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Characters: Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet
Characters in Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet.

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     Petunia Elkwood 
The 18-year-old heroine, Petunia is the new girl in Melbourne and she's still in the midst of getting used to the whole place. All she's ever wanted was to be a normal girl but it seems she keeps getting tangled in incredibly unusual circumstances.

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     Todd Allison 
Petunia's next door neighbour, who has a strange obsession with plants. He plays piano at Rainbird Cafe and is constantly making sure Petunia doesn't get into trouble. He is extremely unapproachable and he will not shy away from letting someone know he hates them. Todd Allison also works for the government in a special investigative unit formed to track down a bomber by the name of Violet. He is not very pleased about it.

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A friendly tram conductor by day but at night, Cyril is your man for any variety of odd jobs. He can kill people for you, beat them up, throw them in ditches and steal their automobiles. His current client is Mr. Gabriel. As of Chapter 12, he's working for Todd Allison.

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     Elijah Elkwood 
Petunia's older brother and apparently a politician. Elijah is good at talking and seems to have a multitude of faces. It's difficult to determine when he's playing around and when he's serious. Just what is his agenda?

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     Meredith Elkwood 
Meredith is Petunia and Elijah's foster brother. He is calmer and less spontaneous than Elijah. However, once he's made up his mind about something, there is little one can do to change it. As a result, he is very severe with those he hates.

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     Lowell Clancey 
Todd Allison's friend (with a question mark) who is torn between hating Todd's awful personality and being very impressed by him. Clancey is the head of the Science department and also part of the Violet Investigation Unit.

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     Hana Ikimoto 
Petunia's best friend and a waitress at Rainbird Cafe. Unlike the timid Petunia, Hana is rather outspoken and brash. She loves the bizarre, the strange and the unexplainable. Hana clashes a lot with Todd Allison, whom she hates but tries to tolerate.

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