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* Characters/TransformersGeneration1Autobots


* Characters/TransformersGeneration1Decepticons


[[folder:Cybertronian Empire]]

!!Liege Maximo

One of the Thirteen Original Transformers, created as a force of evil to keep the balance with his good counterpart, Prima. He's implied to be the founder of the Decepticons, and he left Cybertron with several followers to create a Cybertronian Empire that {{Terraform}}s conquered planets.
* ManBehindTheMan: To Jhiaxus.
* OrcusOnHisThrone

!!!Function: Air Space Commander
-->"The only thing I fear... is myself."

The general of the Liege Maximo's Cybertronian Empire in the G2 comics. Alternatively, Jhiaxus was a crew member on the ''Ark-1'' and serves as Nova Prime's pet mad scientist; his obsession with forcing Cybertronian evolution has led him to introduce gender to the Transformer race, modify his own body into a form resembling [[TransformersFilmSeries that of Bayformer Starscream]], and the creation of both [[CombiningMecha gestalt]] and [[PintSizedPowerhouse Micromaster technology]].
* CanisLatinicus / PunnyName / TakeThat: Well aware that the ''ComicBook/TransformersGeneration2'' series would probably be cancelled before it ran very many issues due to unrealistic sales expectations, Simon Furman named him after the pun "Gee, axe us!"
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He is forced to confront his in Generation 2 issue #3. He was once a violent sadist, and has since cultivated a calm and reasonable personality in an effort to convince himself that he is a moral person. It turns out that's just a facade, and that he's still as bad as he always was. Naturally instead of admitting this, he's determined to kill Prime and the Autobots so they can't remind him of the truth of who he is.
* DragonAscendant: Could be considered TheDragon to Nemesis Prime, and becomes the BigBad in RID. When Dark Cybertron begins he willingly [[DemotedToDragon demotes himself]] to serve his pupil, Shockwave.
* TheEvilGenius: To Nova Prime's BigBad in the IDW comics.
* EvilMentor: To Shockwave, again from IDW.
** SurpassedTheTeacher: By Dark Cybertron, he admits that Shockwave is his superior.
* EvilutionaryBiologist: Or the closest equivalent for a race of mechanical lifeforms, at any rate. [[ProfessorGuineaPig He's even willing to experiment on himself]], [[{{Gonk}} resulting in a body that has far more in common with the Transformer designs of the recent movies than Generation 1.]]
* GoneHorriblyWrong: IDW Jhiaxus had a ''very'' poor track record when it came to his experiments. The end result of his attempt to introduce gender to a genderless species, Arcee, became a psychotic and violent mass-murderer obsessed with tracking him down and murdering him as slowly and painfully as possible; and Monstructor, his effort at producing a gestalt, is a nigh-indestructible and vicious killing machine, about the only one that didn't go wrong is his space bridge invention.
** Actually subverted on Monstructor's insanity. According to [[ComicBook/TheTransformersRobotsInDisguise RID issue 7]], Jhiaxus doesn't consider it a weakness.
* MadScientist
* TheUndead: Like all Dead Universe Transformers.

* MauveShirt
* MeaningfulName: Meta example; he shows the mindset of the Imperials to the reader.
* RoboFamily: All Imperials are related to some Autobot or Decepticon via "budding", but he's one of the few ones whose ancestor is revealed, the Combaticon leader Onslaught.

* {{Foil}}: To Jhiaxus. He keeps his cool while Jhiaxus is slowly losing it throughout the comic.
* LeanAndMean: Regeneration One has him considerably thinner and sleeker looking.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Justified example. He leaves because Jhiaxus is out of control and he needs to inform the Liege Maximo.

[[folder: Humans]]

!! Spike Witwicky
The Autobots' iconic human friend.
* ABoyAndHisX: A boy and his robotic best friend. And that would be Bumblebee.
* CasanovaWannabe: In his younger years, hitting on nearly every girl he meets and failing. And that's even after meeting Carly.
* DecompositeCharacter: Originally, Spike in the cartoon and Buster in the comics filled the same role in their respective continuities. Spike was introduced much later in the comics as Buster's older brother.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: After becoming Fortress Maximus.
* LegacyCharacter: To Galen as Fortress Maximus [[spoiler:and Becomes Circuit Smasher in the Regeneration One series.]]
* LikesOlderWomen: Many of the girls he hit on were much older than him. He was 15 when he met Carly, who was in college.
** Though she may have entered college young. She was ''that'' smart.
* OfficialCouple: With Carly.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: [[spoiler:In Regeneration One. Because the Autobots weren't there to protect the Earth when Megatron and his [[OurZombiesAreDifferent zombie hordes]] attacked, he now hates them with a passion.]]

