!Special Police Dekaranger

!!![[color:red:Banban "Ban" Akaza / Deka Red]] | [-Actor: Ryuji Sainei-]

[[RookieRedRanger Newcomer]] of the Earth branch of SPD. Ban is a [[{{Keet}} hyperactive]], {{Hotblooded}} officer calling himself the 'fireball' of the team, which means he'd be the guy who'll charge headlong into battle and leave the thinking for later, which gets him at odds with Hoji. Despite his brashness, he's still a good guy at heart. Later gets promoted into the Fire Squad. Prefers fighting with [[GunsAkimbo dual guns]].

* AnimeHair: Brushed down in ''[[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gokaiger]]''.
* CharacterDevelopment: Post-series, if he is to make appearances (such as in ''[[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger Magiranger vs Dekaranger]]'' and ''[[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger Gokaiger]]''), Ban is usually less loud and hyperactive, acting more mature in general, though his impulsiveness sometimes still shows. [[spoiler: Being a member of the SPD Fire Squad will do that.]]
* CowboyCop
* {{Determinator}}: To the point that if an Alienizer has managed to pull GrandTheftMe on him, he'll tell the others to kill him if it's the only way to get the Alienizer.
* EvenTheGuysWantHim: Tell that to Hoji and Tetsu.
* GunKata: There's a reason why his name sounds like "bang-bang".
* HonorBeforeReason
* {{Hotblooded}}
* IdiotHero
* ImageSong: Bang Bang
* JusticeWillPrevail: It's his motto and CatchPhrase.
* {{Keet}}
* LargeHam: Oh so very much. The conversation with Numa-O at the beginning of the first episode pretty much sets the tone.
* TheLeader
* LawOfChromaticSuperiority
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Hoji's blue.
* ReplacementScrappy: In-universe; Hoji viewed and treated him as such after Ban replaced his commanding officer. They got better.
* RookieRedRanger
* ShoutOut: To Creator/AgathaChristie.

!!![[color:blue:Houji "Hoji" Tomasu / Deka Blue]] | [-Actor: Tsuyoshi Hayashi-]

A cold, calculating cop who strives for perfection in most of things. He didn't take the addition of Ban very well since [[ReplacementScrappy he replaced an officer he respected]], but he soon came to warm up with him. Known for his sniping skill, Hoji is a reliable officer, even if he guns down anyone not a 'pro', like Ban or Umeko. He also has a nasty habit of saying GratuitousEnglish A LOT.

* BigBrotherInstinct
* BoxingLesson: Indulges himself in one when trying to prepare for an underground fighting ring.
* ByTheBookCop
* CatchPhrase: Some, including "Don't call me 'partner'" or "[[GratuitousEnglish Super Cool. Perfect!]]"
** [[spoiler: Ironically, Hoji gets annoyed when Ban calls him "ex-partner" in Magiranger VS. Dekaranger.]]
* ColdSniper -> FriendlySniper
* [[DefrostingIceQueen Defrosting Ice King]]
* GangstaStyle: As seen in the ending song and some episodes, Houji holds his gun this way, showing off his "cool blue" attitude.
* GratuitousEnglish: So, so mu--''oh my God, I'm so sorry!''
* HeartbrokenBadass: After the incident with Teresa, he's this.
* ImageSong: Blue is the Sky
* TheLancer
* MyGreatestFailure: Along with Jasmine; getting caught and caused his Sempai to get a career-breaking injury was one for him.
* NumberTwo: It's even on his suit.
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Ban's red.
* SignatureMove: ''Blue Finish''
* TallDarkAndSnarky

!!![[color:green:Senichi "Sen-chan" Enari / Deka Green]] | [-Actor: Yousuke Ito-]

An odd officer. Sen likes to do a headstand pose, which is his thinking pose. With that, he's usually able to solve lots of mysteries, making him one of the greatest brains in the team. He's usually calm, polite and overall a NiceGuy. Doing lots of atrocious things in front of him, however, will REALLY piss him off and he's ready to go batshit on the evildoer.

* BewareTheNiceOnes: Yeah, go ahead, try doing nasty things on innocents in front of him. Just a NiceGuy, right? WRONG!
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Is a very competent officer despite having really weird habits and bordering CloudCuckooLander.
* CannotSpitItOut: To Umeko.
* ChickMagnet: Probably second only to [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Billy]] in terms of nerds who get lots of female attention
* DoggedNiceGuy: To Umeko, again. [[spoiler:But the finale and the [[ReunionShow team-up with Magiranger]] suggest that they [[OfficialCouple officially hook-up]]]].
* GeniusBruiser: Aside of handstands for thinking pose, Sen is usually the go-guy to... [[SuperStrength single-handedly lift up heavy weights like a car.]]
* TheHeart
* HeyItsThatGuy: His actor plays Kisuke Urahara in the Manga/{{Bleach}} musicals. Later on, [[spoiler:he gets to play [[Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger Magis]], a [[DeadStarWalking DEAD Green Ranger]]]]
* ImageSong: Railway to Happiness
* PuttingOnMyThinkingCap: Headstands
* RuleOfThree
* SignatureMove: ''Green Cut''
* TheSmartGuy: Outside battlefield, due to his [[PuttingOnMyThinkingCap Thinking Pose]].

