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Characters: True Calling
    True Calling and True Calling: Maps and Charts 

Main Characters

Alexander Carlisle

Age: 17-19
Affinity: Water

The protagonist. A bit on the quiet side. He was friends with Chantarelle, The Chosen One, when they were children, and accompanied her on her mission to the top of the Tower of the Sun. Now of age, he goes on a quest to find her.

Mars (Mary Read)

Age: 25-27
Affinity: Fire

A female pirate with a firey personality. She's extremely rash and easily angered, but is brilliant when it comes to naval warfare. Her ship was destroyed in a hurricane prior to the start of the story and she lost her entire crew. She stayed on a deserted island for a while before Alexander rescued her. Alexander then made her promise to help him find Chantarelle. She goes along with it, hoping to find any remaining members of her crew.

Leah Spannagel

Age: 27-29
Affinity: Thunder

A notorious bounty hunter who speaks with a Dixie accent. She joins up with Alexander after hearing his story - she loves romances. The crew uses her ship until the Time Skip, as well as shortly after it. She's actually The Mole.

Bethany Renthas

Age: 15-17
Affinity: Ice

The daughter of one of the most powerful lords in the world and a mage-in-training. She wants to practice her magic in the real world, but her Overprotective Dad doesn't want her to. She joins up with the crew anyway.

Valis Aarden

Age: 21-23
Affinity: Earth

A former member of Mars' crew and the only survivor. Kind to a fault, he was only in her crew to earn money for his ailing mother. He was found by the group on an island recently struck by a cyclone - the same one that wrecked Mars' ship. He was helping to repair the buildings, and decided to join the group after some convincing by Mars.


Age: N/A
Affinity: Exception

A very mysterious fellow who appeared on the ship after the crew visits the town of South Ganymede. He's apparently looking for somebody, but who that is is anyone's guess. His affinity is Exception, which deals with the forces that govern the universe.


Age: 18-19
Affinity: Wind

A cyborg create by Dr. Blank. She doesn't really remember anything about what she was like before she became a cyborg. She falls in love with Alexander as the story goes on, but he's too preoccupied with Chantarelle to notice.


Age: Immortal
Affinity: Light

An angel and the one Gallow was looking for. He's on Vash in order to find and stop the Man in the Suit, but was captured by his forces and various experiments were run on him.


Age: 15 years since creation
Affinity: N/A

A robot built by Dr. Blank. Waltz is Dr. Blank and Rei's personal servant and bodyguard. He has no magical affinity, due to being a robot.

Aria Neri

Age: 11, now immortal
Affinity: Shadow

A young child who was captured and imprisoned by the Main in the Suit due to her strong magic. She was tested on extensively in order to create an immortal, and they succeeded - Aria cannot die, and cannot be injured more than a certain amount. She comes with the group post-Time Skip after helping Leah realize a Heel-Face Turn, but mostly she just wants to go home.


The Man in the Suit ( Azazel)

Age: N/A
Affinity: Exception

A mysterious figure who leads a mysterious force on the last remaining continent on Vash, which is almost all desert. His forces include dark creatures and mechanical beasts, and it's believed that his research team commits horrible biological crimes. He is actually a "dark angel" named Azazel who fled from the divine lands when he realized that he could live like a king on Vash.


Age: 28-30
Affinity: Wind

The Man in the Suit's strongest subordinate and an extremely powerful swordsman.

Murmur ( Leah in disguise)

Age: N/A
Affinity: Thunder

The Man in the Suit's mysterious right-hand man. Or woman.


Age: 24-26
Affinity: Water

Insane Blood Knight obsessed with the Man in the Suit. She would literally do anything for him.

Dr. Lunn

Age: 31-33
Affinity: Ice

Dr. Blank's former student who went crazy after his wife died. Now, he's the head of the Man in the Suit's biological department.


Lord Renthas

Age: 45-47
Affinity: Light

Bethany's father and one of the strongest men on the planet in terms of influence and strength. Commands a huge army and is the leader of the Federation of Molis.


Age: N/A
Affinity: Wind

Geographer who is close friends with Renthas. They visit Alexander at the start of the story and tell him about Chantarelle's possibly being alive; from there, they help out on numerous occasions.

Dr. Blank

Age: 100+
Affinity: Water

Renowned biologist and roboticist. He created Waltz and made Rei into a cyborg.


Age: 18
Affinity: Fire

The one Alexander is searching for.

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter

Age: 29, 27, and 19
Affinity: Earth, Wind, and Thunder

Mars' sisters. Mercury is a Jerk Ass, Venus is The Quiet One, and Jupiter is Moe.

    True Calling: We Will Rise Again 

Amy Carlisle


Seth Carlisle

    True Calling: A World of Feathers 

Main Characters






Emperor Red


    True Calling: Wings of Frost (and Sequels) 

Main Characters






See Aria under the first folder.


See Waltz under the first folder.






The Forever Emperor


    True Calling: Tower of Secrets 

Main Characters


The General





    True Calling: The First Rains 

Main Characters





The King

The Chancellor

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