!! Sparkplug Witwicky
Father of Spike and Buster.
* BadassGrandpa
* BadassNormal
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Completely disappears after season 2. Although, it is entirely possible that he died of old age in the twenty year gap between season 2 and TheMovie.
** He was in the script for "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1", on the Earth Defense Command shuttle with Blaster and Outback going to Carbombya to investigate Decepticon activity. His single line in the script was given to Blaster in the final episode.
* ThePatriarch

!! Buster Witwicky
Spike's younger brother, and the Autobots' friend in the Marvel Comics.
* BadassNormal
* BadassBookworm
* DumbBlonde: Averted, as he's actually quite smart.
* HeroesWantRedheads
* [[spoiler: KilledOffForReal]]: [[spoiler: by zombie Ratbat - [[BrickJoke in a car wash]], no less]], in the backstory of ''Regeneration One''.
* RealMenWearPink: He wears a pink shirt.
* OfficialCouple: With Jesse.

!! Chip Chase
Spike's wheelchair-bound best friend.
* BadassBookworm
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: He stops appearing halfway through season two. Though he does make a two second cameo appearance (with his back to the viewer) in the Japanese-exclusive special, "Scramble City." Concept art of an adult Chip was created for ''The Headmasters'', but he never appeared.
* HandicappedBadass
* NerdGlasses

!! Carly
Spike's girlfriend and future wife.
* BadassBookworm
* DumbBlonde: Averted, as she's studied at MIT.
* OfficialCouple: With Spike.

!! Daniel Witwicky
Spike and Carly's son.
* BadassAdorable
* JumpedAtTheCall: And he did ''much'' better than Hot Rod.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For his father.
* TagalongKid

!! Doctor Arkeville
A MadScientist ally of Megatron who specializes in mind-control in the Season 1 Three-Parter ''The Ultimate Doom,'' in a bid to become the ruler of Earth once Megatron has harvested all its energy.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Even though Doctor Arkeville happily ''enslaves'' human beings by the hundreds with his [[BrownNote hyno-chip implants]], he draws the line at cold-blooded murder, and is visibly ''horrified'' by Megatron's callous proposal of leaving them to die in favor of gathering energy, showing clear concern for the safety and welfare of his slaves over his conquest of Earth.
* HollywoodCyborg: The top of his scalp and his left hand are metallic-mechanical replacement of biological ones.
* ObviouslyEvil: Well, the word '''Evil''' is in his name, after all.
* TheQuisling

!! Jesse
Buster's girlfriend in the Marvel comics
* AllWomenAreLustful: Not that Buster's complaining.
* FieryRedhead
* [[spoiler: KilledOffForReal]]: in ''Regeneration One''.
* OfficialCouple: With Buster.

!! Marissa Faireborn
The Autobots' main contact/ally in the Earth Defense Command. [[IntercontinuityCrossover Daughter of]] [[GIJoe Flint and Lady Jaye]]. In her younger years, she was ironically a vigilante opposing the EDC (at the time, the EDC was anti-Transformer), and was a Kiss Player, a girl with the ability to kiss a Transformer to FusionDance with it and dramatically boost its powers and share her knowledge and skills.
* ActionGirl
* BroughtDownToNormal
* TheCaptain
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Shaoshao Li fell in LoveAtFirstSight with her.
* FieryRedhead
* IdolSinger: After losing her Kiss Player powers, she briefly formed a singing group with Atari Hitotonari, Shaoshao Li, and others to travel the world and promote improved relations between humans and Transformers.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Optimus Prime in ''Kiss Players'' and Jazz in ''Dreamwave''.
* KnifeNut: In ''Kiss Players''.
* PrecociousCrush: In ''Kiss Players'', she reveals that she fell in love with Optimus Prime as a child when he saved her and her father.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* TouchedByVorlons: Her Kiss Player powers came from [[spoiler: exposure to fragments of Galvatron's body infused with Unicron's energy. She lost them when the fragments were reabsorbed.]]
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler: The Sparkbots nearly tricked her, Atari, and Shaoshao into summoning Unicron. Primus had to personally intervene to prevent this.]]

