!!!'''Aksel''', the One with the Troubled Past

There isn't a lot to say about Aksel here, he want to keep things hidden for some sort of reason.

He doesn't speak out to people much, or try to get around them.

He is clearly hiding things from everyone which make him mysterious.

How far could Aksel go? Will he open up to someone?

* [[spoiler: {{Abusive Parents}}: Hinted at during the Fear episode.]]

!!!'''Blythe''', the Yaoi Fangirl

Blythe as you can see love Yaoi. She ship nearly every guys you can find in your life. [[{{Naruto}} NarutoXSasake]], [[{{Total Drama Island}} DuncanXDJ]], etc.

She believe in romance but doesn't think he have a chance of earning one.

Now she hoping to find some more crazy things coming to her life.

* {{Yaoi Fangirl}}: Well, duh.

!!!'''Cuca''', the Immigrant

Cuca is from South Africa, but in a part where slavery still exist and his family are slaves.

He was able to escape his boss but had to leave his own family behind to take the blame.

He clearly hope that someday, they will all get to live in Canada peacefully.

* {{Black Best Friend}}: Mainly his teammates minus Estelle and Rambabu.

!!!'''Devean''', the Child Prodigy

Devean as you can see is a prodigy, but the big question is what kind of prodigy is he?

He the only kid out of everyone that is apart of the TDE cast.

But he surely have to be hiding something from everyone.

!!!'''Estelle''', the Rich Brat

Estelle is a brat to nearly everyone. Her family, her friends, even to people she loves.

All she care about money and think things will go her way to the top.

She doesn't care what the others will think about her when she think only about herself.

!!!'''Fay''', the Cyborg

Fay was not a cyborg to being with. She had a tragic accident in her life and was on the edge of death until they choose to rebuild her.

She doesn't want anyone to think she a freak, so she hide her cyber parts which is nearly her whole body.

She want to make certain people proud and think she will surely help her.

!!!'''Ginzi''', the Manga Artist

Ginzi is the artist of the group. She love to draw, sketch, paint.

But she is 100% an manga freak to draw.

She feel like manga is the key to her life.

Will she find a friend? Will she stop drawing for once?

!!!'''H.L.''', the Fatty

What does H.L. mean? Well it doesn't mean a thing, that 100% his name.

But you can clearly see by the stains he love food. Even if it look like cowshit, he would eat it.

But he want to love everyone with his dear heart.

!!!'''Ivy''', the Saur Lover

Ivy Ivy Ivy, the mega fan of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur. She know everything about them.

Her favorite tool is her own whip which is a lot like Vine Whip so that she can teach people not to mess with her or her friends.

She not scared of a challenge and will push to her limit.

* {{Author Avatar}}
* {{Friend to All Children}}: Saves Devean from being beaten on, and in the past, [[spoiler: [[Fanfic/TotalDramaDictionary Bob]] from some bullies in her town.]]
* {{Shout Out}}: To [[{{Pokemon}} Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur]]
* [[{{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}} You Gotta Have Green Hair]]

!!!'''Justice''', the Bully

Justice believe in one type of justice. His own way.

What is his own way of justice? One where nerds and weaklings stay on the ground while he get to step on every single one of them.

He believe pain and torture is fun when he isn't the one in pain.

!!!'''Kaykay''', the Typical Black Girl

KayKay is an okay girl. She can be your best friend or your worse enemy.

She doesn't like to be made a fool, and won't take crap from anyone who try to mess with her.

She may swear a few time but only if she purely upset.

!!!'''Leaf''', the Cosplayer

This is Leaf in her normal elimination outfit. But everyday she dress up as something else.

She love to dress up as different characters from different shows. Sailor Moon, some random police officer. You name it.

She will never get bored in her life she if put her mind to it.

!!!'''Maverick''', the Negative Ned

If you are a cheerful person, better stay away from Maverick. He is 100% negative.

He think the world will end and won't do a damn thing to try and cheer people up.

