Characters / Total Drama Big Bang Theory

These are the characters from Total Drama Big Bang Theory.

    Main Five 

Cameron Watson

"Can we just forget about the movie for right now? There's a homeless girl sitting outside! We have to help her!"

Cameron Watson is Mike's new roommate. Unlike Ezekiel, Cameron helped Mike become more social, from curing him of Multiple Personality Disorder to locking him out of the apartment until he talked to a homeless girl (aka: Zoey).

Mike Austin

"I'm going to lose my virginity to a hot orphan!"

Mike Austin is anything BUT ordinary. He spent most of his life not knowing he suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. However, he's aware he blacks-out due to certain triggers, only to wake up not knowing what just happened to him. His last roommate, Ezekiel, called him a "nut job" and left the apartment. But when Cameron moves in, he helps Mike get rid of his condition in four months. This still doesn't help him overcome his shyness towards females outside his family. That is, until Cameron sets him up with Zoey.

Scott Westfield

"I like being the drummer. Reminds me of when my pappy taught me how to hunt for kitchen rats."

Sam Reagan

"Maybe B was trying to tell us something. Mike, you often miss some notes. I can probably do a better job on bass guitar."

Zoey Maple

"I was forced to serve this rich tyrant ever since I was born. I ran away last week, but he's been secretly following me thanks to this stupid piece of metal."

Zoey Maple is an orphan on the run from an unnamed man who has been treating her like a servant. But that changed when she met Mike, Cameron, Scott, and Sam. Since then, she has been living with Cameron and Mike.

    Supporting Characters 

Anne Maria Peterson

"I can tell you're both beginners when it comes to clubs."

Anne Maria Peterson is a fun-loving party girl who moves into the apartment across the hall. Mike has no problems talking to her since he sees her as "the sister [he] never had".

Dawn Evergreen

"I never saw Planet of the Apes, so I figured now's the best time."

Dawn Evergreen is a girl Cameron, Scott, and Sam meet during the Planets of the Apes movie marathon. Scott manages to get her phone number by the end of the movies.