!!Josie Beller/Circuit Breaker
Josie was a brilliant scientist who was crippled in an attack by the Decepticon Shockwave. Vowing revenge, but transferring her hatred to '''all''' Transformers, she designed a cybernetic suit that allows her to walk again, fly, and channel electricity. Only appears in the comics.
* AntiVillain: Besides her vendetta against Transformers, her main motivation is to help and protect humans, repeatedly risking her life and taking injuries to save innocent bystanders.
* TheCameo: Briefly appears in ''ComicBook/SecretWarsII'', where she has a chat with [[RealityWarper The Beyonder]]. He found her very interesting and amusing, so he cancelled his plan to brainwash the entire universe. He reasoned that turning people into mindless slaves would deprive him of such excellent entertainment. In essence, she saved the universe without even realizing it.
* ClingyCostume: Since she needs it to walk.
* {{Determinator}}: She designed and constructed her suit while she only had the use of ''one arm''.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: She once pumped out enough electricity to make ''Unicron'' scream in pain, distracting him long enough for Optimus Prime to defeat him with The Matrix of Leadership.
** BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu: The strain of this feat put her in a coma.
* DisabilitySuperpower
* DisabledHottie
* FantasticRacism: She considers all Transformers to be soulless abominations, mockeries of life that must be destroyed.
* {{Flight}}
* GeniusCripple
* HandicappedBadass
* HotScientist
* MsFanservice[=/=]{{Stripperific}}: She's naked under her cybernetic suit, which looks like thin strips of strategically placed tinfoil.
* ShockAndAwe: Her name "Circuit Breaker" is well put, as she can electrocute Transformers until they short circuit and burn.
* VanHelsingHateCrimes: It doesn't matter how much other humans vouch for the Autobots, she doesn't care.
* VaporWear

!! Atari Hitotonari
When her parents were killed in a Transformer-related accident, she was left despondent, resentful of the giant robots, and wishing to die. But when she was discovered to be a Kiss Player, perhaps the most powerful Kiss Player in existence, she was forcibly drafted into the Earth Defense Command, partnered with a man-made Transformer called Autorooper Ne-04, and ordered to help defend the world against the threat of Legion, an army of monstrous creatures formed from Galvatron.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: When she is pushed, she pushes back, hard. Her feats include tearing a girl who had murdered her friend limb-from-limb, and [[spoiler: throwing Galvatron into space.]]
* BigEater: Often gorges herself on donuts and other sweets.
* BroughtDownToNormal
* ButtMonkey: She's taken some incredible humiliation, like Starscream taking over her body and going on a rampage with her panties exposed.
* CharacterDevelopment: Her story from start to finish consisted of her learning to overcome her shyness and fears, accepting her duty, and understanding the importance of truly living.
* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Despite her reluctance to fight and desire to be ordinary, she cannot stand to see anyone in pain.
* DeathSeeker: At first.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Another Kiss Player named [[PsychoLesbian Ringo Chikuma]] stalked her and gave her several {{Forceful Kiss}}es.
* IdolSinger: After losing her Kiss Player powers, she briefly formed a singing group with Marissa Faireborn, Shaoshao Li, and others to travel the world and promote improved relations between humans and Transformers.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Autorooper Ne-04. She says she feels a sense of humanity within him.
* {{Meganekko}}
* PaintItBlack: While she was possessed by Starscream, her outfit turned black.
* ShrinkingViolet
* SurvivorGuilt
* TouchedByVorlons: Her Kiss Player powers came from [[spoiler: exposure to fragments of Galvatron's body infused with Unicron's energy. She lost them when the fragments were reabsorbed.]]
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler: EDC Commander Hitoshizuku Amaō manipulated nearly her entire life, including the deaths of her parents and her gaining Kiss Player powers, so she could be used as the perfect host body for Hitoshizuku's dead daughter. Fortunately, Atari, Marissa, Shaoshao, and their partners foiled this plot and defeated her.]]
** [[spoiler: The Sparkbots nearly tricked her, Marissa, and Shaoshao into summoning Unicron. Primus had to personally intervene to prevent this.]]