He just doesn't think the world is right for him.

* {{Emo Teen}}

!!!'''Nicholai''', the Russian

Nicholai isn't your average Russian. He a Russian who hate everyone, even his own parents.

He like the army only because they have guns and he like to shoot things that he doesn't like.

He think Russians are better then everyone and is proud to be one.

* {{Gun Nut}}

!!!'''Odd''', the Gamer

What would he do if he won?: He would split it among everyone else then use his share for his family.

Odd is an adopted child into a Japanese family, which is why he have a symbol of Fire on his shirt.

His friends call him the Purple Fire because he love the color purple and really heat up into the games.

He feel like there are people that have an inner child in them all like he does which tend to make him slack off a bit.

* {{Happily Adopted}}

!!!'''Pilar''', the Muscle Gal

Pilar live to get strong. She like to push herself to the limit no matter what. You can even say she can lift up a bunk bed(Just like [[Fanfic/TotalDramaDictionary Hannah]])

She never felt love before but think someone will like her.

She feel like the stronger you are, the better life you will be having to go for.

!!!'''Quinit''', the Actor

Quint here love to act, it can be in movies, it can be a play. Just name it and he will try out for a lead.

He have his latin tone of a voice which help him out scoring the things he need.

But he feel like almost nthing will take him in if he doesn't believe.

!!!'''Rambabu''', the Survivor Fan

Name a Survivor season, Rambabu here will name the exact boot list. He watched every season 5 time.

He surely think this season will be the key to being on Survivor with the real stars.

But he also find himself on little too much like a Survivor fan. Such as sleeping outside on the ground.

!!!'''Santino''', the Gay Fashionista

Santino is gay, like that isn't obvious here. He also live for fashion.

He will likely think if your outfit need something that is truly special or if you just need to get rid of it completely.

But he have a kind heart and isn't much of a bitch to people.

!!!'''Thelma''', the Country Gal

Meet Farmer Themla, because she live at a farm.

She is one of the people that help out at the farm which make her pretty strong.

She also like to chase around the animals thinking it some sort of challenge for her.

* {{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}}: It just comes natural to her.

!!!'''Ulrika''', the Wolf Girl

Ulrika hated her real parents so she ran away and got herself adopted by wolves, can you believe it?

She was learning the ways of the wolf and if your wondering why she almost look like one.

One of her family died, so she went to some crazy science freak and he gave her the wolf eyes and burned the wolf fur onto her own flesh.

* {{Raised By Wolves}}

!!!'''Velma''', the Heartless Twin

She Velma, the bitch, the snob, the rich girl from an elite girl school. Someone you might not want to mess with.

She was able to blackmail into becoming class president in her school and made a rule that no one could run against her.

She will clearly try and crush you if it the last thing she ever do.

* {{Meganekko}}: '''SUBVERTED''' heavily.

!!!'''Wilma''', the Blonde Twin

This is Wilma, Velma twin sister, and the flat-chest girl of the group.

She is super ultra happy all the time, and goes to a different school then Velma, so she doesn't know what goes on her in sister life.

She think the world should be a full day of sunshine everywhere.

!!!'''Xenos''', the One with Fangirls for No Reason

Xenos is just a normal average guy, well if you count getting chase by a bunch of girls normal, then yes he a normal average guy.

Why does he have girls chasing him? No one know.

He surely hoping something will happen to get them to stop chasing.

!!!'''Yutaka''', the Kendo Warrior

Kendo is the life for Yutaka. Living from Japan to move to Canada was rough for his family, and he work hard to keep their spirits up high.

He want to find himself on the bright side of the path so he work forward that goal.

He can never leave without his Kendo blade in case something bad is to happen in his life.

!!!'''Zelda''', the Horror Writer

If your a fan of mystery and horror, Zelda is your girl. She will write any story she want into a complete horror nightmare.

She believe that everyone have their own type of life and she is happy with how she is living her.

She also believe that horror is the best genre of them all.