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This is a character sheet for the manga Twinkle Saber Nova.

A few notes on the terminology:

  • Kyokusei are the currently strongest fighters among the Misaki students, who demonstrate highest achievements and are therefore exempted from tuition. All of them have "colorful" titles like "Sourai the Blue Lightning" or "Shukou the Scarlet Steel", with the most respected being "Crimson". When a Kyokusei graduates from Misaki, he or she must pass their title to a younger student, along with an individual emblem identifying them as such. Normally, each club is allowed to have only one Kyokusei at any time.
  • Hime (Japanese for "princess") is a special honorific given to a female student who holds the Crimson Kyokusei title. It isn't held by anyone at the moment because the current Crimson Kyokusei is male. However, he himself compares Hayana to a "Hime".

Ally of Justice Club

The Ally of Justice Club is established by Fujishiro-sensei in chapter 1, in response to the World Domination Club beginning their activities. It is currently based in the School Infirmary #4 ("Minato"), one of the four infirmaries at Misaki, which Fujishiro modified to serve as a club room.

The Allies of Justice's trump card are the Active Dresses, flashy Powered Armor suits designed and built by Fujishiro-sensei.

Hayana Suzunari

High School Sophomore Red

The Protagonist of the story, Hayana is an absolutely adorable little thing who is yet to suffer a major defeat. She doesn't belong to any club at first (mainly because she doesn't feel interested enough in anything) but readily enlists in Fujishiro-sensei's venture. Her main motivation is to protect the restaurants at Misaki (which is Serious Business) and to have fun.

Wields the Active Dress-001, Twinkle Saber. Still, in every chapter so far, hints have been dropped that Hayana is not as a simple as she looks: many characters (including herself) displayed awareness that her exceptional combat abilities don't come exclusively (or even mainly) from her Powered Armor. The Reveal is yet to come, however.

  • Badass Adorable
  • Big Eater: Aoi affectionately nicknames her "Princess Famished" because she really loves her food. When explaining why she resists to WDC taking over a tea house, she quipped: "Do you need a reason to protect something you love?"
    • To be a bit more accurate: In Chapter one, after ordering and eating everything on the menu, what does she do? Go for seconds.
  • The Ditz
  • Genki Girl
  • Henshin Hero, subverted twice: First, she doesn't actually transform into Twinkle Saber, she just mundanely puts on her armor. Secondly, the armor does little to conceal her identity, which is used both by her admirers (who form the Hayana Fan Club) and enemies (who conduct background investigations on her).
  • Improbable Weapon User:
    • Plasma Ribbon: Hayana's primary weapon in the first chapters, designed to simply stun the opponent.
    • Spinning Hoop: Introduced in chapter 3, this one is used for evading incoming attacks.
  • Instant Fan Club: The Hayana Fan Club is formed by chapter 2.
  • Jumped at the Call
  • Second Year Protagonist
  • Time to Unlock More True Potential: The Reveal of the true nature of Hayana's powers was narrowly averted in chapter 3, but it is viewed as inevitable by the characters now.

On a side note, Hayana has been referred to as "Silver Star Hime" by Takei after she defeated him, but the significance of this is yet to be revealed. Also, she and Aoi displayed the apparent ability to communicate telepathically in chapter 3, when attacked by WDC.

Kirise Fujishiro

Hayana and Aoi's health and physics teacher, as well as the founder and nominal president of the Ally of Justice Club. Despite her eccentric mannerism, she is apparently very good at what she does.

Aoi Kyouzuki

High School Sophomore Red

Hayana's classmate and best friend, who is slightly tsundere-ish towards her, in a Deadpan Snarker way. Despite Fujishiro-sensei's sincerest efforts and de facto already being a member, she has so far steadfastly refused to officially join the Ally of Justice Club, insisting that she is only there to make Hayana's lunches (which is actually quite a feat). She appears to be the Non Action Girl of the team but her "Aoi-chan chop" in chapter 3 reveals her more of a Martial Pacifist.

On a side note, she is one of two people (the other one being Kuon) who knew about Hayana's true potential from the start.

Satsuki Amamiya

High School Junior

The second member of the Ally of Justice Club, who joined out of admiration for Hayana. Somewhat of a Shrinking Violet, despite holding the Kyokusei title of "Sourai the Blue Lightning".

Wields the Active Dress-002, Arc Saber (almost identical to Hayana's own Twinkle Saber), and a naginata, which can be set to stun or slash.

  • Fangirl: Of both Hayana (she is, in fact, one of the only ten Platinum members of Hayana Fan Club) and Kuon (even more so).
  • Huge Schoolgirl: She is 1,71 m tall, which leads her to doubt her right to join the Allies of Justice, since Aoi is just 1,6 m, and Hayana, only 1,52 m tall.
  • Lady of War: Despite her timidness, she is a very graceful close-combat warrior, fittingly wielding a naginata.
  • Naginatas Are Feminine: Easily the most feminine of the group.
  • Shrinking Violet

World Domination Club

The World Domination Club (WDC) was formed, quite literally, to Take Over the World. However, since the world is big, they decided to start small and take over Misaki Academy. Since Misaki is pretty large itself, though, they reduced the current ambitions to conquering the Lunch Program and all its associate restaurants, which inevitably led them into a conflict with Hayana.