!!Shaoshao Li
Marissa Faireborn's childhood friend, who became a Kiss Player and enlisted in Earth Defense Command to fight Legion. She was Autorooper Ne-04's original partner, but went missing for a while and resurfaced with Hot Rod as her partner.
* ActionGirl: Knows martial arts and weapons like tonfas.
* BroughtDownToNormal
* CharacterDevelopment: Learned to be nicer and more accepting. Eventually got over her obsession with Marissa and gave her and Optimus Prime her blessing.
* ChineseGirl
* DualTonfas
* GreenEyedMonster[=/=]TheResenter: Hated Optimus Prime for "stealing" Marissa from her. Hated Atari for being more powerful than her (Shaoshao was considered the most powerful Kiss Player before Atari came along).
* FantasticRacism: Hates the Transformers and resents having to partner with them. She reluctantly admits that she enjoys kissing Hot Rod.
* IdolSinger: After losing her Kiss Player powers, she briefly formed a singing group with Marissa Faireborn, Atari Hitotonari, and others to travel the world and promote improved relations between humans and Transformers.
* InterspeciesRomance: With Hot Rod. Though she never truly loved him.
* {{Jerkass}} -> JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* LoveAtFirstSight: Loved Marissa from the moment they met as children.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: Tried to goad Hot Rod into killing Optimus Prime. Hot Rod nearly went through with it because he was under the impression that Prime was an imposter.
* {{Qipao}}: One of her iconic outfits.
* SlaveCollar: Ever since she was a child, she's worn a metal collar that's secured with a padlock and has "Fortune" engraved on it. She never removes it and it is not affected by TheNudifier. She is not and has never been a slave, but she refuses to explain its purpose or origin.
* TouchedByVorlons: Her Kiss Player powers came from [[spoiler: exposure to fragments of Galvatron's body infused with Unicron's energy. She lost them when the fragments were reabsorbed.]]
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: Unfortunately for her, Marissa only had eyes for Optimus, and is straight.
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler: The Sparkbots nearly tricked her, Atari, and Marissa into summoning Unicron. Primus had to personally intervene to prevent this.]]

!! Ringo Chikuma
A Kiss Player partnered with the man-made Transformer Autorooper Ne-01 who happily enlisted in the EDC for the opportunity to fight and slaughter. When Atari Hitotonari was forced to join, Ringo stalked, sexually harassed, and abused her. Atari was too frightened and unassertive to resist, essentially making her Ringo's sex slave behind closed doors. When Atari tried to report her, she was ignored. When Ringo made the mistake of callously gunning down one of Atari's friends right in front of her, Atari finally snapped and tore her limb-from-limb.
* AxCrazy
* BloodKnight
* DomesticAbuser
* DrivesLikeCrazy
* ForcefulKiss
* GirlishPigtails
* HairDecorations: Heart-shaped hairpins.
* HemoErotic
* InsistentTerminology: Ordered Atari to call her "Princess Ringo".
* KarmicDeath
* PintSizedPowerhouse
* PsychoLesbian
* TouchedByVorlons: Her Kiss Player powers came from [[spoiler: exposure to fragments of Galvatron's body infused with Unicron's energy.]]
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Pink Hair]]

!! Abdul Fakkadi
The self-professed Supreme Military Commander, President-for-Life, and King of Kings of the [[PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya]]. A corrupt and greedy leader who is often willing to make deals with the Decepticons to further his goals. The creation of this incredibly offensive Middle-Eastern stereotype caused Creator/CaseyKasem (who is of Lebanese descent) to quit the show in disgust.
* ChestOfMedals
* {{Expy}}[=/=]TakeThat: Of UsefulNotes/MuammarGaddafi.
* TheGeneralissimo
* {{Greed}}
* {{Jerkass}}
* TheMagnificent
* MonumentalTheft: Once hired Octane and Trypticon to steal landmarks like Fort Knox and the Eiffel Tower.
* PresidentForLife
* TryToFitThatOnABusinessCard

