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A wise old badger who seems to have a lot of power in the Underground where all the freaks, criminals, and others live with no fear from the normals above.

* FastTunnelling - Boris' preferred method to travel, it also apparently 'heals' any scars made in the ground by it's self.
* MagicalNativeAmerican - Boris comes off as a Shaman and fits this trope well.
* XRayVision - Boris has the power to see through solid earth with ease.


A mysterious red haired young female akita with a set of mysterious ties to the past and Dan, she was tossed into the future inadvertently in order to save her life and was sent farther into it then she was meant to go. Aurora is a little mentally unstable and its possibly due to her powers, which allow her to materialize objects, clones, and effect dreams via the Astral Plane.

* MeSaCrowd - Her cloning power allows her to make copies of her self after all
* CloningBlues - Same as above
* DreamLand - Being able to channel the Astral Plane means she can do a direct walk into dream land.
* TimeTravel - She was tossed into the future as a way to save her life, she doesn't really mind the future but despises it just the same.


The mystery person of the group sometimes, a raccoon who's past is shaded in lost history with seemingly no memories of it along with his powers. Despite not knowing anything at first Dan moved forward a great deal and eventually blended in to the life he awoke to and took up the mantle to be a hero, along with his strained partnership with Darkstar, the black scythe, he tends to make short work of foes if he actually tries. In a fight he normally just slows them down or speeds himself up to attack and defend and has demonstrated that ever since he obtained the dark and light powers he can truly wreck havoc if he was careless.

* CastingAShadow: One of his powers is to control darkness.
* LightEmUp: Another of his powers is to control luminance.
* ProtagonistWithoutAPast - He has no real memories of his past prior to the obelisk being his temporary tomb
* TimeMaster - Dan controls time
* TimeStandsStill - He also makes it appeared stopped
* TheSlowPath - Dan was introduced in the first book after being 'frozen-in-time' for 80 years.
* SealedGoodinACan
* [[spoiler: BarrierMaiden: Due to the self-sealing Dan performed he also kept the Great Light & Dark trapped in time; but when he was freed by Robert however these two were slowly freed themselves.]]


A half-angel KnightTemplar who is a support of the church and against all false religious orders.

* AbsurdlySharpBlade - Sakura's sword is angelically powered and is capable of cutting through steel.
* [[AmuletOfDependency Sword of Power]] - With out her sword or the ability to create one she has no direct electrical powers.
* [[ItemCrafting Artifact Creation]] - She has the power to make a sword out of the materials in the air around her.
* ShockandAwe - Her sword generates electrical energy and her power to manipulate it make this a deadly match.


A young warrior woman from an island just east of the mainland, she grew up with swords and great skilled training as a warrior but was at one time totally unaware of her special powers (possibly to keep her safe from the [[BigBad Silence Cult]] finding her) of water control and electricity generation. Being an Indigo Child, one blessed with divine rights and protected by a goddess named Grala, she seems to have developed Empathy.

* ActionGirl - Sabella is a warrior sword swinger by training
* ActionMom - She fits this trope for being a mother.
* MamaBear - A mother she fits this trope too when her child was even thought to be endangered.
* MakingASplash - She controls water at will
* ShockandAwe - She generates electricity --- scary combination with her water control
* TheEmpath - She developed a light form of this power towards the end of the second book and uses it more like a radar to find emotions then to influence them.

A young detective who enjoys helping people, he was originally brought to the city by tracking the killers of his former lover, he began working with the Relic Link as a liaison to various other groups including rivals, the police, and the military.

* ManlyGay - He tends to be on the butch side of everything.
* AnIcePerson - Frost has the power to create cold and ice.
* GoToGuy - Frost is THEE guy to go to in order to get information.


A half-demon girl who has the powers over fire and her own body (mainly her bones) who's whole purpose in life seems to be following the path of chaos and enjoying it as a sport.

* LovecraftianSuperpower - She controls her own bones, [[HealingFactor regens]] them on (and her own skin when the come out) demand, and tends to use them as a [[ImprobableWeaponUser weapon]].
* OurDemonsAreDifferent - She isn't your typical half-demon.
* PlayingWithFire - Her powers are over fire mostly even if it seems to only come out when she is really focused (as seen once when she becomes violently angry) or when she falls [[HeavySleeper asleep]].
* WeirdnessMagnet - Inverted, she is attracted to chaotic enegeries and some how senses them so if anything everyone ''else'' around her is the magent and she is drawn.
!![[color:Green:Xiion Dreztden]]

A tall, powerful, samurai trained in the arts of war, assassination, and flower arrangement for inner peace. His brooding stature and honor keep him at arms (and sometimes weapons) length from any allies but he is a loyal friend when needed.

* ProfessionalKiller - He is an assassin after all, by trade!
* RuleofCool - 7 feet tall, check, white trenchcoat, check, samurai assassin, why not?
* Keigo - Xiion speaks in this manner even in english!
* KnightErrant - Subverted to a degree, he has honor and morals but they are slightly eskewed compared to everyone else.


A boy genius (of sorts) due to his power of innate knowledge of any machine he physically touches, he is playful and carefree sometimes oblivious to the outside world or even what happens in his own home! As a side note he also generates portals and uses them to get around although he doesn't go very far away it seems.