!!![[color:gold:Marika "Jasmine" Reimon / Deka Yellow]] | [-Actress: Ayumi Kinoshita-]

Jasmine is an [=ESPer=], which means she possesses psychic powers which she can use to read people's minds or trace past events from an item. Tall, beautiful and playful at times, she actually hides a [[DarkAndTroubledPast painful past]] of her being unable to control her PsychicPowers, which made her read how people were annoyed with her and this [[DrivenToSuicide made her attempt to get herself killed by an Alienizer]], until Doggie Kruger saved her. She's really good friends with Umeko. [[EnsembleDarkhorse Fans love her and adore her beauty and hotness]].

* ActionGirl
* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* BadassInDistress: Jasmine is by far the Dekaranger who has the highest count of getting [[BoundAndGagged tied up]]. First during a confrontation against the Alienizer who sucked Umeko's soul (though subverted that she uses her [[MasterOfIllusion illusion]] to make that up), then in a flashback along with Hoji (his [[MyGreatestFailure greatest failure moment]]), and lastly in ''Magiranger vs Dekaranger''. Of course, if she ever breaks free, she can (and will) kick ass.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: She does this twice in the Magiranger VS Dekaranger crossover.
* BreakoutCharacter
* CatchPhrase: Not often, but has the knack to say "Bye-nara!" (A portmanteau of "Good bye" and "Sayonara" (Japanese of 'good bye')).
* ChewingTheScenery
* TheChick
* DarkAndTroubledPast: She was [[DrivenToSuicide suicidal]] and disillusioned on her [[PowerIncontinence inability to control her powers]]. [[IOweYouMyLife Doggy saved her.]]
* DeadpanSnarker
* DoItYourselfThemeTune: She and Umeko sang the second ending theme.
* FourIsDeath: Let's see. Her designated number is four, and she's the only one in the team with supernatural abilities. Logically, that makes her the most dangerous Dekaranger. [[DrivenToSuicide She also attempted suicide beforehand]].
* IOweYouMyLife: Towards Doggy.
* ImageSong: Hard Rain
* TheNicknamer
* PowerLimiter: Her gloves.
* PsychicPowers
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Umeko's red.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: [[LesYay With Umeko]].
* ShoutOut: To Creator/RaymondChandler.
* TheSmartGirl: When it comes to her psychic powers.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Tomboy to Umeko's Girly Girl.

!!![[color:fuchsia:Koume "Umeko" Koudou / Deka Pink]] | [-Actress: Creator/MikaKikuchi-]

Second newest member of the SPD (the newest one is Ban). Umeko is a laid-back, [[TheDitz ditzy girl]] who likes to spend her time [[FuroScene bathing]] with her toy-ducks. Rather impulsive, she likes declaring herself the leader of the team (nobody takes it seriously). She's good friends with Jasmine, and as the finale shows, [[spoiler: she ends up falling for Sen and is dating him.]]

* ActionGirl
* AlliterativeName
* ChewingTheScenery
* TheDitz
* DoItYourselfThemeTune: She and Jasmine sang the second ending theme.
* ImageSong: I Believe Right Here Right Now
* {{Kawaiiko}}
* KidAppealCharacter
* MasterOfDisguise: "Do you know that the specialty of SPD's Koume Kodou is changing clothes quickly?"
* MsFanservice: Due to her {{Furo Scene}}s.
* TheNapoleon: Is a shorty and likes to declare herself 'leader'.
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Jasmine's blue.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: With Jasmine.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Girly Girl to Jasmine's Tomboy.

!!![[color:silver:Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira / Deka Break]] | [-Actor: Tomokazu Yoshida-]

A member of the Tokkyou special forces branch of SPD, Tekkan is a consummate professional originally sent to Earth to deal with the Hell Siblings. Although originally seeing the Dekarangers as inferior due to Tokkyou teaching that [[EmotionsVsStoicism emotions only compromised efficiency]], he changed his tune when [[{{Determinator}} Ban]] showed him just how much they could accomplish.

* BigDamnHeroes: In the movie
* TheBigGuy
* CatchPhrase: "Nonsense!"
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* ElementalPunch: Some of his fist attacks are one.
** BlowYouAway: ''Tornado Fist''
** PlayingWithFire: ''Fire Fist''
** ShockAndAwe: (''Hyper'') ''Electric Fist''
** MakingASplash: ''Impulse Fist''
* FinishingMove
** ''Sonic Hammer''
** ''Lightning Upper''
** ''Plasma Fist''
** ''Shining Fist'' (a tag-team attack with [[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger Magi Shine]])
* GratuitousEnglish: Oh, yes.
** Nonsense!
* ImageSong: With the Intention of Tetsu
* [[ImprobableWeaponUser Improbable]] PowerFist: [=BraceThrottle=], which also doubles as his TransformationTrinket.
* LightningBruiser
* ManInWhite
* ParentalAbandonment
* RapidFireFisticuffs: (''Super'') ''Lightning Fist'''
* SempaiKohai: His relationship with Ban is this.
* SixthRanger: One of two. Even though he appears seventh, he is the official sixth member.
* SuperStrength: ''Super Power Fist''
* TallDarkAndSnarky: Even more than Hoji, but he got better. [[strike:Nonsense]]
* {{Tykebomb}}
* WholesomeCrossdresser: In two missions and the teamup with Magiranger. He's actually able to pull it off in all three cases somewhat well.
* [[YouKilledMyFather You Killed My Parents]]: Towards Genio.


