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    Marshall John Dalton
One wonders if all the TCA spacesuits are that square...
"He was in the Marines once before. They threw him out. Because he thought for himself. They called it "departing from established mission parameters." One time, this colonel ordered him to leave a wounded civilian behind. He told the colonel to shove it and dragged her out anyway. So he was court-martialled. Cashiered. Kicked out. He went on cop duty, patrolling the ass-end of space with the rest of us rejects. You can tell he hasn't changed, though. Pisses the hell out of Aida, but he still wades in with both fists and does what he thinks is right."
— Isaak

Voiced by: Michael Mack

A former Marine sacked out because of "departing from established mission parameters", he was reassigned to the Terran Colonial Authority Marshall Patrol force, which he shares with Aida, Isaak and Ne'Ban. All of them follow orders from Sector Commander Hawkins.

In Unreal II, he's offered his reinstatement into the Marines corps by following a risky mission where he must collect several pieces of an unknown artifact.

Tropes related to him:
  • A Space Marine Is You
  • The Captain
  • Deadpan Snarker
    Dalton: Great. I'm fighting giant, killer Mutant spiders.
    • After someone remarks they should have sent in marines:
    Dalton: They're few! They're proud! AND THEY AIN'T HERE!
    Scientist: ...stupid Jarhead...
    Dalton: I heard that. And it's MARSHAL Stupid jarhead TO YOU!!
    • After swimming through a bloodpool in a sewer during an early mission:
    Dalton: You know how they say that blood is thicker than water? Its true.
    • Exploring the laboratories in a frozen research center on a moon called "Hell":
    Aida: "...go to hell, Dalton."
    Dalton: "Already there, toots!"
  • The Hero
  • Idiot Ball: If he had listened to Aida, he would have prevented the Tosc from evolving into Eldritch Abominations and also saved his own crew.
  • Powered Armor
  • Scary Black Man
  • Yes-Man: Subverted.

Hot damn...

"Aida was a child prodigy, a strategic genius. An international 3D-chess-master by the age of ten, and drafted by the Terran Military before she was out of braces. About ten years ago, at the height of the Strider Wars, things were going badly for us. We were outnumbered and outgunned. It seemed only a matter of time before we'd be wiped out. Aida turned it all around. On an out-of-the-way planet called Taiko, she created a sort of electronic Potemkin village — a massive underground complex of transmitters and antennas. She made it seem as if the Terran military had concentrated their headquarters and most of their forces there. The Striders went for it. They landed in full force, right above the transmitters. Our ships had been hiding behind Taiko's moon. They came out and nuked the planet into oblivion. But it had a price. Taiko had hundreds of Terran colonists - innocents who couldn't be warned of Aida's plan. When she activated the transmitters, she signed their death warrant. But because they died, millions lived. She knows that. She made the choice, but she's never forgiven herself. As she grew older, she rebelled. She thinks the military made her a monster, and now she doesn't trust 'em — or anyone else."
John Dalton, about her.

Tropes related to her:


An ex-naval officer in charge of the flight deck on a space-carrier, Isaak screwed up big time during a major fleet engagement; he panicked and locked up due to fear, depressurizing a portion of the flight deck before the pilots were ready to launch, and sealed himself in the control cabin. He was courtmartialed as a result.

Voiced by: Jeff Baker

Tropes related to him:

"I am here, riding your ship."
"I am one of fifty princes, not even in line for throne."

Voiced by: Grant Roberts

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Sector Commander Hawkins
Don't let that "good man" face fool you.

Voiced by: Michael Kramer

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