
  • Foil - With Lance.
  • Glass Cannon - He has low health and almost no armour. This would be a problem if people could hit him.
  • Hurricane of Puns - With Lance.
  • Juggalo - Ironically... Or is it?
  • Katanas Are Just Better - His sword is incredibly powerful, and also happens to be a Katana. It helps, though, that it was made with the best materials money can buy.
  • Power Limiters - Leviathan's use of martial arts acted as this in C 1 A 1, because he didn't want to be too obviously powerful. He later moved onto swords.
    • Cursed with Awesome - Because of this "power limiter", Leviathan has put an abnormally high amount of time into Martial Prowess, making him incredibly manoeuvrable. His Martial Prowess is higher than Lance's, who trains the hardest.
  • Prestige Class - Portalmaster.
  • Superpower Lottery - Leviathan won this in spades. Not only is it an incredibly versatile mobility tool, it's also been shown to be a very great defensive tool, a wonderful thing to use in military battles, it's also been shown to help in offensive circumstances, too. Leviathan really won the superpower lottery - he was assigned a Prestige Class from the get-go.

Lance Lenin

You are LANCE LENIN. You go by Hammatime on the internet, and are basically the coolest dude around.
  • "Awesome McCool" Name - By reasoning of Added Alliterative Appeal.
  • Badass Bookworm - Lance studies very hard, despite what you might think.
  • Blood Knight - He does enjoy battle a bit, and starts fight on occasion.
  • Blow You Away - Technically, Lance is a Windshaper, but he rarely uses his magical abilities, using them sparingly despite his massive manapool.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower - Unlike Leviathan, who got really lucky with his class, and Ashley, who has access to a ton of money and the best trainers money can buy, Lance got to where he was by training. He was Level 17 at the beginning of the series(albeit in a student class) despite levelling up as a Civilian being ridiculously difficult. When he was made into a Carrier his already high amount of training made him unstoppable.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle - In C 1 A 5, Lance took down 3 thugs without even trying, some of them were 3 times his level. The 4th member was considerably more challenging, being a Sentinel.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Almost all of the things Lance says on chat.
  • Drop the Hammer - All the time. His name online is Hammatime for a reason, and he's all about hammers.
  • Famed In-Story - "Keeper of Breeze". He's only famous among Sentinels, though.
  • It Was a Gift - His current arsenal comprises entirely of gifts he got for his birthday.
  • Lightning Bruiser - Lance is quick and does a hell of a lot of damage with his hammers. He's also an adept mage, making him somewhat of a Jack-of-All-Trades.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards - While Leviathan's portal power is devastating, when the trio sped up to Level 17, Leviathan barely changed at all due to his ability not being very magical, but Lance got a whole slew of new abilities.
  • Magic Knight - Lance got a very magic-centric class. While Lance didn't get some of the bonuses that melee-type classes get in combat, he replaces them with standard natural ability and training from hell to offset the difference, putting his fighting ability roughly on par with that of melee type classes. This in no way impedes his magic ability.
  • No Social Skills - Lance isn't good with people. He's been shown to be an awful recruiter, and can only really chat eye-to-eye with the trio.
  • One-Man Army - Lance's fighting style is designed to take on as many people at once. His abilities with magic focus on crowd control, empowering him, and massive area of effect spells. Because of this, Lance is capable of attacking large groups of people at once.
  • Rank Inflation - In C 1 A 5, shenanigans resulted in Lance being level 17 in a class for level 4-6 people. Leviathan and Ashley also went up to level 17. They were considered overpowered for their class before. That's because the person who gave them that power was preparing them for Sentinels, who are far beyond the capacity of a bunch of Level 4s.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here! - Lance is not good with people. He didn't take the order to go recruit kindly.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality - Lance is a man of few words. He has been shown to be a legitimately caring person, though.