!!!'''Doggie "Boss" Kruger / Deka Master''' | [-Voice Actor: Creator/TetsuInada-]
[[caption-width-right:241:Emergency! [[MemeticMutation Deka]][[http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pYsz3ytMQ3Y --]]]]
* TheAce
* AuthorityEqualsAssKicking:
* BadassBeard: Sports a fluffy chin beard.
* BigGood
* BlowYouAway: ''Vega Tornado Slash''
* CarpetOfVirility: He has white chest fur, which [[ShirtlessScene we see a lot of over the series]]...
* CrazyJealousGuy: He panics whenever he hears that Swan has an admirer.
* DaChief
* [[spoiler: DisneyDeath]]: Near the finale.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: First few episodes of ''Dekaranger'' feature Doggie's mouth either permanently opened, or has it move but barely, causing some form of mismatch with the voice. Midway in the series his mouth movement becomes more consistent.
* FinishingMove
** ''Vega Slash''
** ''Vega Impulse''
* HeroicDog
* KatanasAreJustBetter: D-Sword Vega
* MasterSwordsman: He describes his swordsmanship as the best in the ''universe'' before his first fight scene - which involves massacring 100 grunts without breaking a sweat.
* MrFanservice: He goes shirtless during his TransformationSequence, and a few other times.
* {{Mentors}}
* TheRedBaron: "Hell's Guard Dog."
* PettingZooPeople
* RelationshipVoiceActor: He and Umeko's actress voices [[TsubasaChronicle Kurogane and Mokona respctively.]] And yes, [[BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine those characters have the same relationship]]
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Concerning Swan.
* SixthRanger: One of two. However, this is subverted in his case, as he does not want the others to depend on him all the time.
* TeamDad
* TheCoatsAreOff: His morphing sequence involves this.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: He's the only ranger since ''Series/HikariSentaiMaskman'' who needs to take off their clothes before transforming (in Doggie's case, his coat). But unlike ''Maskman'', the "coat off" scene is part of the stock footage as opposed to Maskman's bare skin transformation appearing only in early episodes.

!!!Cignian Swan Shiratori / Deka Swan | [-Actress: Mako Ishino-]
* AffirmativeActionGirl
* BareFistedMonk
* BadassLabcoat: Particularly during her main focus episode. She winds up doing the calculations to save the world...on an abacus of all things.
* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend: Concerning Boss.
* HotScientist
* FinishingMove: ''Swan Rainbow''
* PunnyName: Since ''shiratori'' is Japanese for swan, her name is essentially "Swan Swan".
** The proper word in Japanese for "swan" is ''hakuchou''. ''Shiratori'' is pretty much the most literal way to read the kanji, which happens to be a legitimate surname.
* SignatureMove: ''Swan Illusion''
* TheSmartGirl: For being a HotScientist and a WrenchWench.
* TeamMom
* WrenchWench

!!![[color:silver:Lisa Teagle / Deka Bright]] | [-Actress: Mie Nanamori-]
* TheAce
* AffirmativeActionGirl
* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* BarrierWarrior: ''Barrier Fist''
* DaChief
* EleventhHourRanger
* FinishingMove
** ''Highest Hammer''
* [[ImprobableWeaponUser Improbable]] PowerFist: Like Tetsu, Lisa has her own [=BraceThrottle=], which also doubles as her TransformationTrinket.
* LadyOfWar
* SexyMentor
* ShockAndAwe: ''Thunder Fist''
* SternTeacher
* WomanInWhite

!!![[color:goldenrod:Mari Gold Utahime / Deka Gold]] | [-Actress: Chiharu Niiyama-]
* BlingBlingBang
* FauxActionGirl: The one time in the whole movie she transforms, she gets beaten out of it right after the Face On.
* GunsAkimbo: Like Ban, Marie has her own set of dual guns called the D-Smasher.
* HelloNurse
* PunnyName Named after a flower. One of which she puts in the pocket of Ban's shirt at the beginning and end of the movie.
* ShipTease: With Ban.
* TimeStandsStill: A power of hers that she conveniently forgets she has when facing the villains so the Dekarangers have something to do in their own movie.

!!!Agent Abrella | [-Voice actor: Creator/RyuseiNakao-]
* BigBad
* TheManBehindTheMan: He's behind all of the Alienizer crimes.