Unlike the Allies of Justice Club, the WDC is a fully legit club approved by the school authorities and based in their own club room.

By chapter 3, they arrange for the one-Kyokusei-per-club regulation to be called back, and enlist four of the recently acknowledged Kyokusei at once. They also create their own Powered Armor line, VSS, to counter the Ally of Justice Club's Active Dresses.

Yuuka Akishino

High School Sophomore Black

The World Domination Club President, first introduced in chapter 3. Little is know about her so far, except that she is treated with genuine respect by all her subordinates.

Kurou Asanagi

High School Junior Violet

The World Domination Club Vice-President, he is the primary field commander of WDC. Because of his failures in chapters 1 and 2, his authority is temporarily transferred to Yagusae in chapter 3. He is rather gender-ambiguous (not helped any by Shin Kagiya referring to him as "sister" in chapter 1) and has an easy-going attitude for someone aiming for world domination. Kurou is universally liked by the female membership of the club, with hints at some kind of a special relationship with Yuuka, and appears to have an Unknown Rival in Yuu Yagusae.

Yuu Yagusae

High School Sophomore Blue

A Kyokusei, "Shinsen the Violet Flash", who seems to have a rivalry with Kurou. A scheming personality, he is not above ruthless tactics in a fight. Forms a Sensitive Guy and Manly Man duo with the fellow Kyokusei Touya.

For some reason, Yuu refers to Kurou as "sempai", despite being a year above him.

Touya Shiki

High School Junior White

A Kyokusei, "Susa the Scarlet Sand", who relies on brute force in combat, which is the only thing he really cares about. Forms a Sensitive Guy and Manly Man duo with the fellow Kyokusei Yuu.

Aki Midou

High School Sophomore Green

A Kyokusei, "Hyakkou the White Shine". She is somewhat of The Smart Girl for the WDC, as she is the one who apparently built the VSS suits. Although formally introduced in chapter 3, she is mentioned as early as chapter 1 by Kurou, presumably being the first Kyokusei to be drafted by the Club. Forms a Tomboy and Girly Girl duo with the fellow Kyokusei Sae (herself being the tomboy).

Wields the white Priest VSS, equipped with a Sinister Scythe.

  • The Smart Girl
  • Women Are Wiser: She and Sae are appalled by Yuu's four-on-one tactics and let Hayana and Aoi make a run for their Active Dress before attacking Hayana for real.

Sae Tokigami

High School Sophomore Yellow

A Kyokusei, "Kokutei the Black Emperor", with a very timid personality. Can use teleportation on both inanimate objects and people. Forms a Tomboy and Girly Girl duo with the fellow Kyokusei Aki (herself being the girly girl).

Wields the black Silence VSS, equipped with a giant "Gate Saber", which she pulls out of Hammerspace.

Yuunosuke Arai and Natsuo Matsuda

High School Sophomore Green

Those Two Guys who are WDC's lowly minions, introduced in chapter 2. Although formally members of WDC, they have since become members of Hayana Fan Club (Arai is a Gold member) and pulled off somewhat of a Heel–Face Turn in chapter 3. Whether this will have consequences for their membership in WDC remains to be seen.

Rule of thumb to distinguish them: Arai is the blond one, Matsuda has black hair and glasses.

Unnamed spy

A yet unnamed girl who was spying on Hayana for Yuu in chapter 3.

Kazuma Takei

High School Sophomore Lavender

The current officially strongest Kyokusei, "Koujin the Crimson Edge", who is formally associated with the Kendo Club but was hired as Kurou Asanagi's bodyguard in chapter 1. After getting beaten up by Hayana the first time around, he trains more and seeks a rematch with her. Despite being soundly defeated again, he manages to damage Hayana's Active Dress, a feat yet to be surpassed (as Satsuki demonstrates, not even her strongest attack can break through the Twinkle Saber's armor). After uttering some cryptic lines, he disappears again, leaving his sword behind.

Other characters

Kuon Fuwa

A former Hime, "Gurenki the Crimson Princess". Kuon has long graduated from Misaki but has come back at Fujishiro-sensei's (her former sempai) request. She seems to have known Hayana and Aoi for a long time and is fully aware of Hayana's hidden strength.

Wields Crymson, the only Active Dress X-Trial prototype ever built, and a pair of bokken.

In short, a legendary badass.

Shin Kagiya

High School Junior Yellow

The Karate Club Kyokusei, "Shukou the Scarlet Steel", whose only purpose seems to demonstrate how strong Takei is by having the latter hand his ass back to him in chapter 1. Either shares the Scarlet Kyokusei title with Touya Shiki or passed it down to him immediately after his defeat.


Satsuki's female friend who briefly appears at the beginning of chapter 2.


The former "Sourai the Blue Lightning", who passed his title down to Satsuki. Never appeared in person so far.

Yuzuru Sashima

Proprietor of the Tea House QJ, where the first clash between Allies of Justice and WDC takes place in chapter 1. Nicknamed "Yuu-san" by Hayana.

Koushi Morinami

Proprietor of the Tea House Ariel, which appears in chapter 2.