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Characters: Total Drama Roadtrip
A list of the 16 characters appearing in Total Drama Roadtrip, separated by the two teams:

    Screeching Tires 

Screeching Tires

Drew Waits

Drew is a hyper guy with a taste for adventure. His hero is Indiana Jones. He will go off by himself sometimes during a challenge to do so (for example, he goes off to look for Bigfoot in Arizona). His home state is Arizona. He is the tallest of all the characters (save for Chef).

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Felicia Gonzalez

A shy, intelligent girl with a love for classic literature, Felicia is certainly out of her element when her parents make her audition to get her to socialize. She hides behind whatever book she's reading as much as she can, but there's some emotions she can't hide with her. Though quiet, Felicia is very kind and also a good person to break up a fight. Felicia has two younger sisters and lives in Maine.

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Ferrera Reynolds

Ferrera is Fallahan's older twin, and is quite clearly the more exciting of the two. She is a bit eccentric and seems to be on a permanent sugar and caffeine high, unless she gets upset. She is willing to accept the fact her sister is on a different team, but will likely lose control if one gets eliminated before the other. Both she and Fallahan live in California.

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Harris Valentine

Harris Valentine is the show's resident hottie. While not as beautiful as Justin or Alejandro, he comes close. Harris is very flirty and is prone to making passes at multiple females at a time, though he has a special interest in Victoria. Other than that, he's an all-around nice guy. He lives in Nevada.

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Katrina Thorne

Katrina is a mysterious girl who claims to be a psychic. She is able to teleport when needed and has a tendency to wear old-fashioned clothing. Her home state is New York (she lives on Long Island).

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Max Ross

Max is a band geek with occasional snarking tendencies. He never goes anywhere without his beloved piccolo. Despite his occasionally sarcastic exterior, he is a very nice guy. His home state is Delaware.

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Xander Hall

Xander is a music lover to the core. He is never seen without his iPod, and can often be found playing covers for his favorite songs on his electric guitar. His home state is Illinois.

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Yoko Han

Yoko is a Chinese-American girl who feels a little too subject to stereotypes, even though she fits them. She loves school and prefers facts over feelings, making her seem a little cross and rude at times, but she genuinely cares about others. Afraid of heights. Lives in New York.

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    Killer Motors 

Carter Newman

Carter's never really had any good things to say about his life. With parents that are too busy working to pay attention, an older brother who can't hold a job, and constant bullying, he doesn't see anything good in it. He's been bullied since he was seven, but he doesn't know why. He doesn't have it any better at home; his brother does the bullying when he's not at school. After a while, he just started believing all the evil things people said about him and retreated to his own personal hell. His only joy is writing, because he feels he can create a better world. Carter lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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