!! G.B. Blackrock
The CEO of Blackrock Industries.
* AmbiguouslyJewish: His last name sounds like an Anglicization of Schwarzstein, and creator Bob Budiansky said he based the character's name off that of his friend Gary Bennett Schwartz; both Budiansky and Schwartz are Jewish.
* TheCasanova
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Comicbook/IronMan Tony Stark]].
* HonestCorporateExecutive
* ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules

!! Nova Prime
A Matrix-bearer and leader of the Cybertronian people from countless millions of years before the time of Optimus Prime, Nova Prime ruled in a time when the Cybertronian race was enjoying a golden age of prosperity and power. Seeing his species as the greatest form of life in the universe and thus deserving of its rulership, the expansionist Nova gathered a crew of loyal and likeminded Transformers to crew a vast spaceship known as the ''Ark-1''; ostensibly theirs was a mission of exploration and mapping the galaxy, but in reality their goal was one of conquest. Fortunately for most other forms of life, the ''Ark-1'' and its crew vanished into the [[NegativeSpaceWedgie Benzuli Expanse]] shortly into its maiden voyage and was presumed destroyed with all hands. This turned out not to be the case, however; instead of destroying them, the Benzuli Expanse flung Nova Prime and his crew into the [[{{Mordor}} Dead]] [[EldritchLocation Universe]], its fell energies transforming them until they were neither living nor dead. Now, millions of years later, '''Nemesis Prime''', still holding to his expansionist ideals, intends to merge the Dead Universe with our own in order to create a reality where Cybertronian life reigns supreme, but how much of this is his own plan and how much of it comes from the creeping, malevolent sentience which sustains him cannot be determined...
* AdaptationalHeroism: The original Nova Prime was always a villain, even back when he was a "good guy" he was deeply racist and heavily promoted the ideal humanoid Cybertronian at the expense of both non-humanoid Cybertronian life and all other Organic life. He had intended to create an empire that expanded across space, before he was turned into Nemesis Prime which made him an OmnicidalManiac. Every time he appears in other continuities he's recast as a better person.
** The ''Transformers Legends'' game has Nova Prime as a peaceful ruler of Cybertron who must confront Nemesis Prime, his evil future self.
** ComicBook/TransformersShatteredGlass recasts Nova as the new identity of the revived Evil Optimus Prime, who is now a good-guy.
** VideoGame/TransformersDevastation Nova was an idealistic and moral leader of Cybertron who was corrupted by Unicron.
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler: Briefly returns thanks to the D-Void, but is ultimately killed by Galvatron again, and in ''ComicBook/TheTransformersDarkCybertron'' he returns to life once again now calling himself Nova Prime again]].
* BigBad: For the IDW comics prior to ''ComicBook/TheTransformersAllHailMegatron''.
* DarkIsEdgy
* DarkIsEvil
* EvilCostumeSwitch: A variation; when we first see Nova prime in a flashback his colour scheme [[LightIsNotGood is predominantly white]], but as Nemesis Prime [[PaintItBlack his colour scheme is inverted.]]
* TheEvilsOfFreeWill: Sought to eliminate free will from Cybertronians and the galaxy at large.
* TheUndead

!! Quintessons
-->'''Prosecutor''': Guilty or innocent?\\
'''Magistrate''': Innocent.\\
'''Prosecutor''': Feed him to the Sharkticons.