* GadgeteerGenius - Brandon can take any hunk of junk and turn it into something useful...if it works.
* [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} Familiar Power]] - Umm his power seems...familar for some reason.
* TeleportersAndTransporters - Seeing as his power includes portal creation between two spaces, he quantifies as this.

!![[color:Green:Kalinda G.]]

A strong willed country girl who used the city as an 'escape' from her very sheltered life where she grew up. She has the hobby of marksmanship and has learned some basic magic spells; she joined the mysterious group known as the Relic Link earlier in her life where the took her in off the streets and basically trained her to be the equivalent of a knight.

* SuperStrength - Her special power is that naturally she is very strong able to lift upto 1 ton with ease.
* HermeticMagic - She learned magic from a book and a mentor, tho its mostly basic-low-level spells
* ImprobableAimingSkills - Kalinda has the ability to throw, shoot, or attack exactly what she wants to.
* KnightErrant - Subverted, she isn't really up to the Knight's Code
* StopOrIWillShoot - Kalinda would rather threaten then fire her guns
* TheRunaway - Partially type 1 mixed with 2.



A heroic-type of knight who acts as an ambassador to Tritnon for the Dragon Clan who wishes to settled in the city. He is stoic, quiet, calm, and very hard to anger but quick to fight for honor and his own beliefs.

* KnightErrant - Elijia is a good, just knight on an errand by his people.
* BreathWeapon - His last resort weapon is a huge-plasma beam from his mouth but he dislikes BeamSpam!


A shy young boy who got caught up in the deadly maze of ice from the fairy sisters creation, he joined the main heroes on their quest to escape the frozen hell. He later sacrificed himself in order to prove a point and take down more then half an army while protecting his friends.

* HeroicSacrifice - Rayte goes out in a blaze of glory as he charges into to save innocents from an army of [[MechaMooks killer robots]] whom promptly killed him with [[HollywoodAcid a deadly curse]] which melted him to nothing.
* TearJerker - Its kind of sad how he dies.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment - During the first story arc Rayte makes a comment that he would die for his friends or to protect innocents, next arc he does just that...running full force into an army of crazy robots and getting melted where he suffers FinalDeath.


A young half angel with the power of healing hands, a rare ability in the world. She is soft spoken, quiet, and reserved.

* HealingHands - the ''only'' true healing amongst the heroes.


A young female cat with light based powers, apparently short lived in the story.

* WhatEverHappendtoUncleChuck - Micha vanished after the first story she appears in.
* LightIsGood - Micha is mischievous but still good over all.


A young male wolf with no history and a mysterious past.

* LaserGuidedAmensia - Solan has no memory of who he is or why he is for that matter.
* NonActionGuy - Solan, being a child, is treated like a child most of the time.


A female star agate lizard with a pension for trouble, she is power hungry on some level and has the most unique and rarest form of powers in the city (and the planet). She is best friends with Sabella and partial friends with Jay and Dan. She rarely forms close relationships but Sabella and her daughter are amongst them. Jasmine often goes on chaotic sprees with Aurora and Sara, all three of them cause a fair amount of damage and if not for the Relic Link Jasmine would be in a maximum security prison for her abilities alone.

* MegaManning - Jasmine's power is Power Duplication; when in range of at least one other person with powers she automatically has a copy of their powers. She has been shown to be capable of handling three powers at once from three different sources.
* YouCanSeeMe - Jasmine can detect powers and people with them, this means she knows if a ghost, invisible person, or extra dimensional being is nearby...and already has their powers for herself.


The happy-go-lucky and easy going young male dingo who's main power consists of magnetic manipulation and control, happens to also be cursed with the power of summoning and often against his own will. Robert feels his summoning is a 'curse' as it forces him to venture into a forbidden structure and release a very ancient person when we first meet him. Robert's trained in robotics and has a field degree in it, this makes him one of the smarter members of the group. Eventually he gets over the whole curse feeling and embraces his summoning heritage, going as far as learning to summon a Jabberwocky and a Medicine Woman.

* SummonMagic - This is mostly because Robert's family is made up of Summoners.
* BlessedWithSuck - Robert's power has a few....flaws however it did get better.


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!![[color:Blue:Faith]] [[color:Black: Asheyah]]

The main villains of part of Fantasia, they were once Robert's summons.

* YinYangBomb - Holy & Evil working together!?
* LightIsNotGood
* ThePowerOfTheSun - For an evil succubus look-alike Asheyah actually represents the sun
* {{Lunacy}} - Somehow it fits Faith more

!![[color:Gray:Dusk, Dawn, and Midnight]]

The siblings and villains of Silence, their goal was to turn the world into a perfect utopia by making free will obsolete.

* ImprobableWeapon - They have some odd weapons for villains - card whip, boomarang ring, and halbard of energy.
* GrandTheftMe - They can steal souls and take over bodies.
* [[SoulJar Soul Control]] - They have the power to store souls inside non-lving bodies and can stay themselves beyond death.


A power sucking vampire who needs superpowers to survive, he is from AnotherDimension.

* OurVampiresAreDifferent - He sucks up powers at first...then your life force. But its ok, thats how he actually feeds to live.


* ProfessionalKiller - Its his job to kill others.



* ChildProdigy - Being naturally smart and knowledge absorbent despite having a lame power like vibration generation makes him fairly useful for the Relic Link.