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Characters: True Villains
Characters from the webcomic True Villains.

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    Xaneth's Team 

Sebastian Jalek

"I'm not just your run-of-the-mill adventurer. I'm Sebastian Jalek, adventurer extraordinaire!"

One of two newcomers to Xaneth's team. Sebastian used to be a famous adventurer and hero before he got roped into working for Xaneth.

Xaneth Antaris

"Because I have a plan. I always have a plan. So I want you to trust that it is going to work. Do exactly as I say, and you will come out just fine."

The Big Bad of the dungeon, and a very, very shrewd planner. Xaneth is never far from his crystal ball which allows him to see many, many things, and is an eye from O, the God of Vision.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle- Frequently engages in these, with the exception of a single offscreen duel. It's especially telling that he's able to force the retreat of Alyssa, Olivia and Brawn (after Sebastian, Bayn and Elia had all been indisposed) within a couple of pages.
  • Gilligan Cut- "Where are all my minions?!" "HERE I AM!"
  • Ineffectual Death Threats- His dialogue with Mia almost solely consists of these.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast- Gleefully invoked. All he has to do is fly into a town square and introduce himself and the populace flee en masse.
  • Tempting Fate- Increasingly during Saga 1, when the Golem comes to the dungeon.
  • Would Hurt a Child- ...And endlessly threatens to do so when Mia is within view.
  • Xanatos Gambit- At one point makes reference to a "Grandmaster Plan" that's ensured to succeed no matter what issues the past will unearth he's putting into motion when Sebastian asks why he spared him. The ending of Saga 5 makes him seriously reconsider the validity of that statement.

Elia Radscallion

"Aww, you still feel guilt! That's precious."

One of Xaneth's allies and a powerful Necromancer. She is introduced when she is enlisted to kill the survivors of Dorn.
  • A Day in the Limelight- Saga 4 puts her and her back story in the spotlight.
  • Affably Evil- She's a murderous psychopath who enjoys the prospect of having a few survivors to eviscerate. But she's such a sweetie. And she helps a random elf-girl out just because she was very obviously hiding her pain.
  • Ax-Crazy- Implied to have been reigned in by Xaneth since her Dark and Troubled Past as a serial killer. She lets it out full force when she storms a mansion with her undead army to rescue Aya.
  • Cuteness Proximity- Falls victim to this when Sebastian brings back Mia, who she's under orders to kill. A polite introduction and a cheery grin later and Elia's completely won over.
  • Good Hurts Evil- The Paladin's Super Mode - a gift from his God - during their battle causes a negative reaction with her dark magic, knocking her out cold for the rest of the Saga.
  • Gorn- Tends to happen when she's around. Her Establishing Character Moment is her melting a mugger's face off.
  • Machete Mayhem- Her weapon of choice, as revealed when she storms the mansion in Saga 4.
  • Nightmare Fetishist- Calmly and cutely tells Sebastian that she's off to melt some people, has the most gleeful expression while slaughtering innocents, and was in a relationship with a werewolf for an undetermined amount of time.
  • Not Me This Time- During Saga 3, there is a murder conducted in the exact same style Elia used when she lived there as a serial killer decades ago. She didn't do it.
  • Older Than She Looks- Looking at the picture, would you believe she's 86 years old? Justified by the fact that she's a Necromancer.
  • Power Incontinence- Played for laughs when she meets Mia. She's shown trying to use her face-melty powers, only to have them fizzle out when they meet the glow emanating from Mia's smile.
  • Serial Killer- Her back story, and the reason she changes skins when she accompanies Sebastian to Grantiar Isle.
  • Skin Walker- She's able to switch skins like a normal person switches dresses. Leads to a slight Glamour Failure when a monster pierces holes through her usual skin while she's not in it.
  • Would Hurt a Child- For a terrible moment, she confirms she'd do this, as per her orders. Luckily she's not immune to the Cuteness Overload personified that is Mia.

Mia Jalek

"I can't just give you things for nothing! Then you'd start expecting them. I have to keep you on a short leash, or else you'll be bad."

The team's cute child as well as golem maker. Mia has a special ability to bend, melt, and craft metal with her bare hands. She lived in Dorn as a street rat but was taken in by Sebastian.

  • Barefoot Poverty- Despite joining up with Xaneth's team, she has yet to wear shoes unless in disguise. Or using the Bo Ja Ks.
  • Cheerful Child- Despite being a homeless orphan, she is pretty much always happy.
  • Daddy's Girl- Sebastian cares for Mia a great deal, and when he rescues her from the Paladin he is actually crying.
  • Happily Adopted- Sebastian took Mia in- she uses his name because she does not know her own.
  • The Pollyanna- After living on the streets for her entire life and losing all of her friends, Mia is pretty much immune to death and sadness.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist- Mia is relatively good for being on an evil team. Her solution to the final dilemma in Saga 3? Tell the truth and get the bad guy.
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