A hostile race of mechanical, squid-like beings with up to five faces on their bodies.
* AbusivePrecursors: In those continuities where the Quintessons colonized Cybertron in the distant past and built robotic slaves who would eventually turn against their masters and become Autobots and Decepticons. Needless to say, the Quintessons aren't happy about being given the boot by their former servants, and seek to either re-enslave or destroy all Cybertronians.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: There are no good Quintessons, there are only organized and disorganized ones. Al-Badur was the only one to help the Cybertronians, but he turned on them in the end. Pentius initially presented himself as a neutral malevolent force meant to steer Megatron towards evil. He was wicked, but firmly believed in bettering Megatron to the point where he approves of Megatron killing him for survival, and even Pentius reduced to a spark, betrays Megatron for his own gain.
* CardCarryingVillain: "[We] are ''Quintessons''! ''Arrogance'' is our life’s blood, ''ambition'' is our food and drink, but most of all, ''hubris is the air we breathe''!!
* CombatTentacles
* DirtyCoward
* FantasticRacism: Have disdain for all other races, Cybertronians and humans in particular.
-->"Humans are disgusting creatures, but worthy of study, if only to find a better way of destroying them."
* HangingJudge
* {{Jerkass}}
* KangarooCourt: Tend to capture beings and subject them to mock trials that serve no purpose except their own amusement. They are fond of simply declaring everybody who they try as "innocent", then dropping them into pits full of Sharkticons anyway. They admit pleading for one's life "sometimes helps... but not often."
* MadScientist
* MechaMooks: In the Marvel G1 comics, they are Unicron's enforcers that hunt down and pick off anything that escapes his maw.
** In the 3H comic continuity, Unicron hired them to seek out the body of Primus. After discovering him in the form of Cybertron, the Quintessons decided to tell Unicron about it later. And the rest is history.
* SharkPool: Pools of Sharkticons are among their main weapons.
* SquishyWizard: Get past their technological defenses and they are easy prey. They have no aptitude for direct combat and can easily be overpowered by humans despite their immense size.
* {{Toyless Toyline Character}}s: To date, no Quintesson toys have been released, probably because they would be way too complex even for today. In 1986, they would be ''impossible'' to make due to the limitations of toy technologies.
* WarForFunAndProfit: Quintessons were war profiteers in the original cartoon.

!! Primus
The Lord of Light and counterpart of Unicron, Primus is the Creator God of the Transformers. The spark of each Transformer is a piece of his lifeforce, and combined, they form his essence, the Allspark. He created the Thirteen original Transformers to man his body in planet mode, but when The Fallen betrayed him, Primus was forced to go into stasis, in an effort to prevent Unicron from finding Cybertron and devouring it, which would destroy that universe. Like his brother and his creations, Primus is a multiversal singularity, meaning there is only one version of Primus in the vast multiverse.
* BigGood: The highest authority there is on the Autobots' side, surpassing even Optimus Prime.
* FightingAShadow
* GeniusLoci: He ''is'' Cybertron, or, at least, trapped within Cybertron. It varies DependingOnTheWriter.
* ManipulativeBastard: And he's supposed to be the "good" one.
* MinorMajorCharacter
* MultipleChoicePast: He's either a primordial force or the former lab assistant of the MadScientist Primacron.
** In the DK ''Ultimate Guide'', he actually split from Unicron. ''Really.''
* OmniscientMoralityLicense: Everything he does is in some way to combat Unicron and protect the universe, but that doesn't mean its convenient or pleasant for the little guys.
* PhysicalGod
* WorldOfBadass: He is Cybertron. And nobody would deny the Transformers are Badass.

!! Unicron
The primordial personification of Chaos and Darkness, Unicron is the ultimate force of evil in Transformers--not simply in Generation 1, but in ''all'' iterations of the brand. Like his brother and archenemy Primus, Unicron is a multiversal singularity--in all the myriad realities of the transformers universe, there is only one Unicron.[[note]]This may not apply to the Franchise/TransformersAlignedUniverse.[[/note]] The Chaosbringer has seen our existence, our reality, and he has taken offense; Unicron's greatest desire is to consume and annihilate all of creation, all possible realms of existence, until naught remains but an infinite void of absolute nothingness, at the center of which he shall sleep forever more, his tasks complete. You cannot destroy Unicron permanently; blow up his physical body, and he simply reforms in another part of the multiverse to continue his never-ending quest to devour all reality.
* AchillesHeel: The energy of the Matrix of Leadership can devastate his physical form.
* AlwaysABiggerFish: While they haven't come into direct conflict (yet), Unicron has just recently been trumped as the biggest threat in the franchise, by the [[EldritchAbomination Elder]] [[HyperspaceIsAScaryPlace Gods]].
* AsLongAsThereIsEvil
* DealWithTheDevil: Occasionally the Chaosbringer will see fit to empower mortal creatures with a fragment of his essence, upgrading their bodies and granting them new abilities in order to carry out whatever tasks he requires of them. The most well-known of these Heralds of Unicron is [[TransformersTheMovie Galvatron]], though there have been many others, and not all of them exhibit the same degree of independence and free will as Galvatron did. Unicron cares little for his pawns, however, and in the end his goals call for their consumption as well.
** WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Service to Unicron leads to madness and loss of self.
* EldritchAbomination: Those who have seen only the movie believe Unicron to be little more than a PlanetEater, but the truth of the matter is that Unicron consumes ''all things''--matter, existence, time and space, ''all of these'' are mere morsels snapped up to sate his unholy hunger, however briefly.
* {{Expy}}: Of Angra Mainyu, the leader of the forces of evil in UsefulNotes/{{Zoroastrianism}}. He fits this role better than the Christian {{Satan}} given that he's a dark mirror of the Creator with roughly equal power rather than an inferior pretender.
* EyeBeams
* FightingAShadow
* GeniusLoci
* GodOfEvil
* GreaterScopeVillain: He is a bigger threat than Megatron, but is only fought in TheMovie.
* ItsAllAboutMe: To the point where he is offended that anything other than him can even exist.
* LosingYourHead: Rodimus Prime reduced him to a head, but he is still incredibly dangerous whenever he regains consciousness.
* MultipleChoicePast: He's either a primordial entity like Primus or the creation of a MadScientist named Primacron who rebelled against his creator and decided to destroy everything.
* OmnicidalManiac: The Dark God utterly loathes existence with a passion, and is slowly making good on his goal of consuming all of creation; Unicron has already devoured more than a fifth of all possible universes.
* OffTheScale: Usually, stats are 1 to 10 for a Transformer. Unicron's stats whenever a toy of his full body is released has many of his stats listed as unknown. One online retailer exclusive figure has them set at '''''Infinity'''''
* PhysicalGod: Specifically, a dark god.
* PlanetEater: When Unicron says he wants to be alone, ''he damn well does something about it''. If he eats everything, then all will be a part of him, and he will finally be alone.
** SpacetimeEater: He won't be satisfied until he's devoured ''all'' of reality.
* TheRedBaron: The Dark God, the Chaos-Bringer.
* {{Satan}}: The equivalent in Transformer culture.

!! The Fallen
One of the Thirteen Original Transformers created at the dawn of time by Primus to crew his planetary shell, the being once known as '''Megatronus Prime''' served as the guardian of entropy, overseeing the orderly dissolution of all things in preparation for the next creation. Destruction came to fascinate him too much, however, and as he forgot his original purpose he gave himself to Unicron, turning on his former master and his brethren amongst the Thirteen. '''The Fallen,''' as he is now known, is a cosmic force of evil, his physical form little more than a cage for the raging inferno of chaotic power which constitutes his essence; he can only be defeated, never destroyed. Like Primus, Unicron, and the other members of the Thirteen, The Fallen is a multiversal singularity--as such, The Fallen of Dreamwave Comics and The Fallen [[RevengeOfTheFallen from the Michael Bay movies]] are the same character.
* DealWithTheDevil: Like his dread master, The Fallen has been known to bargain with and empower the lesser mortals of the multiverse, tempting them with the forbidden promises of dark science and entropic magic that they might see to his dark designs. He himself made a deal with Unicron.
* EnergyBeing: The body we see is merely a shell for the chaotic energies that now comprise the Fallen's form.
* TheDragon: To Unicron.
** DragonAscendant: In TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen
* FallenAngel
* FightingAShadow
* TheNameless: Loses his name after siding with Unicron. The Fallen is more of a descriptor than a name.
* OmnicidalManiac
* PhysicalGod
* {{Satan}}: A more direct analogue than Unicron.
* WreathedInFlames: The eldritch energies contained within The Fallen's body cause him to appear constantly ablaze in unholy fire.

!! Tornedron
Another being created by the MadScientist Primacron, technically making him Unicron's little brother. A being of pure energy that exists to consume the energy of the universe. Was eventually destroyed by Grimlock applying ReversePolarity to make him dissipate.
* EldritchAbomination
* EnergyAbsorption
* EnergyBeing
* FeedItWithFire: Attacking him just makes him stronger, since he absorbs energy.
* OmnicidalManiac
* OneToMillionToOne: Does this to pursue multiple targets.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting